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If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who would it be?
That's a horrible question
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Do u h8 your ex bf?
Best hair year 11 & 12
Boys try 2 hard
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I don't think he meant to hurt u in anyway , I know he has a big mouth and says stuff which shouldn't even been said ,and he knows that but he means well and I'm sure you know that for yourself. I'm not on his or your side
There's not really sides, I dumped him ages ago lol its not war
Do u hate him then ?
What did you have for breakfast this morning?
water idk
Do you have official Ask.fm app for Android?
wtf is Android
Do you already have Ask.fm app for iPhone?
Hottest year 12's?
they're all beautiful :) XxxXxx x x
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Opinion of keano
don't really have one, I don't really care about him
happy 9/11!!!!!
fashionably late 10/6
What shoes did you wear today?
Flip flops at the beach and converse at nighttt
WHAT'S SARCY? i like it, but i feel offended?
Sarcasm hahah;) don't be offended woman!!
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i don't know why people keep saying my iceskating skills are good, it's really confusing? are you all just sarcastic? what is life? oh dear ...  kyra
I'm being sarcy;) ahahaha oh kyra..
Is Keano in France yet?
thoughts on moi  kyra
Fav yr9 well 10;) LAV UUU
U so funny girllll
And you're sick at ice skating ;)))
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you've been flirting with so many people at fance!!!
Good for you!!!
Hottest people at france ?
Hhaha they're all mongs;)
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Whom have you hugged today?
Hottest year 11's?
Keano Tiago kalib josh um idk Duncan
Are you scared of the dark?
Keanos got a big cock it's going to hurt ;)
Good 4 u
thoughts on bb n charlie
The game is on they better watch out...
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What’s your motto?
Doesn't matter how hard you get knocked down, what matters is how hard you can get knocked down and still stand up
live everyday like its your last
And don't look at where you fall, look at where you slipped.
~my gay mottos for life :) x x
Do you like somebody at hockey more than a friend?
Nah I like the boys from hockey but I don't see any of them in that way cause I have a bf
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