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Leeanne Corson @IzzyCorson
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yeah um hb no(:
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Marty Aster?
Liar ❤️❤️
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Likers get a tbh
If this gets any likes
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followed u
o cool
what's ur instagram??
Why fruit
Well the person is sad so if you give them like chocolate or something they will get fat so then they will be upset about that. So fruit is the way to go(:
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What's the best comfort food?
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Top 4 guys in 7th
Tyrese b
Joey T
That's all I got
Maddie Watson
hi bby
Kasey zelinka?
love love love love her! She's so perfect and I'm always here
Ethan Wuchter?
love him so much bestfriend
Did Marty give you a hickey?
no haha
Text feed?
Text feed?
Stop being such a drama queens Marty never cheated on you.
omfg get off my ask you stupid anon
Do you still like Marty?
Who do you like?
no one
Are you ugly: No Are you cute: Yes Would I kiss you: Yes Would I date you: Yes Are you a stranger: No Are you a friend: Yes Did I lie on any of these: No  Nick Hudak
Thank youu
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If someone cheats on you they do not love you, remember that. If someone cheats on they do not care as much as they say they do. I hope you don't go back to him because you are worth more then that.
omg ilysm thank you❤️
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What makes life worth living?
What makes life worth living?
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Didn't you do some of Julian's hmw last year? Wanna do mine?
Yeah I did lol& no
You have a smoking body
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Who do you like?
No one
Julian told me you sent him ass pics
No I didn't.
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Did Julian c finger you?
wtf no?
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Old mirror selfie?
Old mirror selfie?
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