Leeanne Corson @IzzyCorson
Leeanne Corson @IzzyCorson
•everything is temporary•
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Your cute hbm ???¿?
or naw
R they still friends
Why do you let Marty hold your phone? He goes on it
cuz I don't feel like holding it sometimes& I let a lot of people go on my phone
What about him and kenzie
they broke up lol
Do you have a thing with marty
nah just friends
Y is Marty you little buddy
cuz he is
You and Julian are best friends on snap lol
okay and?
When are you gonna do the TBHs?
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Did julian show you his abs today
Are you going to school tomorrow?
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Wouldn't be the first time you sent him pics
lol at the fact that I've never sent anyone anything
Likers get a tbh. AND DO THEM.
Likers get a tbh. AND DO THEM.
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You probably sent Julian nudes
lol totally
What is your dream job?
no clue
Julian who?
Last person you snapchatted?
Brynne R?
she's perf and so funny we legit think the exact same
Taylor D?
love&miss her she's perfect
Do u and Ethan have a thing
Abby P?
perf and so funny
Courtney C
she makes me want to jump off a cliff
Maddie W
love her and im always here for her
Marty A
my little buddy
Kyle W