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Are you excited for your 10 000th answer? :-)
not really no
Do you think people like 5SOS because of their looks?
You are 160cm and fourteen? Isn't that short lol? I'm 12 and taller :) *im not bragging at all. All my friends are taller
yea okk
U selalu pergi Singapore . Lucky
business haha
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If you could have one superpower what would it be?
freeze the timeEe or go to the past or future
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why can't i meet you ? can you do booth at kerteh which is at kemaman ? pleaseee im begging you .. you are my totally number 1fan!!!! please :(((
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the cousin you said on twitter who kept copying you to sell things on a lower price isit surayya?
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Ship ( farah iman,alysha kyra,joyce,jaclyn,aisyah,iznaida,Zach,sean,safwan ) can be from diff. class too
malas la
Kenapa benci arena?
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can i be your babe?
have one already sozz
U jual online balik bcs tak habis stock kan. Banyak lagi kot. Lain kali jangan lah hope tinggi sangat orang akan datang booth u. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA bye peace out
not even funny btw
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What is exo-l ??
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aisyah, do you sleep with your rainbow loom ?
why were u crying in that pic u posted with ur sis??
Would you rather be a cat for eternity or live as a donut
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Wat is exo-l ??
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Anas farhan is your cousin's (sarah) bf kan.
is hakim ur half brother?
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how old r u
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Then who is anas farhan? You look so close wt him rite
u r 160cm ??? like srsly?
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do you watch gossip girls?or...carrie diaries?
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Where were u at the booth at 9pm sunday? I wanted to take a pic with u but u werent there :(
had to go home early!
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Who's your favourite character on Maze Runner? I like Newt tho!!!
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