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Pimppppp squadddd
Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
Marcquitos ?
I miss him!!!!
U moved houses?
nope. schools
mia n?
Baee. I miss her soo so so much
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Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?
On the couch
kev sulllll
still my bestie even though we dont really ever talk rn
What r u going to be for Halloween?
Idek yet lol
On a scale from 1 to 10 how weird are you?
6 or 7
That means ur gonna go to shs for 9th grade rightttt?
Suffern High school? Im still thinking. I wanna go to albertus
8th graders u know
Omigawd i answered about 5 times already
U go to shs??
Yes sacred heart school
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8th graders you talk to in shs?
Can I shrink down to 3 inches tall and become your personal foot massager/clean your feet/give you pedicures/paint your toenails?
Um sure i could use a pedicure. Lol jk
8th grade people??
Like all the 8th graders or 8th graders ik
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What are 5 8th graders that you talk to in shs ??
What 5 8th graders in shs that you talk to??
Sacred heart???? I answered already
What's your last name
When did you go on xfactor
I never did... I have to be 13 and the XFactor was cancelled
when are you coming back to sms
8th grade which is next year
Who are 5 people out of the 8th grade you talk to in shs ??
Sacred Heart School right? Just makin' sure. But Ariana, Rebecca, Ashley, Codia, and i cant think lol
How's life?
It's good i guess
are you going back to sms
im pretty sure
New friends?
*not in order*
Deanna, Frankie, Sam, Marina, Ariana, Julia, Trinity, Teague, Michael, Ashley, Julianna, Rebecca, Gianna, Elizabeth, Kevin, Robert, Dean etc
hows shs
its great. love it there