I'm not ashamed to say that I became interested in your art-style through your NSFW projects like Menagerie and I really hope there is more content like that. Are there good odds for future projects beyond Dizzy Hearts? Should I keep hopes up for that Menagerie patch or has it got complicated?

I do SFW and NSFW stuff, so it's really whatever I want to do.

There is a patch coming for Menagerie and we thought it'd be earlier, but at the moment we're still a very small team and funds are limited. There is definitely more to come after Dizzy Hearts, we're also not sure just how PG or un-PG Dizzy Hearts will be yet. And also we have another game planned post Dizzy Hearts that is more NSFW.

But if fans support that and want to see more of stuff like that we'd love to do it.

Do you have any thoughts on Kodomo No Jikan's kickstarter? Cult

I doubt it's going to be any different than the other kickstarters that try to localize things from Japan.

Why is 40k so full of awesome things for cute girls to be, sempai? Espernyan

I don't understand.

When reading novels do you prefer it when you take direct control of the main character and hear their thoughts in first person like "I'm x" rather than third person "He was x"?

I'm fine either way, I don't self-insert into stories, so I care more about the story I'm being told. But 1st person is good for making the story more focused on one character.

Who is your number 1 Waifu? (genre and gender open) Umedyn

I don't really have a waifu but Makoto Kikuchi is best IM@S and best girl.

What do you think is the most underrated genre? Umedyn


Here's a tricky question. I understand if you choose not to answer it - I'm not trying to make you look bad, but am curious: What's your opinion on consensual incest? It's not exactly a fetish, but it kind of falls in that realm. I think the most common example would be Anna/Elsa from Frozen.

Like a lot of things, fictional incest is an interesting fantasy but it's pretty cringy in real life. I'm not opposed to it or kinkshame folks who like that, or even against putting it in stories if there are reasons for it. In real life ofc there are very obvious genetic disorders caused by inbreeding so it makes logical sense that people don't support that.

Witches can't really be Witches whithout hat and mantle, can they ?

There are witches that are more traditional, Yaga's probably a bit different, she's lived a very long time in part due to her strength and because it'd just make her enemies too happy for her to die. If you want cute witches though, you'll get cute witches.

Did you draw the backgrounds for Menagerie, or only the characters?

I drew everything for Toko/Menagerie, we have an assistant artist now who's going to be helping us with designs in Stargazers, namely the robots (yet to be shown, but look forward to that!)

Fiore- a big breasted lewd witchgirl with massive drill hair from Star Ocean 5... unfortunately doesn't seem to be a futanari... I think I can forgive them as long as nothing cosmetically is messed with during localization. Is SO5 a game you would play? Have you played any other Star oceans?

I played one of the first Star Oceans, and it froze on me and corrupted my game file.

I've seen that witch, it's a funny outfit but I don't know who is localizing it, so I don't know if there is any worry about that.

When are you going to put out the rest of the cast for Toko?


Actually I think this week sometime is the next video.

Any news on the release date of the Menagerie patch? I know you've been busy I just hope that's still scheduled to release sometime.

Yep, it's still scheduled, we're being very busy and I like to mention it a bunch so fans know it's on the horizon, that and Dizzy Hearts.

We're being smarter about our work ethic, we've been somewhat unhealthy in the past and we feel our games could use a bump up in terms of just polish on all the transitions and things. We're also working towards more fan-focused small, monthly stuff like short stories on Patreon, more fan engagement and stuff.

That all said we're going to be releasing like 3 games this year and doing minor updates to 2, so it's a big deal for us to get it right!

Do you intend to stick to "realistic" futanari or can you imagine doing in the future something more surreal like Bosshi do can ?

I kinda did that with Rao-Ji but even then she was kinda realistic. Maybe in the future? but then I figure a lot of artists already draw that.

Did you have an immediate feeling of who you would cast when you heard the auditions?

Yes, some VAs really got the spirit of the role and nailed the role. Some others it was between a couple people and we had to give direction and deliberate more.

Which character's VA do you like the best?

That's a dangerous question! I was definitely during a lot of them thinking "this is so perfect." but I don't really have favorites, rather I love certain aspects of all my characters.

