Jake Pisano @Jake4897
Jake Pisano @Jake4897
Christian, conservative, 16, sophomore at Hickory Grove
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I'm bisexual and u r fucking sexy
Thanks, but please don't say that unless you're a female
What's your opinion on gayness...  Charles Bickel
You know my opinion
Where do you find new music?
My dad actually, he knows some rockin music
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Virgin-yea player-no flirt-maybe age-14 drinker-maybe smoker-no single/taken-single best feature-hair tell me if I'm wrong on any(:  savannah romero
You're wrong on my age
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put together?
What makes you really sleepy?
Not getting sleep
You're planning a nice dinner party but could only invite 3 people. Who would you invite?
My grandparents and a lady friend
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hey your adorable  Chloe Nichole
Who me? Thanks!
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Hugs or Kisses?
Depends who it's from
What is your opinion about same gender relationships?
I'm very much against them call me a hater but I'm just going by the Word of God
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on a scale from 1 to 10 how do u like being a lifeguard?  CHUCK
Ummmmm it just depends on what pool you work at but sometimes it's a 10 and sometimes it's like a 1 or 2
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How are you today and from 1 to 10 how much to you like being a lifeguard
Who is this?
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oh  Brianna
Yeah haha I'm sorry :/
I send u a fb request  Brianna
I do t mean to be rude but I don't really use Facebook anymore
Heyy :)  Brianna
Has anyone ever told you look like Keanu Reeves from the Matrixs?
A couple if times actually haha. . . Who is this?
What do you find attractive in a girl?
If they wear my snap backs, wear vans and dress good, like my music, are shorter than me, Christian, know how to have fun, text me first sometimes, are cute, and aren't loud and annoying. . . I prefer blondes but I'm not picky
What's one thing everyone should do in their lifetime?
Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior
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Just answer! I won't get hurt!
You never told me who you are and that's kinda annoying
Are you sure you cant find me?
Yeah haha
How about now?  Brianna
Did u get a poke?  Brianna
Wht does ur pic look like?  Brianna
Me and my dad
Lol Yeah true but wats ur facebook name?  Brianna
Jake Pisano
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Its Brianna Songz I'm wearing a blue shirt and a gray shorts I'll poke you wats ur facebook name  Brianna
Haha face books old
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