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Leeanne Corson @IzzyCorson
Leeanne Corson @IzzyCorson
•everything is temporary•
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Hold on I'm pretty sure you guys are she talks to Logan D and text him right. Right well why don't you go to the pictures of her messages on ask smart ass so back the fuck off you little anon prick.  Jollian Chatih
thank you
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I would because you talk all the time so shut up I know you talk to him and you text him. I hacked hi phone so ik who he texts
whatdamn the stupidity of people is unbelievable.
Bye the way I see you doing it all the time. I'm not blind honey.
I barely talk in my classes so jokes on you. don't know why you would be watching every word that comes out of my mouth anyway.
yea I see doing it all the time BTW I'm not being I can see
oh honey grammar isn't your thing obviously. come back to me when your sentences make sense.
even Logan D you sit next to in almost ever class ik BC I'm in some of them but not all
do I talk to him?¿
yea you do a lot of them like Spencer w um tanner b chase b Logan D Zach r
I barely talk to any of those peoplebesides chase& zach
rednecks hicks or country boys you know
oh I try not to associate w/ ppl like tht
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What was the last great thing you read?
What was the last great thing you read?
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hicks you know
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But you did laugh so it doesn't matter
I know right❤️
yeah I almost forgot to laugh
ur so funny
Which word do you want everyone to stop using?
Do you hate Joey too everyone does haha
no I love Joey
Lol you have the worst luck.
I know 
How's marty?
how the hell would I know? I don't even talk to him
Text feed?
Text feed?
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tbh / your so pretty and your so nice and funny.  adrianna
thank you
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Do you have a coke everyday or something?
I do
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What are you addicted to?
coke lol
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What will you never do?
cheat 
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Last book you read?
Last book you read?
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Are you a good liar?
hell no
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What YouTube video made you laugh recently?
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