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hi admin,do you know a fanpage for luhan?  SeHun Bubbletea
Fansites for luhan: dear my deer, fruit x fruit, momoko (not a fansite but she takes pictures of Luhan), raindrop, man to man, romance killer, there are a ton of them, for more go here --> http://dailyexo.tumblr.com/source-index - ally
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hi admin, do know any hunhan fanpage?
I only know fansites, like Twinned Poison is a sehun/luhan fansite ^^ - ally
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is it true that there's exo's showtime season 2 ? *_*
As of right now no it's not true - ally
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Omg i saw it pictures where exo's are with little childrens :3 can u tell me what show/episode it is?
Which picture? There's the Happy Camp with EXO-M episode from 2012 where they interacted with children, and EXO-K likes to visit this shelter and play with the kids there ^^ - ally
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hye....do you know about exo new song
EXO don't have a new song yet ^^ - ally
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do you have link of EST ep 11 engsub full?  nindia vara monica
- hue
annyeonghasseo :) do you have a Link of exo showtime eng sub ep. 10 ? if you have can you Link :) thank you :**
by allmylovees - hue
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no, i don't mean d.o.'s saesang. i mean a saesang of baek who said that he was rude or something.
Really? I haven't heard of any other sasaeng related things other that D.O's sasaeng :/ I'm sorry I don't know >.< - ally
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Do you know exo's stylist ig acc? Thanks in advance  NVL
kasabianskc ^^ - ally
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Who is the girl with Chanyeol??  nienie
The little girl? She's the daughter of the owner of the chicken restaurant EXO went to - ally
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why is baek gaining a lot of haters these days? T.T accdg to them, he's fake. they also mentioned about saesang and ex-smtown trainee accounts? what are these all about? O.o :((
He is? Idk... I haven't heard about it :/ There was a sasaeng issue about someone selling D.O's boxers online, idk if it's actually his boxers but yeah, and I haven't read any new "ex-trainee" accounts? I've never believed in them tbh because how can we prove whoever wrote that is actually telling the truth and is a real ex-trainee? Anyone can go online and write something like that >.< - ally
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Sehun's never revealed his brother before, so we don't know what he looks like, but I remember this picture from a while back and people said it's not his brother - ally
ally unnie are you the one who resigned? waee ?:(
Aww :( I'll still be around until we find some new admins ^^ I'm in my 5th semester of university and things have become so busy for me that I really don't have time to update anything other than my personal account (which is why I can only answer a few asks at a time in between working on my projects) Linda also is really busy with her uni life so that's why both of us have resigned >.< - ally
Unnie, where are you from and how old are you? :3
USA/Indonesia, and I'm 21 this year ^^ - ally
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is it true that luhan is in relation? :(
No - ally
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What changes in your life when you enter this fandom?
I don't think much has changed for me :/ Other than i spend more money on merch now than I did when I liked bands instead - ally
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when exo comeback?  Ajeng Yunita
They're making music right now so soon I hope! - ally
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where are you from unnie?
I'm originally from america but I live in indonesia now ^^ - ally
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Are you studying?
Yes I am ^^ - ally
Do you gain lots of friends becoz of this fandom?
Yep! A lot of the people I follow on my personal account are friends that I've made because of EXO ^^ - ally
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Thank you for nothing, I know the color of his hair now Thanks again  RAN✘
We're sorry we didn't answer your previous question, all of the admins are busy and we don't always have time to answer everyone's questions. I've technically resigned as an admin because I don't have time to do this anymore but here I am trying to answer questions.
We'll try to answer as much as we can but if we don't answer your question it's not because we don't want to, it's because we can't or don't have time to. Besides if you really really wanted to know what his hair color was you could've looked for recent photo previews of him - ally
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oh sorry i mean they in same age right?
No, Taemin is older than Kai by 1 year - ally
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how did some people have chanyeol's selcas? i mean does he have some social network accounts or something?
Which selcas? The selcas of him and the little girl yesterday? Those were uploaded by the girl's parents who owned the chicken restaurant EXO were in ^^ - ally
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Kai and Taemin in te same batch right?
Batch? what do you mean by that :/ - ally
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what episode tht exo going into haunted house?
10 ^^ - ally
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