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What girls looked good at Amis?
Matt spong
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You don't give direct answers do you lol
Nah man hahaha
Blondes or brunettes?
You gonna pull
I'm just going for a good nigh with the boys
Are you going katies
Yeah boy
Your questions bore me
Talking to anyone?
Nah I just sign
Anyone you like?
Your boring
Hahahaha fuck u
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Fav 5 girls
Go on, there must be some who are prettier than others
Nope... Why so curious?
It's not favorites, just who do you think are the prettiest?
They're all on par
Top 5 out of those girls?
I don't have favourites ✌️
out of these? Honor smith, Sophie peirson, Katie Lewis, Lauren Andrews, madi brown, Beth page, izzy dick, Lauren Johnson, blossom bond, Sophie lane, Amy Compton, Robyn langsworthy, Kiera salmon
All pretty :)
I know what you're thinking... What a cutie
5 pretty girls year 11?
Hmm... Name some?
Don't really know you but seem lovely and good looking xxx  Amy Compton
Lick it lick it lick it good
Okay then...
I want to lick your gooch
That's cool...
Show us your underwear drawer
How about no?
Update your profile picture to a more sexy one
Hahahahahahahahahaa no.
Is James Hanton gay, as he asking boys to message him on snapchat for a blowjob
I don't know.. Why don't you ask him?
Toilet selfie
I'll pass
you sure?
u may not be gay/bi, but wanna experiment? ;)