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InjyHany. @InJyHaNy
InjyHany. @InJyHaNy
اي سؤال مش محترم مش هرد علية
Ask whatever u want..but don't pass your limits cause u'll not like my reaction(look @ the bio)
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You look like one of my friends, "Nadia" This is good .. nt fe sana kam B2a
A7eb ashoof nadia :D
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give me ur pin plz
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3andek bbm..!!
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هل صادفت قصه حب انتهت بزواج؟  mohamed elmaraghy
Shayfni mtla2a marteen masln?xD
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followed "D  Malik
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3mla eh :/  Mostafa salah
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argokoooo 2s2lonniii hwa 2na wshaaa
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E7na ma3t2nash 7d :'D
wla 3umrna han3t2 7ad:'D
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Ana ba2ol keda brdo :'D la w hwa by3zk awee :D
Ahhh awiiii :'D
dh el roo7 bl roo7 kedh ho<33333
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Shatora ya injy ;* ha3zmk 3laa msasa lma nkhosh wl mkhroba -,-
Mutshakreen ya zoo2-.-
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Tb ems7y awel wa7d khals 3shaan a7bk ana kman :D
Mas7t el etneen 5laas :D
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-,- Enjy hwa ana mmkn a2olk shteema w mtdy2eesh :'D
tab dh ana 7ata ba7bek:(:'D
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If you knew you had one day to live, how would you spend it?
I am gonna break every rule :D
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followed<3 x  m7md sh3rawy
thankyou x
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bosi fi tweets gat l ta2riban kol el followers bto3ek w ma3molohom mentions keda w mab3otlohom link ana lama fata7to ali akteb el username w el password fa sa3etha et5adet w ro7t 3'ayart el pass w ba3den la2etek ba3taha l kol el nas fa 3reft en da hack..rodi f ask w hab3atlek el screenshot tweets
Tab ehh ma3ndkeesh 7all??
lessa by3mel mentions?
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و رب السماء يؤتيك فرحا بدل الغم الذي قاسيته (طوبيا 20:7)  jesus makes u smile ツ
Just in time:)
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maria kahiry .. ??
my bestfriend mn su3'ryy<3:).
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Followed <3 :'D  محمد !!
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hwa enti et3amalek hack 3la el twitter!!
w7yatak ma3eraf:'(
bus/y ana ha2ool el 7assal w please try to help..
fy wahda 3amltly mention f link w lama ana fat7tu 2ali msh 3arfa unavailable bs fa rag3ni taani l twitter w la2tnii katba tweets ana msh ktbaha w kedh bs msh btzhrly,btzhar ll naas bs...msh 3arfa a3mel eh,
ana baktb tweets 3aadi bs msh 3arfa a3mel eh fl vairus aw el hack dh
help me b2h:).
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اذا كنت تملك اصدقاء اذا انت غني ؟
اذا كنت تملك كلب اذا انت غني.
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followed ;)  Mohamed Ahmed
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What do you expect in 2014?
expect ehh ba2ulak ayam soda xD
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اول موقف فى 2014 حلو او وحش ؟؟؟؟؟  mohamed elmaraghy
3ayt f awel d2ee2a.
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لا تهتموا بالسنين الماضيه فهوذا الله قادما معوضاً عن سنين عديده قد اكلها الجراد فهذا وعده اليوم لنا kol sana w anto tybeeen <3 :D wa7shtonaaa <3 <3  jesus makes u smile ツ
just in time,thankyou.
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