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is Anna grounded
um idk why
what's Anna s's ask
uhh i forget
Is love complicated? Why?
Of course
I don't even
Post a picture of your favorite outfit!
ide have one
Oh :( well don't give up so fast! Maybe you just need to give it a few more tries. Did you get any close to making it come outie?
not reallyyy
Lol mine is a way deep innie too.. just give it a try! you might be surprised with a new wwird talent
it's not workinggggg
Lol it is weird but not painful at all! i'll try to explain it. take two fingers from each hand and place around the edges of the belly button just a little bit inside. press down and start to roll it inside out so the very middle will come out! might take a few tries to get it outie i guess
omg thats sooo weird! but i'm wayyy too innie to even like... think that that would work
lol well it's a weird talent i guess.. It's actually not that hard if you know how, i can probably even try to explain how to do this! You might be able to do it too.
idk it seems weird and painful lmao
lol cool that you tried! i can actually do this. got an innie but can also turn it inside out to make it an outie and push it back in to innie..haha as weird as that sounds.. you don't know anyone who can do this?
i think my brother can do it, lol idk
1st liker gets 15 likes rest get 1 plz
sure, no ones gonna like it but you lmao
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can you flip it out to make it an outie? haha did you ever try?
i can'ttt it's really hard
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do you have an innie or an outie belly button?
innie lol
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Do u like brownies?
yeah they're my favs
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what did you do yesterday?
went to nanuet with my grandma and cousin
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Last person you argued with?
uhh. my dad
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What's your currently favorite show on TV?
love & hip hop idk
What's your favorite day of the week?
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What was the last song you sang out loud to?
Omggg emojisss­čśŤ
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It's Saturday! What are you doing today?
Chillin w/ anna
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Fave artist?
I realllyyy like Christina Aguilera
Fave songs of the week?
uhhh i don't have any at the moment
Do you watch reality tv shows?
What would you rather be in? Ballet Gymnastics Dance Basketball
How many pets do you have?