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What was the worst age you’ve had so far?

I would say the Ice Age, man was that cold

Do you always smile for pictures?


you da bae bae is life life is god god is awesome awesome is you

Anon u the real MVP <3

Do you talk to yourself?

Dont answer this question they'll think u r crazy if u say yes

What makes a person rich?


jared how long is your dick? be honest brah

Roll tide!

If not now, then when?

It already happened

What does true friendship mean to you?

Means everything to me

What's on your summer reading list?

I'm forced by my AP
Classes to read, "1491" and "the invisible man"

What's the best dating advice you have?

Pay her after never before

How would the world be different if everybody was vegetarian?

we'd b a lot healthier

Which is your song of the week?

Word crimes by weird al

On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?

e, not the letter e the number e

How would you describe your perfect sandwich?

Corn beef lettuce onion pickle and some potato latke in it on challah, now bitch enough with the ask.fm questions and make my sandwich

How does society brainwash the youth?

Hoes ain't loyal

Who will be the next person you will kiss?

ur mother in bed tonight oooooo

Why do zombies attack?

I like turtles

What is your relationship status?


He'd cost at least £40 mil

Since it's Monaco and James awesome World Cup run it's probs 60 now

Haha good luck with that

Monaco won't let him go now

What good idea you have had lately?

That Liverpool should pursue James Rodriguez

How many times a day do you look at yourself in the mirror?


What do you do to let others know you love them?

Are you a city or a nature person?

City when I'm with friends

What makes you really sleepy?

These boring Ass questions


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