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Aisyah @Iwantfoodnow
Keep on Asking and Liking ♡
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People was just asking ._. Don't be rude
it was a joke chill
do u like taking pictures with people who comes to your booth?
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hi aisha
you're such a dumb fuck
you can suck my asshole
I rather not
What would you name your first child?
if it's a girl, I like the name Ariana Delilah or Aria or Mia.Sounds cute hehe but for a boy idk ahahhahaha
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how old are you
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pernah rokok?
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UPSR berapa 'A' ?
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Aisyah where's ur kimono from?
typo. sometimes or always?
Who is your supplier
U think im going to tell u? ha
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What is your favorite season?
Oi aisyah ckp malay boleh tak? Kau ni mcm nak belagak english konon.. Eee tolong la ckp malay.. Tolong la.. Terima kasih!!
Ya allah does it even matter what language do I speak
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Do u like me? I'm Shannon Phuah . Describe me coz I want to know. Don't worry. I'm a girl
barely talk to U so idk
will u do a booth with dazzlingshop
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I want food now tooooo
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aisyah u mcm tak rapat dgn inas je
yaa :((
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last dm with mom
"ma can U get me this? (sends pic) I'll pay u backxzz love u"
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will you do a booth with youngwildstore ?
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What did the last text message you sent say?
"yes please"
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are you an orphan?
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So u only care about popularity wow
i didn't fucking say that
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i suggest u deactivate your askfm acc
think bout it
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kau ni siapa aku tak kenal la
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