Last night was amazing😚 Selena Gomez

As I finish some of the album, I love reflecting on the journey. Here’s a throw back to us during a break in Mexico where I came up with title of the album and 4 of the tracks. ☺️🎉🔌 #WhatsHitLookinAtTho 😂 Selena Gomez

nana and papa 💙 from forcing you to listen to me sing on the fireplace to watching me now. You've always been proud of me. I love you!! Selena Gomez

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the #GoodForYou video! Watch the whole thing here: Selena Gomez

These days are always the best days. Selena Gomez

- Selena Gomez

Sometimes our heart will get broken but people will come and heal it. It's okay to be broken it wasn't mean to be anyway. Once you find that wonderful and appreciated person you won't be broken at all that's when you know it's meant to be love.

I’m so happy to finally share the official video for “Good For You" featuring the initial stripped down version of the song! I hope you enjoy it! Selena Gomez

Good For You music video coming tomorrow!! You'll notice a different version of the song.... :) Selena Gomez

The reason I wake up every morning. She’s the reason I am who I am. Every part of me is her. I love you momma. I’m proud to be your daughter. Selena Gomez

I see my love @HaileeSteinfeld can't wait to see you next week!! Love you 💓☺️ Selena Gomez

My face when I saw my billboard in TIME SQUARE!!! What!!!? ☺️😂 Selena Gomez

Today is a GOOD day!! Number one babyyyyy!! Buy #GoodForYou now!! Selena Gomez

It’s here!!! You can finally get #GoodForYou ft. @asvpxrocky on @AppleMusic! Selena Gomez

Typical bougie jet pic. NY ready for ya!!! Tomorrow is a big day! Selena Gomez


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