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Make more video pls
will do :-) planning to do a haul !
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Why people hate u?
not everyone must like me Kan hahaha
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honestly u look like an indian hahahhahahahahaha
cool ;-) it's your own opinion so idrm hahaha
omg look at that face. u look like my next mistake ;)
love that
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what app and filter do u use for a selfie
no filter zzz usually
give me 3 names that u know is from SKBD
leona inas mia
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I know you are just showing off your squishies ;( fyi there are more people that has more squishies than u . Come on Aisyah . Be matured
im not showing off my squishies in any way,im just sharing it to my followers & I know that a lot of ppl OBVS has more than me.duh.maturity is a choice,age is just a number.
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U are so rude and mean ! If people buat fanpage for u , bukan nak kata thank you pon ! Haih i think tasha is better than u
lol just because of that you're saying that im mean and rude? judgemental much?
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160++?!?!:Osrsly?omg u look short in picture.XD
Hi aisyah :) mind telling me what brand was your bag in the picture of you at johor that u posted in insta? btw your cute and ily xx .
H&m and thank u boo love u too :)
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what is fml?
fuck my life
Weight & Height?
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People was just asking ._. Don't be rude
it was a joke chill
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do u like taking pictures with people who comes to your booth?
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hi aisha
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you're such a dumb fuck
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you can suck my asshole
I rather not
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What would you name your first child?
if it's a girl, I like the name Ariana Delilah or Aria or Mia.Sounds cute hehe but for a boy idk ahahhahaha
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how old are you
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pernah rokok?
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UPSR berapa 'A' ?
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Aisyah where's ur kimono from?
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typo. sometimes or always?
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Who is your supplier
U think im going to tell u? ha
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What is your favorite season?
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