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u hate karen?
idk?? no??
Can I kik you instead of Whatsapp because I don't have Whatsapp ?? I want to ask about cod in JB!!!!!! Please I cried like OMG after you posted then I call my friend I can't talk properly my heart is like aaaaaa what!?
hahaha yesss
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where did u bought ur cases? the "lol" ones¿?
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tk ngaku dorang kakak kau ke? .__.
have ur sisters made u cry before
Not "sisters" but yea lots of time
Hai aisyah ily
hey ilyt
ok aisyah ok  Farah
ok farah ok
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Eee gedik
eee idc
Hahahahahhaha what
IM UR NO1 FAN PLS TALK TO ME !!!!!`````1111!!!!!  Farah
we meet everyday
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ade bae x
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Dh spe kak ain ? Your stepsister?
its more complicated than u think
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Kan ada stepmom ala yg kak ain tu kak farah
No they arent
Where did you bought your mermaid suit ?
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i dont have any!!
Your stepmother family member?
Pls tell me your family member
me my bro mum dad
How many brother do you have ?
Step mom
i have a step mum :o
Hii ♡♡♡  Itsfarah
First mom how many children ? Your mom how many children ?
first mum??
How many sibling do you have ?
Main siblings ?
What apps do you mostly use on your phone?
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and now you have three i5s? all yours?
no i mean like in a year i used 2/3 iphone5s
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