Juan Jose Duarte @ImCuban
Juan Jose Duarte @ImCuban
North Bergen, New Jersey
- Im real chill - I like to have fun though - I go to the gym
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What is your favorite season?
Didn't she treat you like shit? Why you still care about her?
She doesn't treat me like shit
Ex you'd take back?
I don't know :/ Stacey most likely but we never really dated tho
why r u so cute
Lol I'm not
you have a lot of hate on here
Cause of my ex :/
U an ass
Didn't she give up on u tho ?
No she was right to move on cause i screwed uo
Cuz u never gave up on her
If that was true we would still be together
So u still got feelings for her? Dats mad cute lol
Hows that cute?
You an asshole she too pretty foh you
I know
But you said u didn't have feelings for her before so why u still care abt her?
She moved on so i just said that
You guys were cute asf
I know :/
Damn y'all back tho??
No :(
Why'd u wanna fix things with ya ex?
Because i fucked up and i really wanna make things right, is that so bad?
U and stacey good now?
How do u feel when someone ignores u?
I dont really care
Stacey is probably sending you hate
I guess so
I told her to stop fucking w. You since the day you started treating her like nothing. She's beautiful & your little hoes don't have nothing on her. So keep being an ass You're going to regret everything
Are you talking about Stacey?
Fuck you nigga. You hurt my bestfriend dumbass .
U always moved on , u hurt people a lot :/
On to the next , was that easy for you huh? She deserves better than you
She moved on so i gotta move on too
U still got feelings for that stacey girl?
Who u like now?
Why u care?
You regret hurting her or nah?
You keep saying she hates you like stop playing victim bruh she doesn't hate you. Why would she?
Im not being the victum, im just saying i know she hates me