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Will u be going to Shs next year?
suffern high school, yeah
Fav song at the moment ?
U are soooo PRETTY UGHHHH!!!!!
awwww thanks so much!!
Are you generally a more optimistic or pessimistic person?
How does it feel being mixed?
idk lol good i guess
It's Ramapo high school!!
ohh lol yeah i think she worked there
Lol I know your mom she used to work at RHS right??
lol what's RHS
We're your parents teachers before?
well my moms been a guidance councilor
It's the wrong name
woops sorry, i re-answered it
I wanna see your toes
no who r u
Feet pic
no, y
Kik name
it's a red color, lol sorry
What color on your toes
Like name
Last pedicure
like last week
Do you like to dance?  Ellie Krause
Alissianna doesn't look like her real self on her pictures Sometimes i don't even know it is her
Your toes always done
PAP with a Sam
PAP with a Sam
What'd you do this weekend? PAP?
hung out with anna and had a block party
Do u have snapchat?
Which room do you spend the most time in your house?
Love ur hair!!!! It looks like u got that perfect straight Indian hair
Who do you look more like ur mom or dad?
this is so hard to answer.. i think my dad
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