Ijasha Wright
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Aye man its cuffing season bout that time you get wifed up.


You told your momma yet ? Lol


Ima tell her today lol

You absolutely beautiful! ✨

Deja Moore

Awww thank you❤️

You're beautiful


Do you consider yourself easy to talk to?

Yes, I have very good people skills

How fast do you fall in love?

Never been in love

Ijasha kids, Ijasha Wright

Girl wheet?

Every once in a while a girl needs to know that she is beautiful and I wanna be the one to tell you that is you no matter what anyone says you're beautiful don't forget it(: this is for every girl who reads this even if I didn't send it to you. Beauty is what you make yourself to be that's all!


Sooo I have the biggest crush on you, but I'm a girl idk how you feel about that

What do you look for in a guy? Could you see yourself with a 19 year old?

Loyalty, potential, a great sense of humor, & of course treat me with respect

do you ever get that sharp pain in your butt like you gotta take a shit but you don't have to take a shit? be honest

Uhhh... I suggest you see a doctor

You going back to cheerleading open gym tomorrow?

Maybe.... Maybe not

She said I ain't fucking for free but ain't shit I can't afford Shit, I'll pay you for it, now bounce that ass on my bungie cord whoopsie daisy, put a good kid in your Section 80 Turn a baby into a lady, now here go the keys to my new Mercedes

Ooooo Ok lil Snupe


Spit something for me

lol, wyd?

Chilling like villain on a million

Do you still go to Reynolds?

No ma'am

Hey bootyful ♥.♥

Are you crushing on anybody?

Why? Am I your crush?


Don't have any.... Yet

Do you like or dislike being tickled?

....... ???

What time of day is your favorite?

I ❤ the night life

Parkland fr?


Are you ticklish and if so where?

Yeah, & everywhere. Especially my feet tho

What habit that others have annoys you most?

Spitting every 5 seconds... That shit is disgusting!!