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Ibrahim M @IbrahimAl7arbi
Ibrahim M @IbrahimAl7arbi
Hamtramck, MI
lives in Detroit.. Allah&Family is all I need <3
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Thanks For The Gift Anonymous =)
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Kid I could smash your scrawny ass trying to hit on a pregnant girl you sick nigger
Fuck u talkin about?? Who's this?
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Fall back off my baby's mother you sick bitch
suck a dick
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I finally found your ask. I love you too. :) you should know who this is...;)
No I don't. Who r u?
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Yes, who's this?
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what is your kik
It's up there ^ Bio
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do you want me to kik you and help you out
Sure lol why not
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Happy birthday ;O
Thanxxxx <3 ;*
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If you were to die today would you be proud of what you got done? Would you be ready to face Allah SWT?  Noura Nasser
Not really. what ever I do ain't gonna be enough to make me be proud when I face Allah
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كم عمرك
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Are you traveling anywhere
I'm planing to travel somewhere but idk when :/
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انت منت عارف من انا حتئ اذا قلت لك .. اسف على السئله الكثيره .. باي
اوكي باي
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Single or taken ?
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واليش طردوك :o ??
ايش حشوك بلموضوع هاذا كله?? قولي من انت بعدين نتكلم :)
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لني سمعت انهم طردوك بس كان بدي اتئكد .. هو صح ؟
شبه طرده يعني تقدري تقولي طردوني
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ليش ما كنت اشوفك ب اخر ايام المدرسه ؟ حتى بل امتحانات ما جيت ؟
لان انا نقلت لا مدرسه ثانيه.. ليش تسئل?
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do u remember me?
No Oo who r u??
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Allah yigla3k ya ibrahem ista7a 3la n5sek
Mn ha4a?
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Remember that girl you use to really love?
Huh? Oo who's this?
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Im bored affff
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Wts ur kik?
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Hey Oo
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I missed you omfg
Miss u too ;Pp
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yyyrrrrr so cute omg :*
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ابراهيم هلا كيفك اخبارك عساك بخير -.-صراححه انصدمت منك ككثير كثير الله يسامحك دنيا واخره :(
laysh en9dmt mni?? o_O
wsh saweet ana?
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