Ian Somerhalder #ς @IanOfficial
Ian Somerhalder #ς @IanOfficial
right next to you
Dead guy on LOST now undead on The Vampire Diaries. Still happily contemplating Man's existential dilemma...
superian is here! :)
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happy bhirtday ian
thank you for birthday wishes i love you all xo ian
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its my birthday!
happy birthday!:)
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hey guys how are you all?:)
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here is a very serious question: if you had to choose between never eating chocolate again or never eating pizza again, what would you choose? (This is a very important question! :P)
never eating chocolate again
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If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?
"this is my forehead please don't steal it" jk lol
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Ian is on! OMG!
omg! I am here but where are you guys? #feelsoalonerightnowonaskfmthisiswierdjustlikemyhashtaglol
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Ian to 300k likes! <3 you  Cami Shiel ^.^
i don't need likes i need my friends (yes I am talking about you guys! :)) and your support. I am so grateful that I have my Somerholics :) thank you for all!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BIG BRO ‎@PauIWesley! much love Paul! xo
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I am also sad because I wasn't here to say Happy Birthday to Perrie:/ so happy late birthday Perrie i know i am terrible friend because i wasn't here and i hope you'll forgive me xo muchhhh love girl! ‎@PerrieLouEdwardsLM
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i'm sorry i wasn't here for so long. I am so so so sorry. But remember I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GUYS
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happy birthday Steven! xo
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What's up gorgeous  Val Canseco ☭
it reminds me of Enzo talking to Caroline haha
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"You are by far the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth" R.I.P Damon #sheno
"The fact that I get to die knowing that I was loved not just by anyone, by you, Elena Gilbert,is the epitome
of a fulfilled life"
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Poor Damon *tears*  Steven McQueen
poor elena
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you are the prettiest woman on Earth! i love you so much mom! xo your Ian
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don't you dare die in next episode
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Knock Knock ! See, I'm polite !
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i got 99 problems but you wont be one :)
love it!
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Yay! :D I'm pretty fine, and you? :D <3  bo.
i'm fine too!:) xo
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did you saw salute video? i am big mixer and somerholics ofcorse and when i saw that you talk with perrie i was like omg my idols know each other haha love you ♥
yeah and i love it! guys you should watch the video, it's amazing:)
love you more haha that's amazing that you are mixer and somerholic! :)
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Heyyyy, Ive missed you haha <3  bo.
hey Perrie!:) i've missed you more:) i wanted to ask you but you were first haha how are you?xo
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missed you on here! hope you are having a great day, much much love :) xx ❤  Lisa Xu
i missed you guys too! everyone ask me now that they missed me and i wanna tell you that i love you sooooo much! somerholics are my life, they always make me smile and i can't image my life without all of you! i would rather die than lose you! xo
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like for a follow:) #oldselfie
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