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JACK MANNIX @jackmannix
RSS answers
Did you know people get Ebola from eating monkeys? If you went to west Africa would u eat monkey?
i don't think i would eat a monkey anywhere.
If you had $5 left in your pocket what would you spend it on?
If you had $5 left in your pocket what would you spend it on?
NRL players have a reputation for gang bangs, pissing in their mouths and shitting in hotel lobby's and falling asleep next to it. Is this pent up homo rage? Do they just want a good ol ass fuck and reach around to soothe their souls? Or are they disturbed.
how would i know?
you're lovely
i know
why don't you drink? everyone drinks #teamaustralia
i do drink, just not as much as i used to
i feel like it is my dream to be photographed by you but feel too uncool
aw thats sweet - of course yr cool enough! just email me - fakedrugs at gmail dot com
How many "straight" guys have you hooked up with, and why do you think so many "straight" guys are having gay encounters in this day and age.
2 many 2 count
any plans to go to uni or full time work?
this is a full time job
Send me dick pics again?
lol yr gonna have 2 b more specific than that
I've jerked it to pics of u twice today ;)
HOT/CREEPY (depending who u r)
What jobs, beside sucking cock and taking photos, have you done. As in jobs where you get taxed and r basically working for the man.
LOL fuck the man
If u were straight would u fuck Ang?
if she wanted to
Have u cum by massaging the prostate? How does this differ from normal cuming?
no i haven't, but love that you assumed i had.
Please explain in 5 words or less how you cope with being so incredibly beautiful?
one day at a time
Hi Jack. I've loved your work since Kiosk, and everything since. I have always been curious: what was your view of Sydney as a 15-16 year old? Did it seem weird and foreign, or familiar? What did you wonder about re: Sydney? What did the city mean to you?
it was familiar in that i grew up in sydney, but it was also weird and foreign because i was living out of home for the first time, so it was exciting and seductive but pretty scary too sometimes. its like the closest thing i have to a home now i guess. i love it and i hate it.
WTF is wrong with you :D ? look hahahah!  #hereiamandiwliinotrun
What happened to that flokati rug I swapped you?
haha woah i think i ended up wearing it out til it was threadbare then chucked it! blast from the past!
if theres one thing left to say, what would it be?
I think you're an amazing and inspiring person <3 keep doing what you do :)
thanks so much for all the kindness - i'm feeling kinda sick rn so cheers. there's so much hate on the internet
not a question but that evening that i drank too much rum and you and i smoked some spliffs then met that couple near the Riley St steps was dope to the Nth degree. <3
hey felix - stay cool B)
can i buy ur meth off u. ill pay gud money
i don't use/have any 'meth' - if you mean my methadone then hell no! i need that shit.
what is your fondest memory of last winter?
i forget
first liker gets 2 likes plz :) ?
1 person likes this
What would your dream house be like?
What would your dream house be like?
Do you like to spend your free time alone or in company?
mostly alone