Stone Lehosky @InvisibleKid247
Stone Lehosky @InvisibleKid247
Bass guitar, music, videogames, wrestling, Green Day, friends, family, ... & CM Punk. MY whole life right there haha
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What is the best color for a car?
Dark blue or black imo or green/black
Stone, im gonna say it straight- you're hot.
Yesh, an anon thinks I burn like a greek sun haha xP but thank you :D I'd be more sincere but I don't know who you are
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Do you play an instrument? Which?
In action
Do you play an instrument? Which?
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What would it take for someone to become your friend?
Not much, just don't be a mean person :D
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Post a 360 video of where you are right now!
Kinda quiet cause my mic is some dookie!
How tall are you?
I'm straight 6'0... (okay 5'11 and 3/4 get at me) ;-;
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What is your favorite sport to play?
The ball of foot
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If you could have one superpower what would it be?
Power to control time
Holy tits that'd be kewl
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Aww well thank you :3 so are you cx
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If you were a bird, where would you fly?
Your mother's house, so I can plant my bird seeds in her nesting ground
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Are you comfortable talking to anons?
I don't see why I wouldn't be, considering very little 'hate' is brought upon me on here
What is bothering you right now?
Certain things that are just odd right now
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! ^_^
Thank you anonymous, same goes to you
Good morning! Good afternoon! Good night! ^_^ (depends on what time you see this!)
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What makes a person beautiful?
Tits and ass
Oh psht and personality I presume
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followed (:  Cinderella
Thank you :3 I'll do the same
What do you think people see you as? Cool? Quiet? Weird?
I think they honestly see me as that really nice, funny guy who's really shy and quiet with a touch of weird (but weird is good so cx)
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how much do u weigh
124 pounds
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Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
Describe best moment of this summer with one photo!
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When do you feel the most comfortable?
In your mother's vagina
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How can you be motivated?
Doing jumping jacks
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well your header thingy says "entertain me" soo... Da-da-dadada da-da Circus! Da-da-dadada da-da Afro! Circus! Afro! Circus! Afro! Polka-dot, Polka-dot, Polka-dot! Afro xDDD  ✖️кαуℓα✖️
I have infact been entertained xP gracias muchacha
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Do u wanna go out sometimes?
Going outside requires breathing air which requires work .-.
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How was your day today? :)
Ehh it was alright for the most part, can't complain, I'm alive
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What's your favorite anime?
My favorite anime is a tossup between Naruto, Attack on Titan, Zatch Bell, and Corpse Party
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