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Kennedy Speranza?  Alexia Raye
Are you obsessed? But she's gorgeous super nice and we need to talk more
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lol ya know ya little bitch friend isabella annoyin the shhhh outta me. You friends with Kennedy?  Alexia Raye
You're being a piece of "shhhh" to my friends so stop
Favorite show??
Favorite songgggg??
Latch by Discloser and Sam Smith
Do you like Zoe Hendlin
That was me  Monal Daterao
Jaelyn who is the person that keeps saying I don't like u much?
Idkk but it keeps on happening and its getting on my nerve
Jaelynnnnnn just saw THATT thanksss ILYSFMMMM
Alysianna? - just saying I dont like her much
my bestie 'til the enddd❤️
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Rachel? - just saying I dont like her much
Soooo soso nice and i love her
Zoe? - just saying I dont like her much
Kyra? - just saying I dont like her much
Omg my little big sis. I love herrr
Ava? - just saying I dont like her much
My bestfriend and i love her. ❤️
Isabella? - just saying I dont like her much
Omigod. I love herrr.❤️stop with the i dont like her much thing.
Like 20 = 40 back  Rina
Thats not gonna happen
Hows maryland
Im not there anymore but it was fun and I miss it
Monal? -just saying I dont like her much
lol. Wow. I Freakin Love her to death!!! Shes soooo nice its crazy and shes super funny and shes gorgeous. You should like her. I bet you dont even know her. And why are YOU asking her name?? Shes a sister to me and i always have her back. So just stahp. Love you girlly
How much of a shopper are you?
What do you think about Star, Isabella, Ava, and Kyra??
I love them alott.❤️
I live in MD what part do u livee in?????
No I don't live there anymore haha
Waitttttt r u still in Maryland??? Imu sooooo muchhhhhhhhh
lol no but awwh ;) ❤️
What sound drives you crazy?
Styrofoam . Ugh ew
Did you hangout with isabella and Ava over break?
No I went to Maryland w/ my fam
wanna do skype sex?
Hellll naw.