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How would you describe your style?
Ratchet asf.
What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?
My damn $245 necklace smh.
Nike  Christian Ruiz
Thanks (:
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This is my first time using Can you pick a beyonce song and I'll will sing it please ? :)  Alyssa Forever
Drunk in love
Where u from ? ‎@youngg_prince__ :)
Phoenix, Arizona (:
Tbh- I've never really talked to you rate-10  Juan
Thanks (:
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Dm me ? I don't know your user name
Mhmm... Okay
Rate:7.5  Kaitlyn Johnson
Tbh I've never really talked to you, and we should hangout(:  Zemarr hardy
Tbh: you used to go to akimel but now your in high school. Your sooo pretty. And nice(: we should talk more Kik me:)  Anett Garcia
Thanks girl (:
Dm Me ? ‎@Beaarr_13?
You DM me.
Tbh you're so pretty omg and we had Spanish last year and you're so sweet❤️ miss you girl  braelyn paes
Thank you, imy2 ❤
What color are your eyes?
Shity brown .-.
Thanks (:
When was the last time you went to the beach?
In April xc
Im bored what should I do ?(sent to everyone I follow) c(:  Clit Tickler ✌️
Sure knock yourself out
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Tbh- your really but I really don't know you at al hahaahh but you seem really nice and chill(:  ❤️raquel❤️
Thanks (:
Tbh: YOURE SO PRETTY LIKE WTF IM SO JELOUS and you're so rad and ilysfm❤️  Jaila Tate
Awee, thanks ilysm2 ❤
tbh you're gorgeous (-:  bianca(:
Thanks (:
single or taken ?
Single ✌
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tbh i don't know you but i saw you around school a couple times and you're supa pretty and yeah(:  andi
hookup  russ.
Aye (;
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tbh// yesi❤️ aw I miss you so much baby girl): we were so close in 7th grade! It was so much fun, we honestly made the best memories(x you're absolutely beautiful and have an amazing personality. I'm miss you so much dude. I hope hs is doing you well so far haha I love you❤️  Jackieee(:
Thank you baby❤ , and I miss you to ❤ and we will hang out soon eventually but I will make it happen and I'm doing very well thank you (:
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Cheek :|  NickClingerman