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How do you go about having sexual themes in your vns without them getting into 18+ territory? Toko for example has succubi characters and presumably has a circle in Hell where there are nothing but lust demons. How do you approach those subjects without them getting too graphically sexual?

You can allude to sex without it actually being seen. I could have made Menagerie without any sex scenes whatsoever, and it'd take a lot of rewriting, but it would come off as just as debaucherous. Toko uses a mixture of innuendo and straight up sex talk, but none of that is against Steam's rules, you can get away with writing almost anything. Overall Toko has a comedic tone which lets it get away with a lot.

Hell even the content Game of Thrones would be perfectly acceptable on a place like Steam (as long as you didn't show any of the sex)

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I heard there was a patch to Menagerie some time ago. What exactly did that patch do? Is there another one still coming?

Menagerie patch has an art update, adds endings, adds some extra scenes. Explains more things in detail such as during Asuma/Monkey's endings. One Asuma/Monkey ending was very hard to get and considered the true ending, might change that one. Also it adds some CGs.

Like with Toko patch we're timing it with release of new content, in this case a whole new DLC chapter for two new characters and their story.

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Have you ever played Trillion: God of Destruction? If you have how do you think it compares to the Disgaea games? I'm talking story, design, and gameplay wise.

I haven't played it. I know that artist from Compile Heart gets confused with Takehito Harada a lot. I've heard it's gameplay can be very repetitive. But I overall like it's aesthetic and character design. Story wise it's kind of straight forward isn't it?

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Apologies if this has been answered before, but do you have any advice in starting a visual novel as well as forming a studio?

The crass answer would be "don't". But if you're prepared for suffering than start small, build big. Don't try to overdo things about the best game ever, build up to it. Each game you make should teach you something new.

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What was the budget on Stargazers?

Can't give you an exactly $ but it was low compared to other EVNs. I tend to work for much less and use that to pay our writers/musicians.

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is stargazers episodic?

Short answer, no.

Long answer, it's inspired by pulp fiction, Adventures of [____] stories from my childhood. So the idea is the adventures continue even after the story ends. Maybe we might do more? We have stories like Dizzy Hearts, Vagabond, Toko, those are more important right now.

Even if we did do more Stargazers, it would be adventures like this one, pirates, smugglers, encounters with aliens, it's not intended to be a save the universe sort of story.

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With Stargazers released and work on Dizzy Hearts starting up, I'm curious where it's at development wise. You've been doing art updates for it etc. So, how much of the art and writing is done at the moment?

Most of the Dizzy Hearts story has been plotted out, lots if scenes already written. but we'll be redoing the outline now for redrafting and to bring in things we've learned from previous projects. Art wise, a few BGs namely the interiors need to be updated. We have some ideas we are testing as well, such as Live2d sprites and animated backgrounds.

Biggest thing we need to do is the writing of course as it will be our biggest game yet.

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What kind of Mood will Stargazers have throughout the story? Will it be as silly and light as the demo? Does it have much drama, angsty or dark moments?

There are serious moments, however it's inspired by an optimistic view of the future. Very Flash Gordon or even Star Trek-esque with a focus on adventure. So no angsty moments, that's something we're going to save for Toko!

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Hi, I want to buy your game the Menagerie but I can't mangagamer because I only had money on paypal and I can buy in that place, how I get your game in other way?

We are going to sell Menagerie, Menagerie DLC and Stargazers adult version on uses Paypal.

Based on feedback. I would also like to include mosaic versions of our adult titles for for fans who live in countries that require mosaics.

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What can you tell us about the mysterious Lady and her crew?

She's not a member of the ADF, she's definitely at odds with the ADF, and in the past as well as the future (whether the ADF has realized it) been behind the scenes of many sordid dealings. Who she is, as well as her goals are a mystery though.

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How big a role does Joanna have? You've shown quite a bit of art of her.

Joanna Starlark is an important character to the story. I can't tell you how she's important but I can tell you she's relevant to the game's conclusion. Overall she's a fun character as much as a wolf mercenary space pilot lusting after cute girls would be.

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Will there be an NSFW patch for the steam version of Stargazers?

Currently there are two separate versions, we want to have people who want the 18+ stuff to go to Mangagamer while the All Ages ver. will be on Steam.

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Is Stargazers a nsfw game?

We will be selling an adult version of the game with MangaGamer. We'll have more information about Stargazers quite soon!

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Was there going to be a patch for Menagerie?

Yes, it's coming out after Stargazers. As well as a Menagerie DLC route we recently teased.

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Are you gonna participate in any game jams? Maybe the yuri jam? =D

We have a mecha yuri game coming out, other than that we have our hands full at the moment.

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Do you listen to something while you work (music, tv in the background etc) and if so, what do you listen to? (or most recent thing you've listened to while working)


I watch movies, shows or listen to music. Movies or shows that I've usually seen before and like to listen to in the background. Last draw session I watched the Pirates quadrilogy. I'll usually watch movies when I've listened to my playlists too many times.

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Is there any chance of getting a slightly different second dialogue box option for the Toko update? The size of the current one with the skin of the new one, maybe. The screenshot you've shown has some extended readability issues with the small box size and frequent hyphenation at the end of lines.

We've gotten that feedback from a few people and I'm going to look into it. Part of the idea with the new textbox is that you can full screen the game with the higher res and the textbox will naturally be bigger with the rest of the game.

That said the hyphenation is a problem, but that's partly to do with that line as well, it's a very long line and could be split into two. But making the box/font a tad bigger is something we'll look at too.

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I'm not ashamed to say that I became interested in your art-style through your NSFW projects like Menagerie and I really hope there is more content like that. Are there good odds for future projects beyond Dizzy Hearts? Should I keep hopes up for that Menagerie patch or has it got complicated?

I do SFW and NSFW stuff, so it's really whatever I want to do.

There is a patch coming for Menagerie and we thought it'd be earlier, but at the moment we're still a very small team and funds are limited. There is definitely more to come after Dizzy Hearts, we're also not sure just how PG or un-PG Dizzy Hearts will be yet. And also we have another game planned post Dizzy Hearts that is more NSFW.

But if fans support that and want to see more of stuff like that we'd love to do it.

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Do you have any thoughts on Kodomo No Jikan's kickstarter?


I doubt it's going to be any different than the other kickstarters that try to localize things from Japan.

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Why is 40k so full of awesome things for cute girls to be, sempai?

Venom Esper

I don't understand.

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When reading novels do you prefer it when you take direct control of the main character and hear their thoughts in first person like "I'm x" rather than third person "He was x"?

I'm fine either way, I don't self-insert into stories, so I care more about the story I'm being told. But 1st person is good for making the story more focused on one character.

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Who is your number 1 Waifu? (genre and gender open)


I don't really have a waifu but Makoto Kikuchi is best IM@S and best girl.

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What do you think is the most underrated genre?



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Here's a tricky question. I understand if you choose not to answer it - I'm not trying to make you look bad, but am curious: What's your opinion on consensual incest? It's not exactly a fetish, but it kind of falls in that realm. I think the most common example would be Anna/Elsa from Frozen.

Like a lot of things, fictional incest is an interesting fantasy but it's pretty cringy in real life. I'm not opposed to it or kinkshame folks who like that, or even against putting it in stories if there are reasons for it. In real life ofc there are very obvious genetic disorders caused by inbreeding so it makes logical sense that people don't support that.

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Witches can't really be Witches whithout hat and mantle, can they ?

There are witches that are more traditional, Yaga's probably a bit different, she's lived a very long time in part due to her strength and because it'd just make her enemies too happy for her to die. If you want cute witches though, you'll get cute witches.

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