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Who is the last person you bought a gift for?
aisyah, all the hatwrs tu jealous dengan u. yeah, ur cutiee, pretteh, smart (i think). just forget them or delete their question that they gave to you okay.. stay strong. that's life  Adibah ♡
Thank youuu :)
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stay strong aisyah. i dont know you but im sure you're kind. some ppl said you're arrogant bcuz they went to ur booth but you didnt even lyn them instead you're sitting on a stool playing w/ ur phone. they dont understand how tired are you. ignore em :) have a nice night i guess  sof
thank u :))
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Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?
hi aisyah, I really couldn't stand my feed being filled with your hate questions. but im just typing this to prove a point to those anons that being a dato's daughter, rich etc etc doesn't make you or anyone different from everybody else. youre still an average person; like I am & so is everyone els
Yes thank you
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anyway, bukan anak dato', not studying in cempaka, not living in dmasara doesnt mean that you aren't rich man. :-) sorry aisyah for my broken english :')
I never said I was rich?
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How much were your highwasted jeans? RM200?
I guess
ohmygod youre SO THIRSTY for everything. Do u think youre bethany mota? nak buat meet up and all. Not "stoping" social cam if you get 100 likes. Asking for birthday presents. Just imagine if there's 30 people who come to ur booth and give you pencil case. What are u gonna do with the other 29 ? -
I didn't ask for anything,I just said IF u want to and Thanks for watching my Socialcam vids tho :) I didn't want to do any MEETUPS? they asked for it..and Those pencilboxes you said,I didn't received 3 of it and I can keep it.I can use it for some stuffs tho so what's wrong with you? what's up? what's yr point
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- throw it away? Common lah youre not american stop trying so hard. Ok youre rich, your dad is a a dato, you have haters and lovers, youre pretty, you live in dsara, youre studying at cempaka. That doesnt make u better ok aisyah. I am way older than u. I'm not jealous or anything -
c'mon* & age is just a number.You just stated There My life And I didn't say I was better at anything or anyone.if yr not jealous,why did u just stated that im rich,my dad is a dato,I have haters and lovers im pretty,I live in Damansara and im studying in cempaka.dude wake up,Yr wasting yr time here by telling yr opinions and shits.i don't need to hear that.keep it to yrself,U have yr own life and I have mine.
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I just want you to know stop trying so hard. Your vids can be viral and all the tweetfamous can bash you. What are u gonna do later? Cry? ask for ur 11/12/13 yo "fans" to help?? so sorry i'm just trying to help you. I am concern abt you and i kesian dkt you. If youre not gonna read this and ignore -
I don't think I need yr help :)
U wAt age?
What is 'idek' ?
I don't even know
Do you wear a bikini when swimming?
too fat 4 dat
Did imanopie ask you to come to her birthday?
I've a shop. And people just keep copying me. That's so irritating. And apparently they're trying to "snatch" all my customers. What should I do? :(
that's business life Man U just have to deal shits like that
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omg your 5''3' = 160 cm so tall!! loove you, youre so pretty and cute baby
thank u :)
what is your favourite food?
mushrooms :)
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what you addicted w/ don't care how much :-)
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honestly, surayya (your cousin tu) she rlly rlly looks like she copied you, i mean its f-ing obv with all the slime and prize and squishies and millions and all them she sells it in a cheaper price wth, she just 8 kan. its rlly annoying. shes taking advantage bcuz shes ur cousin (from my opinion la)  bat
yes That's 100% true
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Out of all the people in your family, who do you get along with the most ?
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Pap please
Pap please
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Are u in Singapore rn ? Wuish . Untung asyik holiday je
otw to go singapore
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gummy bears?
have u ever smoked
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