Juan Jose Duarte @ImCuban
Juan Jose Duarte @ImCuban
North Bergen, New Jersey
- Im real chill - I like to have fun though - I go to the gym
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You miss stacy?
Yo wtf happened to u nd Stacey -_-
I dont wanna talk about it, i fucked up big time
Babyy I love youuu :*<3  Stacey
Nahh i love you more babyy, you know that :* <33
Are you in love?
Yes ❤
You're mine babe :*  Stacey
Always babyy :* <3
ur cute babe
thank you
Want to see how she looks lik
lml who is this tho?
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pap of your girlfriend
how she look like?
why do u wanna know?
Who's your girl?
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Who do you like?
someone lol
Would you marry a robot?
Do you like anyone?
Rate~ 10 ;)  Loa✨
thanks beautiful lol :')
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What is in your fridge?
Food lol
Do superheros exist?
What scares you more than anything else?
Losing my girlfriend :(
you were talking to Victoria while you were with Elisa? This isn't the same anon btw so don't blow up
I was talking to victoria after me and elisa broke up. And it doesn't matter just get off anon. Dont be scared, Im not gonna be mad at you
Well before you guys became a couple did she know about her
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Are you guys friends ?
We don't really talk so I guess not
Do you still talk to Elisa?
I miss you </3
Who's this?? :
Well who she is in general
No i dont talk about my ex's thats just awkward df -.-
Does your girl know about what happened with your ex
No and what about my ex?? That we broke up
You want me to kik you? Wouldn't that hurt? lol
Lmao u know what I mean, I'm serious tho :/