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seeing as father's day has just been and gone I was wondering about your relationship with yours? Does he accept your lifestyle and your art? I wonder if he's been an influence (for better or worse use of that word) on your writing, which I've read and loved. Is he trans/gay/queer at all in common w
neither. RIP SID.
what are you reading right now?
old questions
Is there anywhere I could find more of your writing online apart from the blog?
you're reading it! the blog will be updated soon, been writing a lot but not sharing it yet. soon enough.
You're an inspiration :) Keep being beautiful
thanks, so are you.
do you still see/get offered H?
not right now because i have had to cut out those people and elements from my life. but i was getting phone calls and messages only months ago from people i haven't seen in years - its a fucker. now i have a new phone and all new numbers so i just avoid unknowns.
I'm thinking myself of taking the same route to recovery as you, and it's provided me with some hope. Could you tell me abit about your personal experience with methadone and how/if it compares to H. What dosage you use and how you eventually taper off it? You're a strong person, respect xx
when it comes to things like dosage and tapering, that's entirely personal and something i am yet to fuck with too much this time around, as i wanna do it right and only once more, even if it means taking a couple years. methadone, unlike bupe, was able to fully satisfy my opiate receptors/'cravings' once i got to the right dose for me and my circumstances/habit. it is a full agonist, so if you take enough you will not hang out or crave at all. it is also much longer acting and so instead of needing it every 6-8 hours (heroin) you need it every 24-36 hours. the withdrawals are also longer lasting i believe but that's why you set up a plan with your doctor based on your needs and wants and take it slow. residential rehab has helped many people i know but it is not the only option.
haha maybe. glad i got it back but there are others i've lost.
do you get more or less attention from str8 guys as a trans?
as much, different guys.
some cunt of monster
just saw that anvil documentary - sick band, good story.
have you ever raped?
When is the Drown Under vinyl being sent out?
waiting on the vinyl to get back to AUS - there's been huge delays, and we apologise. we will be including free gifts with each 7" to make up for the wait. having covers printed so everything is ready when the vinyl arrives!
you've got major bong rot of the brain
are you back on the smack or wat m8? answer your fanz
get back on your free advertisment
define 'free'
لماذا في العالم من شأنه أن يحدث حتى يتسنى لك أن تصبح مثل أن تتأتى أبد
Why in the world would happen so that you will become like that come Forever? (translation from google) - sorry i don't understand.
It seems like you get a lot of nasty message on here, so I thought I would send a nice one. I recently lost a friend to heroin addiction, so the fact you have kicked the habit is an immense effort. You seem like a really nice, honest person, who has a large amount of awful things to contend with.
thanks, i honestly appreciate this - i'm only in the early stages of my recovery, being that i am still on pharmacotherapy, but i appreciate the acknowledgement of the gravity any step in that direction carries, and appreciate just how 'impossible' it feels in addiction, so thanks for the love. i am so sorry to hear about your friend, i hope you and their loved ones find peace - and if you ever have any questions i can maybe help with feel free to get in touch.
do you and alex still fool around? is he trans-friendly?
we definitely do not, i barely see him these days, and even when i lived in melbourne would not see him that often. he is trans-friendly but we haven't really discussed it in depth.
chuggar daddy
are you gay
in a way.
I was not going to do this
well done
can you play guitar well?
not very.
Come and live in Victoria, it needs you as much as you need it.
maybe when i'm older.