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Aisyah do u know someone screencap a pic of u and your mom that u posted on insta with the caption " my mama // my ATM Machine " and he posted on twitter
no who?
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when are you boring?
everytime everyday
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asal tak nak gi her halowen party
hm idk :/ nahhhh
Apa yang you kasi dekat Farahgiraffe (dont know how to spell) for her birthday?
guinea pig ^.^
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aisyah. yasmin is ur bew bestie right?
uh who
:c  Farah
girl you rabun ke silau?
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friday sleep? tak pergi ke farahs halowen party
tak nak pergi
CUTE jE? aduh  Farah
very cute la
Do u like surayya for copying u ?
v annoying
thoughts on alysha kyra
thoughts on farah iman
would you like to punch surayya in the face or would you like me to go over there and give her a bish slap
not dat mean bro
What is your best feature?
do i even have one
do you love cat
cats r cute
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u pergi mecca dgn your mom and your dad je ke?
Are u in form2?
plans for fri sat sun
fri - sleep errday
sat & sun - work
lamanya tak on askfm tho
all of my questions are so stupid so nah
are you in year9
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Who is the last person you bought a gift for?
aisyah, all the hatwrs tu jealous dengan u. yeah, ur cutiee, pretteh, smart (i think). just forget them or delete their question that they gave to you okay.. stay strong. that's life  Adibah ♡
Thank youuu :)
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stay strong aisyah. i dont know you but im sure you're kind. some ppl said you're arrogant bcuz they went to ur booth but you didnt even lyn them instead you're sitting on a stool playing w/ ur phone. they dont understand how tired are you. ignore em :) have a nice night i guess  sof
thank u :))
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Do you prefer Instavideo or Vine?
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hi aisyah, I really couldn't stand my feed being filled with your hate questions. but im just typing this to prove a point to those anons that being a dato's daughter, rich etc etc doesn't make you or anyone different from everybody else. youre still an average person; like I am & so is everyone els
Yes thank you
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