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Boy best friends?
Frankie, John, Teague, Ryan, Evan and Bryan
R u and ur brother twins?
cute pro pic && background
what's the oldest you would date a guy?
uhh idk 15?¿ don't rip on me about that it's most likely not gonna happen
Follow @ http://instagram.com/genneyawalton She's perf jus like u
aww thankss and i will she's pretty
i literally saw both of those combinations but the funny thing is: that dress came in both of those colors... so idek
Do you watch vines?
not reallyy
What Caribbean part are u ( if that even makes sense) U look Like ur on the Jamaican side but I could be wrong
maybe irdk hahaa
yeahhh haha
When's ur b-day''
March 12, party is gonna be litttt..... if i even have a party
What does Caribbean mean?
i'm not sure but my mom just told me i was so
Friends that U miss?
soooo much i'm sorry
Advice for 6th graders???
lol 6th grade sucks! i'm honestly so happy that it's over. I was literally the ugliest person on the planet.... but just .... idk just dont get involved in tons of drama
Do you wear socks in bed?
depends on how cold the house is
What are you mixed with?
Cherokee Native American, Irish, German, African American and Caribbean
What r u doing for Your birthday ?
i'm not so sure yet hahaa
tb don't rea;;y know you but still rate-8  Nick Stoddard
lol thankss
Which famous person have you met or been close to?
no one lol
Are Your family mixed??
yeah haha
Ur birthdaaaaaaayyyy is coming up I want u to turn up!!!!!!!!!! Ur becoming a teenager<3
i knowwwww, yesss!!! :)
do you think manuel is cute?? ahah
lol sure
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PHOTO CHALLENGE: Take a photo with your grandma,where she grabbing you by your shirt.  challenges
uh nuh
What's the thing you say the most?
lol or oh heck to the no
Do you have a Xbox
my brother does