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do you know andrew m
Hey so your a guy... And I have this HUGE crush on this guy but he doesn't like me and everyone says he's nice but I just don't want to talk to him because what if he thinks in crazy... So what should I do? Should I stir up the courage and talk to him or should I just act like he doesn't exist???
Ball out and go for it
Who will be on jv baseball this year
Im not sure baseball players most likely… im not the coach hahahah
Who are some good baseball players in westwood
Bryan gotti Trevor fahey Anthony fabs Aidan fitz
Vaginal crease
Quite possibly
Actually he likes p's and q's
Ps and qs and
Hey babe whats up
Nm u babe
U like pee pee
Best bbu memory?
Where do i begin? Theres the complete game club, the RI tournament, the fahkin voodoo glove, 6am BP at richies
Do u have a crush on anyone?
Text me or fb msg me
I think you are a best... Sometimes
Ummm thanks
You looked funny in 6th grade
Best baseball players in 10th and 11th grade
Rafael Devers google him
Best baseball players in the grade
That questions down there a bit but Bryan Nick Trevor and such
Just hold on
Were goin home
I don't know your number
Ohh alright
Ok so who do u like????
Text me
Girl best friend
Idk whose yours
Awwwwwwwww u like Rose??? That's so cute!!!!
Never said that
Thoughts on her?
Shes super nice i guess
I heard you like Rose Kearns...
Wait i do?
Finger my ass and call me sally
Been waiting on this moment for a while
U now have 100 answers!!!!! Congrats!!!!!! Well this one will be 101 but oh we'll!!!!!!
Thank you for celebrating this milestone with me
We miss you In the group-nick abba
Thats group was rage