Did you cast all of the characters for Toko already? I think I speak for many people when I say that I'm excited to see and hear the cast!

We have 1 or 2 characters that are hard to cast, but things are coming along well. Most of what we're waiting on is admin stuff, contracts. People's schedules, so I can't say when the reveals are coming, but I can say it's very soon.

Dizzy Hearts and The Menagerie take place in the same universe, but do they take place in the same period ? Bloobz

Yes, the events are mostly concurrent give or take a couple years. But stories separated by hemispheres. It's called the Radiant Period, and both Dizzy Hearts and Menagerie take place in this period. There are other stories in mind also in the period, places to talk about we haven't yet. But there's also multiple other periods of this world to cover in the future.

Does Ponyo still work on Lupiesoft related things? The twitter link on the about:page doesn't seem correct or used and it's in Japanese. If they are JP, how did they begin working on projects?

Yep, Ponyo still works with us us. He's just a shy russian twink who has a hard time promoting himself even when he's really quite good.

Listening to the OPrainfall podcast about simple choices having an slight effect on other routes sorta reminded me of a more complex and classic vn called Same Heart by Crowd. I was wondering if you've ever played novels from around that time. do you get a chance to read VNs or would you like to?

I've not played that game. Admittedly the farthest back I've gone is in the Clannad/Planetarian range because of availability. I personally don't want to pirate these games myself. We also wanna draw a lot from our past playing adventure games and things. As we get better and learn more we're trying to experiment more, some of this is stuff most already know so we're still beginners in terms of making larger choice based games.

Dizzy Hearts will actually be quite choice heavy and we're trying stuff we've not done before, it'll be interesting to see what people think when the new demo launches.

Which of your series is most likely to get expanded content if any? I like the idea of making additional(possibly lewd) content that doesn't have to impact an already complete story but in the same universe as something like DH. If you feel like moving away from VNs, maybe a Ginxhou Simulator?

DH universe is very large and complicated. While Tokoverse is also pretty big. I'd say both are likely, but the DH universe is more likely to get expanded as we get into more settings and also more time periods of this world.

Will this month be the first month for the short stories w/illustrations for patreons? Will they be based on existing stories or something completely new?

Yes, we'll start doing the short story this month. We're very open on subject matter, so it could be a Toko themed one, a Menagerie themed one, or as yet unseen place in the DH universe.

Key has a real cute tuft of hair down there, any chance we'll get to see it in cgscene form ? I hear there is a patch tba.. and is stargazers for certain next month?

There are more CGs planned for Menagerie with the patch.

We're looking to finish all the scripting required by the end of January, it'd be nice to get the game out by early February.

Are Elves the only ones with Fiore/Futanari or some other species can be Futanari ? Bloobz

The whole Fiore/hermaphroditism is a trait exclusive to them because there are no male elves. But the astute will know that Drachene can be too! While technically Drachene aren't elves, they used to be. There are a few tribes of elves we've yet to show.

Has that patch you have spoken of been released?

Not yet, we'll be blaring the horn about it when it's out~

If I remember correctly, you once say Alabast is in a perpetual day. Is the sun always bright or there is a sort of twilight with less light ? And how people accommodated to that ? Bloobz

The world Alabast is in is tidally locked to it's star. It rotates at the same rate as it orbits, so 1 day in astronomical terms is the same as a year.

This is really interesting from a design perspective because you have the Alabastian desert dwelling elves, who use what is essentially a grain standard to determine time. (where a day to them is roughly equivalent to how long it takes them to fully mill a certain amount of a particular grain.), Assard like Seriva in Dizzy Hearts use the cycles of bioluminescant mushrooms to keep track of time, and Ontonian elves (like Mercilia) use the stars.

So the cool thing is that none of these races really have the concept of day and night, so we can't write 'night time' into the script, because that concept is foreign. But they generally do have a sleep/wake cycle, and all the races in the world either adopted the methods of another race, have no real concept of time, or have their own time keeping devices.

I want to eventually have some kind of wiki, because I'd rather some of this random info dump information is much better served in that format than pushed into the game somewhere.


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