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You a virgin?
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WhAt are u asking for for Christmas
idk yet
tbh i love youuuu rate 10  troy ziegler
love you more 💕 thank yaaa
are you still dating drew
Opinion on Aaron Marth
my mom taught me that if i don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all
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Marty had sex?
no? & why are you asking me lolol
Well she's always ignoring my texts
It sucks because there's this one girl who liked me and I liked her too and she's giving up on me and I don't know why
ask her
Because girls like you then when you like them they give up on you for whatever reason.
oh okay
I feel like 9th grade drama is more complex than 8th grade drama
how come
why aren't you going
I feel like it's an upperclassmen thing& not a lot of people in my grade are going
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are you going to homecoming
Every vape?
Are you going to homecoming with anyone?
Who do you like
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tbh your bae  troy ziegler
Are you an early bird or a night owl?
night owl
Pap of all the makeup you use?
Pap of all the makeup you use?
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Where is the game
Do you smile at strangers? Why or why not?
Are you going to the game friday?
Courtney and Marty had sex
summer bikini pap?
What's your favorite song from drakes new album
What's your favorite song from drakes new album
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How's nick
nicks fab