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I really like you. You're everything anyone could ever want. Don't let anyone put you down or tell you different because you are truly perfect I wouldn't change a thing about you. You've got it all and whoever you end up with is the luckiest guy alive.
Aw thank yku
I love you
Guys, the only person that she sent nudes too was me, duh jk jk  Kasey
Did u send lee dech nudes?
No omg
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Leanne likes me  maxx
Ohh that's cold
hahah ik
Who are you texting rn?
not youu(:
But I'm gonna get off ask bc I don't want to be an annoying anon that comes on accusing you of liking someone lol
Hahah ight
Yes you do ;)
No I don't.
You're lying you like someone!
No I don't?
What guy at nams do you think cares about you the most?
Do you like anyone?
What guy do you enjoy talking to the most
Who is the nicest guy in 8th grade at nams
there are a couple really nice ppl
Marty but he's not on your list anyway bc he likes boys
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Who is the best looking guy at nams?
Top 10 guys on lafarge
Who all is on lafarge but Adam D
Top 10 guys on keystone
No order
Tyler L
Ethan W
Jake S
Donavan S
Jollian C
Tyler H
Idk who else
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Top 10 guy friends
No order
Kyle w
Aiden j
Andrew k
Julian c
Isaac t
Adam t
Mikey k
Tyler l
Ethan w
Griffin t
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Cute love story?
Pap of you rn
Who do you think is cute?
Top 10 guy friends on lehigh
No order
Andrew k
Aiden j
Matt t
Kyle w
Julian c
Zach a
Ryan I
Isaac t
I'm probs missing people
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Marty a?
who's that?
Griffen t?
*griffin & a really good friend and gives amazing advice. He's so funny love him