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Leeanne Corson @IzzyCorson
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I just want to say, you are perfect the way you are. I see how some people treat you on here and it's comeplete crazy. People don't realize how a great, wonderful and amazig person you are and how awesome and fun you are to be with. I hope I made your day. And if ur wondering, u do know me :)
aw thank you! &Yes you did make my day better 
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My list below is basically it
Top 10 on lehigh
Girls or boys?
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Top 5 boys on lehigh
No order
Julian C
Aaron M
Andrew K
Aiden J
Zach A
Matt T
Isaac T
I'm missing people probs
What was the worst age you’ve had so far?
 text me?  Aaron Marth
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You for got me :(  Aaron Marth
And of course Aaron M❤️❤️❤️❤️
Top 5 boys in 7
No order
Tyrese B
Joey T
Collin C
Jarred R
That's pretty much all I know I'm pretty sure
On Lehigh?
Top 5 on Lehigh?
Girls or boy
I thought we are going to formal together!!  Madison Watson
Nah abby
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Top 5 guy friends?
Umm no order
Ethan W
Joey T
Owen B
Adam D
Tyler L
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Prettiest girls on Lehigh
Not in any order
Courtney C
Taylor D
That's all I know
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Prettiest girls on lafarge
Not in any order
Natalie W
Nikki S
Haley G
Summer A
That's all I know so far
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Prittiest girls on your team?
No order:
Kasey Z
Abby P
Korina Z
Valencia M
Maddie W
Jayla A
That's all I know so far
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Do you wear a watch?
Did you get in trouble today?
yeah once for talking
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Who are you going to formal with?
dude it's the first day of school. im going with myself 
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You walked past me today but I don't thing you recognized me
lol I'm sorry say hi to me thenn
Do you like your team?
It's alright idk it's the first day. I miss my 7th grade team tho
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How was your day?
long& boring felt like I was gonna throw up half the day ha hbu
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Text feed?
Text feed?
You are so hot omg
lolol thanks
Ever go to bed hungry?