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I'll take that as a strong 10;)  ChloeHuxster♡
You can take it however you want to;)
1;)  ChloeHuxster♡
Oi!;) haha
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Likerrs get looks?!?
Sure why not
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What's ur snapchat name?
Post a picture of hair that has grown since going through puberty
Post a picture of hair that has grown since going through puberty
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No you can't you have to be honest until 00:45
Nah I give up
Post a topless photo of your self and be honest
Can I cancel this honesty hour or....
Honesty hour
Snapchat name
You're starting to really piss me off
Post the link to the last porno you have watched
You are so sad
Post the nudist photo that is on your phone
Oh my god
Where do you buy your underwear from
Fuck off, you're not funny. I'm fed up getting bullshit questions. Go do something better in your life rather then ask people stupid shit on here.
Post a picture of yourself shirtless
Nah mate
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Take a photo from of your whole body
Nah mate
Anyone wanna get laid with me
Rate these people hot or not: Lauren Keller Millie Wood Indi Minter Katya Hanson Bernadine Valdez Becky Mottram Sharni Paterson Holly Hands Charlotte Sarson
Yeah, they're alright :)
Oh I was asking cause i wasn't sure if Kimberly was getting fingered or Steven was given a handjob
I have no idea what you are talking about. And to put it bluntly - I really don't care.
Well did you watch it last night
Do you watch big brother
Not really, why?
Picture of your favourite outfit
No, fuck off.
The last porno you watched
Honestly fuck off with these shitty questions...
Bollock selfie
Selfie in bed
Picture of you right now