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kev sulllll
still my bestie even though we dont really ever talk rn
What r u going to be for Halloween?
Idek yet lol
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
6 or 7
That means ur gonna go to shs for 9th grade rightttt?
Suffern High school? Im still thinking. I wanna go to albertus
8th graders u know
Omigawd i answered about 5 times already
U go to shs??
Yes sacred heart school
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8th graders you talk to in shs?
Can I shrink down to 3 inches tall and become your personal foot massager/clean your feet/give you pedicures/paint your toenails?
Um sure i could use a pedicure. Lol jk
8th grade people??
Like all the 8th graders or 8th graders ik
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What are 5 8th graders that you talk to in shs ??
What 5 8th graders in shs that you talk to??
Sacred heart???? I answered already
What's your last name
When did you go on xfactor
I never did... I have to be 13 and the XFactor was cancelled
when are you coming back to sms
8th grade which is next year
Who are 5 people out of the 8th grade you talk to in shs ??
Sacred Heart School right? Just makin' sure. But Ariana, Rebecca, Ashley, Codia, and i cant think lol
How's life?
It's good i guess
are you going back to sms
im pretty sure
New friends?
*not in order*
Deanna, Frankie, Sam, Marina, Ariana, Julia, Trinity, Teague, Michael, Ashley, Julianna, Rebecca, Gianna, Elizabeth, Kevin, Robert, Dean etc
hows shs
its great. love it there
What high school are you going to?
Albertus (I think that's how you spell it)
Anything new?
What makes someone powerful?
Uh. i think being super confident would make someone powerful definitely
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Oh ok
How's jake
we don't talk anymore
Let's fuck hard