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Are you a leader or a follower?
that"s depend ... I'm actually for work or else , a followers cause i don't like to have responsabilities ..
But for friends , event , ect i'm the other ... cause i feel secure with them so i can take decisions ect ..
Tu pèses et mesures combien ? :D
1m73 - 49/50kg
Besides your country, which is the next best country in the world?
OLAAAA MY COUNTRY ISN'T THE BEST .... i don't find a pretty good country all of them have problems XD
Canada : cold all the year
Korea : need to work so hard all the time all the year spicy food and sea food represent 80-85% of the food there xD
Japan : crazy ppl , crazy thing , hard worker too and they're are really excessif everytime ... ( SUGOIIII , SUBARASHIII , KAWAIIIIII , KAKOIIIIIIIII) [tg . x'D]
US (L.A , NY ....) : ghetto is dangerous , i think a country where you can have a gun everytime everywhere IS DANGEROUS x'D and guys are pro catcaller that disgust me so much x')
These are my possible vacation country xD hahaha
Post a picture of your dream car!
(y) ... XD
Post a picture of your dream car!
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Worst fear?  Taco-kun
i have too much fear x') ... one of the worst is too die with much pain , and FEAR x'D like ..... in horror movie when you're just afraid since few hours and spirit plays with you until you die ... and ... it's just awfull x'D I'm pretty sure i will kill myself at the begining for don't fear too much x'D hahaha
Same for zombie attack ... i stay 1 week in my appartement with my last food ... after that .... i kill myself x'DDD I RALLY DON'T WANT TO FACE A ZOMBIE x'D JUST NOPE hahaha
Anyway , being bury alive is awfull too ... LONG LONG LOOONGGG death and creepy , alone , ..... the space thing too , like , astronauth who make a mistake and start to derive in space ... and are lost .... and ... suffocate. x'D omfg ...
I"m really afraid of a LOT of things ... A LOT x'''D
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T'es de quelle nationalité en fait ?  Yumiko Sukechi
Juste fr rien de plus
What was the last life-changing decision you had to make?
Try to sleep at night
Eat less kinder maxi. . . . x'D
Drink less cola ....
But nothing work actually 8'D
Are u a boy or a girl seriously ?
Stupid questions deserve stupid answers~ I'm finally really bored of this one.
Hey \(@ w @)/ Just wanna know if you have planned to cosplay more chara of KamiNoAsobi ? and if you know Tenshi x Akume? (lot of bishies like the ones from KamiNoAsobi >w<) leave the link here :3 = Support you from Britain!! ~ *\(° ^ °)/* ~
I'm supposed to do Thoth , and maybe Dionysos and Thor if i found a good wig for each one
I didn't know Tenshi x Akume , it's a game ? an anime ? i like the design xD but it's look quite hard to cosplay because of ... THE WINGS EVERYWHEREEE xD
t'es un mec ou une fille? =D  Auri0n
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Aww you look so cute in your display picture. Does cutie want a cookie? Does cootsie wootsers want a cookie wookie? Do you want a cookie cutie?  Gregory Alan Bailey
thanks but ... WHAT ? o_o'
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What's the best thing you've gotten for free?
This i guess , on a french website (i don't remember the name xD) when i was in my doll period <3 (i still love pullip and bjd , but i can't get ... more forcustomise them for the moment) i only have this one and a little Isul "Mao" <3
I really want to get 2 and make them customised for Hisoka and Law someday ^^
What's the best thing you've gotten for free?
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Post a picture of your favorite movie actor!
I haven't any favorite like .... somebody I LOVE TOO MUCH you know XD but i can give you some actor's names that i really like
Robert Downey Jr , Tom Hiddleston, Johnny Depp , Jim Parsons , Hugh Jackman ...
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor!
If you could be immortal, would you choose to be?
i don't think so , life is so boring when you are immortal...
Where is the best place for a vacation?
Hot weather (not too much)
Cheap prices
Mix of food (i mean not just fishy , spicy , ect ... SOME kind of food)
and without natural diseases .... I don't want a tsunami or a volcano to kill me...
AND ... ppl who can AT LEAST speak a bit english ... it will be great *cry*
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Current mood?
still angry , mad , sad and shocked for what happend to my Law ....
But i'm fine. XD
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Who knows you the best? Family? Friends?
Husband ? xD
Favourite people on ask? And why?
I Haven't srry...
Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?
I cannot eat any kind of spicy food
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What did you dream last night?
I never remember anything about my dreams
cat or dog? *^*  David ノクト Pocar
Cat Cat Cat XD
cat or dog? *^*
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What is something you've always wanted to try, but never had the courage to do?
Do videos where i can ... speak easily to the camera and Speak with a good english ... cause i really cant i'm too shy when I should do it.
How many people do you think you've met in your life?
Not that much ;)
Top 5 pet-peeves?
I'm gonna answer to you in french cause i cannot really talk about this in english xD so much words are missing so :
- Je déteste les portes qui grincent
- Je déteste les "ultrasons" ou bruits très stridents
- Je déteste dormir la porte ouverte , les volets ouverts ou avec un grand placard ouvert (Relate to the n°5 xD)
- I hate child who are (or younger ppl) rude too their parents or elder , or being noisy everywhere and the parents who does nothing against that...
- I hate horror movies , horror stories , ghost things , gore things , AND OMG ... TORTURE SCENE or else just make me really sick ...
I think it's 5 but ... i'm a really difficult person so i hate so much SO MUCHHHH things x'D (and kind of ppl..) hahaha
Top 5 pet-peeves?
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What does the color "black" means to you?
Dark things it's normal
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