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does weibo have auto reply like line? coz luhan just replied to me but i have no idea what it says its in chinese....
i think it doesnt have.. and is it luhan's official account? if its true then congratulations!!! :D good to hear that.. -Sehunny
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what is exo mcm????
MCM s a brand name of a bag which is currently exo is endorsing now.. -Sehunny.
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Hy.. Thanks for still include kris on your answer when fans ask something abt exo member hehehe ^^
Sure thing :) -Ely
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do you watch korean drama it's okay it's love/it's okay that's love ?in that drama is other people can see d.o(exo) including the actor that d.o always play with him
I havent watched it. but i'm planning to :). Have you watched it? -Ely
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Wait.... but What I know is Taeyeon and Baekhyun broke up already :s
I dont think so. I read a few articles and they said it was just a rumor and misunderstanding. -Ely
hi, what's the meaning of ffs and kms?
ffs - For F**k Sake
kms - Kill My Self

I think that's what it means. Well that's what google told me.. so i guess it should be accurate -Ely
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Tao looks so not in mood in Ice Bucket Challenge, he even didn't say anything. What happened to him?
Maybe he wrote a message on weibo or something. In the video it seems like he just woke up. Well that's my opv on it. But overall i'm not quite sure -Ely
Hiring admins?
Not at the moment. But we might do so in the future so keep an eye out for our tweet :) -Ely
When is TLP Manila?
It's not officially announced yet. We'll tweet it once SM confirms the date :) -Ely
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No question, just a thank you. Thanks for all the updates. You guys are awesome~
You're Welcome, We would like to thank all EXO-L that have been really patient for our updates as well <3 You guys are AMAZING <3 -Ely
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What are your thoughts about Baekhyun and Taeyeon?  anthea marie
I would give them my blessing cause in the entertainment industry it's really difficult and if they have one another it may make thing a little less difficult. Well this is my personal opinion so yeah. -Ely
Why does kris does not want to be in exo anymore? He trust OT12 right? didn't he miss the laughter of his dongsaengs? I missed him already...
I'm not really sure. No matter what choices he makes. We'll Always support him. OTP12 -Ely
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ummm...kris is going to be an actor right???
Most probably he is. :)
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Baekhyun's favorite color?
Black, Grey and White -Ely
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When exo members have birthdays
Xiumin: 26 March
Lay: 7 October
Chen: 22 September
Luhan: 20 April
Kris: 6 November
Tao: 2 May
Chanyeol: 27 November
Suho: 22 May
Baekhyun: 6 May
DO: 12 January
Sehun: 12 April
Kai: 14 January
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can i ask something? hehe. i want to know the age of all the members of EXO. admin can tell me? hee
Sure :)
Kai: 20
Sehun: 20
D.O : 21
Baekhyun: 22
Suho: 23
Tao: 21
Luhan: 24
Chen: 21
Lay: 22
Xiumin: 24
Kris: 24
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Hi :) did Tao already did the Alsicebucket challenge??
140822 on his Weibo
- hue
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can you give the link of exoat happy camp 2014 full eng sub?
- hue
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Where are you from? And can you explain what does #otp means?
We have admins who are from different countries. I'm from PH though. OTP means "One True Pairing". Mostly used when shipping two people. - Ria =))
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What "hiatus" means?  Jiyoon
Inactive :)
Huhu. Help me. I just got Jongin photocard in the overdose album and my bias is Baekhyun. I still havent rceived any Baek pc so far, bcos I got Luhan in Growl and Jongin also in MID. So like I have 2 Jongin pc's, 1 Luhan and still no Baek. I wanna cry. Helppp T___T
You can trade it onlinee~ -luludeer
cellphone computer or food ?
BIASSSS. -luludeer
does exo members have ask.fm????
Nope they don't, dear - Ria =)
dont you feel hurt seeing baekhyun dating? maybe just a little?
Well actually, It sucks it hurts, but as long as Taeyeon unnie and Baekhyun oppa is happy dating together I have to accept it and support them as a fan. That's what fans are for right? And we are family, we have to support EXO 'till the end because, WE ARE ONE. :) -luludeer
Do you like watching Korean shows ?
Yes, I do! - Ria =)
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