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tbh youre the best thing thats ever happened to me  mia
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I want to know who you like because I like you and I wanna see who's the lucky guy . because it's definitely not me.
who are you
Top 3 hottest guys in 10th
u x3
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who do you like
Your really cute rate 10
tbh we don't talk anymore but I miss you so much!
miss you too girl
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Tbh I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me, you're so gorgeous and we need to hang soon  nikki :)
love you💘& thank you & yess
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last person who texted you
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Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?
Are you alive?
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Are you allergic to anything?
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Do tbhs
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PAP of your spirit animal?
PAP of your spirit animal?
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Damn you're pretty cute  Nick
thank u (:
Hey whats up
I love how you block me
go the hell away.
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Obviously since I have your number shouldn't I just text you.
go for it
As I was going to say that will remain anonymous until I get cleared by my attorney to do so.
Of course you know me. Really that was my friends phone. It wasn't my phone.
tell me then
So am I right or am I wrong. That your going to idc if I tell you my name.
no I wanna know. do I know you
Why does it matter you idc pretty much everything I type.
You know what fuck myself.
who are you
You can tell I'm trying to make you laugh that's why I used such a high vocie in the message. but you probably thought I was actually saying screw you am I right or am I right.
Yea my auto correct Is screw uo
I can tell