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Sparkyu Jackie @Jackie1806
I’m Genie for Your Wish~☆
RSS answers
Post a pic of your favorite shoes?
And I have another one ..all black :') ... but it is kinda dirty so ... I post this one xD
Post a pic of your favorite shoes?
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How would you describe your perfect sandwich?
Chicken , lettuce & mayonnaise *drooling*
Can TV make us stupid?
sorry for the late reply Jackie sanawya ba2a w keda aha m3l4 3amla eh fe el kolya sa7ee7? jackie san 3ala el face asdek?  Sarah Abdulaziz
Snwyaa zft .. tmnini 3leki .. 3mlty eh bzat fel eng elv3'reeb dah? XD
Ana tmam fel kolyaa el7
Yup kan asdy jackie san :D
Jackieeeee how are you !! i really miss you baby Msh la2ya 7d a2l4 3aliih :-\  Eman Elhussein
2a2lshi m3 a5okii ana maliiiii ana 7ram 3leeeki hhhhhhhhh
Alshk dah modr el s7aaaa xD dah msh alsh tbi3iii 7ram 3leki hhhhh
Bs w7shani 2wiiii :* ♥
jakieeeee msh el account el adim bta3k leh? :(
acc el face? hoa msh adim bl 3ks hoa agdad mn el acc eli ana active 3leh dlw2ty bs m3ndeesh w2t ab2a on 3ala el 2 ...
ana ktba keda 3al profile we 7ta link el acc el tany hnak ^^ ... add me ^^ ♥
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mawgoda? :D
we on shbh kol yom
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msh bt3mli designs tany 5las?? I miss your works....
you mean suju ps edits? nfsy bs m3ndeesh w2t :(
7ta el tumblr msh bft7o kter ><
bs 3mlt new vd ...
check it out ^^
Hope you like it :D
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heeey JACKIE long time no see :)  Sarah Abdulaziz
heeeey , yeah long time so see :( w7shaniii ♥♥
m3ndeesh w2t aft7 el ask bsbab om el kolyaaa xD
enty 3ndy 3al acc el tany "jackie san"?
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What's something that you would never wear?
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like = like 3la l egaba elly t3gbk ? :D
meen tah?
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hhhhhhhhhhhh gdn gdn  ʚ NaNa ɞ
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Daymn y bbte :* hhhhhhhhhhhhh ah ya5tee w da sabab korhe ll bard l mafrood yb2a 3ndo dam w yegy fl agaza xD  ʚ NaNa ɞ
bard aleel el adb hhhhhh XD
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Hhhhhhhhhhhhh ah l etneeen :( l mo4kla l bard m4 byzeed 'la wana a3da f dars -_- ,, allah ysalmk y bbte :* 3mla eh 2day ?  ʚ NaNa ɞ
aaah 7slt m3aya abl keda fe drs we kont nsya el mnadeel hhhhhhhhh ayam soda XD
ana el7 a7sn kteer ^^ ♥
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Salamtk y bbte :* 'na 3ndyy nafs zaat l bard w congestal allah ykrmoo d msh dawa d monawm xDD w bt3zb ana w sanawya 3ama ahu :D  ʚ NaNa ɞ
ya 3eny brd we snwya XD XD
slmtk A noo :* ♥
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ask me + likes pleasse :'(  شهد .
done ^^
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If your life were a movie, what would be the title?
Only If I could date myself....
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tab3teek "$  ماشلوما :(
thankyu :* ♥
we have got an ELF here :D *follow back* ^^
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wa74aaaani aktaaar y zaftoootiiiii w rabnaaa <33333 3mla eh y bntyy ? :*  ʚ NaNa ɞ
3ndy brd katel -_-
we msh bt7rk mn el bet fe msh b3ml 7aga we zh2ana :(
WAU? ♥
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followed ♥  ʚ NaNa ɞ
thanks :* ♥
followed back :D ..w7shani ^_^
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Do you like high heels?
yes but cant walk in it for too long :(
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Would you rather visit a zoo or an art museum?
zoooooooooooooooo .... love playing with monkeys :3
Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
nah :\ .. not always!
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Are you wearing socks right now? Post a picture.
Are you wearing socks right now? Post a picture.
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فلينفجر القلب بلحظة ذل : تعال ، اني أكره كل ما فيك ، وأحبك ، أحبك ، أحبك .
msh fahma :D
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