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I love this song : ) check it out -jai.  Jai Brooks
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Love u and say to ur brother that i love him too  ⭐️❤️
we love you !
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Can u pls follow me back ? Ps check ur Dm's on twitter lyly :**  Orsay Orsi
followed .
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OH MY GOD  Miah Walker
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Hey bae  Focus on me Ariana
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is this rlly you jai?  Stella Jane
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I love you!😘😘😘  clarissa♡
I love you too !
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do you love me ?  anina
yes I love you
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Are you and Ariana still together😍😍  Gabby Young
no sorry
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Use ask.fm again  Jessica
i'm back : )
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hi  emily mason
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Jai come back on ask!!!  Casey
i'm back
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Jai me and mah friend love u and Ariana totally the cutest couple  Alyssa Jade
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Wats up jai  Kevin Kane
nm wbu
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Ily so much Jai and i dont care what anyone says about you and Ariana youre the perfect couple
thanks : )
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Hi hurry up and get to L.A. Miss y'all! <3  CARLTON CALANTHE
i'm in Mexico!!
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can you pls ask me a question? bc ily? pls? ❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Daa
lol I'm really bad at this
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You and Ariana look so good together❤ lovee yaa best wishees for you two✌❤
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whats your favourite song by Justin bieber?  Lara Fish
that should be me
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Marry me I love Youu❤️❤️  -
i'm taken :p i love you too
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Hay jai ;) Can u ask luke to marry me? I would marry all of you but… ya know AKWARD luv ya xx  caitlynxstyles
he said yes! congrats
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Are you dating Arianna again! ?
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hey jai✌️ ilysm⭐️ thank you for making ari happy❤️  Daa
hi :)
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I love you so much Jai!  Alex Bailey
i love you too
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