Heyyyoooooo! Excited for Soldier Field??? ❤️ Stephanie Anderson

course !

can't even deny it man i forgt passwords hahah so bad ! Niall

forgive me mates

where u @ Debby Ryan ✔

here there everywhere deborah

What happened to your Facebook?

had to delete it

Hola! Will you be my boyfriend? Te amooo :3

Maybe, maybe

How's your knee?

Gooood? It's gettin there !

on twittuh ! btw I got my facebook back babes ! Facebook.com/niallH0RAN Niall

follow me

http://ask.fm/Irish93/answer/61827824832 I don't know I just don't think that any of you boys future girlfriends (if there will be any) they won't be potatoes like us, the rest of the fandom. It shows that if you want to make a first impression, you HAVE to be gorgeous like Eleanor and Perrie.


oh and this one too.. Niall

with the trouble maker Niall

where will the new york movie premiere be??? Sabrina

nyc :)

Like seriously, since i got on here you went off:** xox demi lovato ✔

aaaaah ! noooo ! come back !! :(

Hey!!! What's harry's real account?

@lmHarryStyles but he doesnt use it sorry ..

NIALLER! CONGRATS ON THE TCA's y'all were amazayn! I missed your twitcam today my computer is slow :'( and i still dont have 1/5 on twitter *hint*hint* haha LOVE YA!!!! :D Brittany #Keyper

no you fans are amazing ! I recently actually found out ppl could see me still thinking i was talking to myself no shame ! much love xx

haha dont worry i wont tell anyone that Liam's a big baby ;) Brittany #Keyper

we all know the secrets out ! oh no!

If you keep saying that every directioner is beautiful and you don't need to be skinny to be pretty, why are you boys dating such beautiful models, singers and celebrities?

We aint dating models babe, eleanor is gorgeous yeah but she isnt a model and perrie shes perrie and she is beautiful but what does zayn dating a singer have anything t do with directioners being beautiful ?

Your beautiful so beautiful josh devine

i know it comes naturally bro ;) xx

Whose the most scared of heights in one direction? Brittany #Keyper

Zayn and don't tell anyone liam big baby !

What's the baby's name??

Theo horan

Dare : snap a pic of harry x

Sorry mate xx dare is a dare

Truth or dare anyone ? Niall

Maybe I'll do some !

Hacked by the one and only ...

Love you nialllllll

Zeus Horan ! Welcome my fav nephew !! Niall

Baby pic babbby pic!!!!!!!


I know that this may no one cares but write. I need to take a break from ask.fm and heal my broken heart, surely no one will miss me but coz. a month left to answer any questions not think that there will be any. Bye bye i love you.xx † Wolverine †

Don't have t leave Hun ! I'm here for you if ya need a fellow