Juan Jose Duarte @ImCuban
Juan Jose Duarte @ImCuban
North Bergen, New Jersey
- Im real chill - I like to have fun though - I go to the gym
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On to the next , was that easy for you huh? She deserves better than you
She moved on so i gotta move on too
U still got feelings for that stacey girl?
Who u like now?
Why u care?
You regret hurting her or nah?
You keep saying she hates you like stop playing victim bruh she doesn't hate you. Why would she?
Im not being the victum, im just saying i know she hates me
No one was speaking about Stacey
Then what is it?
Sorry , it's just like you make people feel like complete shit also.
Is this about Stacey? She hates me alright? Its done
You play a lot with people's emotions that's all.
u got anything better to do in 4 in the morning than making me feel like shit bruh
you're an asshole :/ .
R u single?
Feelings on stacy ?
I dont even know, she hates me..so idk what to say
You hate stacey??
No wtf
So you're admitting you fucked up again?
Yes i admit, could u just stop with all the questions man?
I'm surprised you even care ;)  Stacey
Why the face? Im being serious
Nigga you a fuck up
I know i did man. Fuck i get it bro,
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You're cold hearted. Why Was that even a question? Lmfao  Stacey
If im cold hearted i wouldn't even be talking to you right now
And you know if I did that to you you would've gotten mad too so don't act like I'm over reacting bc you did the same shit AGAIN  Stacey
No im not, Stacey i completely understand. I would feel the same exact way that you do. You think im cold hearted or something?
It's still fucked up Juan last time I checked Juan we were still together but you took it to the max  Stacey
Im sorry Stacey okay? You dont have to accept my apologies or anything i just want you to know that
And I'm no idiot you have a pic with her on Ig so you didn't just meet her ✋  Stacey
That pic was when i first met her in person and we just were friends. Nothing more i swear on my life
Juan that's why she's in your bio and you stay up talking to her? Lol you could've at least told me you didn't want to be with me anymore but no  Stacey
I put up her name last night Stacey, its not like we're dating or anythiing
Nigga she just wanted you to care about her you stretched it bruh
She said to me that i act like i dont care and shes the one always trying the most. How am i suppose to show i care when shes all the way in Cali right now. I just dont get it niqqa.
You obviously were if you have a new girl now ;)
I dont have a girl stacey, me and clara literally just met
LMFAO Juan all I said was that you didn't care  Stacey
What?? I told you that i hope your enjoying cali so far and you got all mad and told me off and shit. Like you thought i was hiding something from you
I unblocked you on kik so tell me how I fucked up because I clearly didn't  Stacey
You still have our last convo? Read it and youll see why stacey, if you dont understand then idk what to tell you
What stacey say to you??
She said something that got me mad sl i would show you the messages but she blocked me or some shit