Why your profile pic is justin

he's my idol

facts about you?

my name is Khaled
Im 15 years old

Are you talking to anyone?

not right now, someone talk to me?

hii xxx

What's up

Omgoodness. I love you.❤


You are with Kyle Jener or no ?

No and it's jenner

Even stars don't shine without darkness.. Khaled

You're perfect Identity Thief

I'm not :) but thank you!

Oh my got your eyes colors are really interesting:OO .

thank you I guess haha

hott xxx

thanks :)



I love your smile<3 Karla Alejandra Flores

hey guys!

Life's a movie with just a bunch of different scenes. Khaled

how do you exist?

Sex happens

Are you and Kylie dating? Divsamar,

No, my girlfriend's name is Kristen :)

roman i love you

I love you too

are you gay?

how can I be gay if I'm taken by the most beautiful woman alive?

Christmas selfie? (:


Dream as if you'll live forever


Ask @ImRomanPalumbo: