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Is it bad that I want to fuck my boyfriends 49 year old dad??

Of course not, go for it (;

do the people in your school know that youre plasticbieber?


I want to get with an older guy do you have any tips to get into his pants?

Get his number and when your really horny, call him! He'll love it.

whats sex with your cousin like? im horny...

Amazing, specially if he has a big dick.

My guyfriend wants to hook up with you do you have a way he could talk to you privatly he is staying over at my house with my brother.

I'm too loyal to Justin, I can't cheat on my babe. xoxo

You know there's a special place in HELL for BITCHES like you

Really? Does it have diamonds, with pink dogs, Justin and directioners who are forced to work as slaves? <3

Where do you live?

In the world.

twitter is boring without you

I know, right!

How can I become famous like you? I don't get why everyone hates on you!!! People need to get a sense of humor! Ugh such peasants!xx

Just #believe <3

oMFG U FUCKING SUCK AND btw im a celeb and were startung a campaign to ban u id give u my twitter but ur horny ass s too ugly dont believe me? check ur own twitter figure it out then go hang urself

Lmao, too funny!

Do you have a heart, or is it just a black hole filled with hate?

I have a heart, it's filled with diamonds and ruby's but of course you wouldn't know what those jewels are.

are you white

Of course!

Google danisnotonfire and tell me if he is attractive.


Ok, so I actually think you're funny because I know your tweets are just your opinions so why do people take everything so seriously?

Thank's doll! Some people just don't know how to have a sense of humor.

hey loser you know my cousin had sex with justin

She must be gorgeous!

no one likes you or ur religion

I love how you think I care. *Hair flips*

Your patheic

And yet, your on my ask account (;

How do you feel about cute british people?

It depends on the person.

tbh the are all ugly and need vocal lessons and they are fucked up like seriously

I don't sing or ever try to, my talent is being perfect <3

what is your problem,?

I'm young, i'm beautiful and rich. I don't believe I have a problem, xoxo <3

What would you do if you were born with a Directioner sister?

I'd kill her.

ur fab xoxoxo

Thanks doll! xoxo

you're not plasticbieber. she tweeted that all other accs pretending to be her AREn'T, apart from @plasticbieber

Stay up to date, when Louis got my account deleted a directioner took my username. Of course they weren't going to want me to come back! For a directioner, you're really ignorant when it comes to your own fanbase.

u dont deserve to be a muslim i would have commited suicide if i knew you were musilim

*Waits to see her commit suicide*

why do you have to be so mean

More like, why not?


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