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Do you like anyone?
Pap of Lockscreen
Pap of Lockscreen
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If you could have one superpower what would it be?
bring back good memories and re-live them
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Pap of homescreen
Pap of homescreen
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Kik feed?
Joey T?
aw I love my little Joey
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What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
What's on the top of your birthday wish list?
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True love lasts forever.
What your point?
Tbh-your so nice and gorgeous love ya girly!  Taylor DiProperzio
Thank you tay love u
Put them in order
9th grade honey
They are in 9th grade..
Top 5 boys in 9th grade
No order
Ethan H
Ryan M
Joe S
Jordan S
That's all I talk to
Top people in 9th grade
Girl or boy?
Top 3 people in 7th
My list is below
text me  Ethan
it's all for attention buddy trust me  Ethan
what is ?
you should write a heart and a star on your wrist tomorrow for maddy. to support her through everything she in right now. we all know its super tough to
Which was the funniest proposal you got?
Which was the funniest proposal you got?
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Dude why can't most people forgive that easily heck if I talk to someone and say something mean they never txt me but wow u r very forgiving but that's good!  Joseph_Tiwold
I haven't fully forgave him. But why dwell on something you can't change? It's gonna hurt you the most in the long run. Plus I'm 13 I have a lot more that's gonna hurt me in life.
Are u okay
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Paragraph on what you think about marty, what happened between you two.
uh Idrk. Ha you are on my ask so you clearly know what happened and I'm not gonna explain that. If you really want to know you can text me. But to me Marty is just a friend. I think it's best for me to move on because personally I don't think it's fair to me. Go ahead and say I'm self centered or I just think about myself but no. I think it's best for me. You can disagree with me. I still care about him. But honestly if he truly never wanted to hurt me then he wouldn't have done what he did. Marty has helped me through a lot. I could never thank him enough for that. I just hope he finds another girl and treats her with all the respect and loyalty in the world. I hope he learned from his mistakes and becomes a better person.
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YOU DRINK :|  Ethan
Do you honestly like Marty? Be 100% honest.
I'm being 100% honest, I do not like him anymore.
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Fav 7th graders?
Tyrese B, Joey T, Jarred R, Collin C
Kripa D, Kayla B,
I'm probably missing one or two people
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