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dan @iamdannn
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OMG can't believe I'm messaging Luke friend on ask!!!!
You've got pussy on your face
Hahaha!!! :D Sorry :P
Hey!! :D By any chance will you have a look at my youtube video :) If you want to :) I really hope you find it funny :D
Yo the picture of that horse in the background was freakin me out
Who's that ‎@lilik0rma_ you speak to all the time?
My friend :)
Do you like someone or seeing someone?
Nope and nope:)
What's your favourite food?
Probobly indian food:)
What is your relationship status?
Single x
What's your relationship status?
remember me? radioactiveeee :p
Huhh? Haha
You're stunning <3  Living Dead GirL
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Is there any person you are afraid of?
Get with Beth pleaseeeeee
r u dating her
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What is your attitude towards hunting?
What's going on between u and Beth
what do u mean whats going on
Why are you so attractive?  Mia
Thank u xx
What was the last thing you paid for?
can of relentless
look like u can use some chapstick in ya Avi , dont u think so ?
Secret admire x
who isx
Your so hot x
thank u who r u x
Your friend Dylan is so sexy
dylan should be at work insted of giving himself compliments through my ask fm ;)
when you unfollowed me on twitter i was so upset :(
sorry! I probobly didn't do it intentionally whats your twitter name?
When is the last time you told somone you love them?
Your gorgeous and have the most perfect music taste
thankyou :)X