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Tbh: your so pretty text me sometime‎  Danielle Ivie
thank you & what's your number
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Tbh: you're an old friend‎  Marty Aster
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Rate: bms😍‎  Danielle Ivie
thank you!
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wyd rn?
tbh your cool and always there for me hmu soon i love you rate 10‎  troy ziegler
thanks lolol & love you too
Leeanne your nice your sweet your pretty . me myself and anyone would be lucky to have you
aw thanks
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Rate 9‎  Nick hudak
Where did you get your jean jacket and that tank top from???
the jacket is from Hollister& the tank top was from American eagle
Tbh you seem nice and your pretty text me sometime‎  Nick Herman
thank you & what's your number
What things should you never tell your parents?
these songs remind me of you 😅https://youtu.be/LjhCEhWiKXk https://youtu.be/QJO3ROT-A4E
thanks haha
Tbh your hot rate- really hot‎  Leah Dietrich
omg that means so much 😍
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Stomach pap
Tbh I'm glad we got over everything‎  Kev♨️
me too
just give them ur kik‎  e wuchter
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who is this
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Have you and Aiden ever hooked up?
nah we've only just been friends
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tbh dat cake🍑 ily Leanne rate 9‎  AidenJones
love u
Snap feed?
Snap feed?
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Text feed
Closest guy friends
to lazy
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how are you doing
I'm okay you