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If you had to say who is the one hottest girl in your year who would it be?
Chlo butler
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You getting with anyone?
Haha nope
How far in advance do you prefer to plan?
One of my fave people ever! You make me laugh unbelievable amounts haha and I trust you with everything. You deserve the world because you're so lovely. Think of you as my big brother and I've always got ya back! Love you xxxx  ell
Love ya x
Cheekiest person you know that can get away with it?
Tommy Fensome
Person who everyone thinks is innocent who actually is a kinky devil?
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jayjay! You're really really good looking! One of the best looking lads in the year! such a lovely lad as well!you're so so funny, you always make me laugh so much, we have such a good time together! I trust you with m life and you've always been here for me and you know the same for you! Love you x  chlo
Aw love you Chlo xxx
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Do you like anyone?
Don't even know proper confused atm tbf
Best football player you've played against?
Either Jerome Sinclair who's a Liverpool or Isaiah Brown who's at Chelsea it's safe to say they both fucked me over aha but no they're both class
Likers get opinion?
If u want fam
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Opinion of oli Mathews
I used to think he was sound but after he fucked my best mate over I think he's a little cunt tbf, and he's never gonna do better than Chlo so he's mugged himself off really
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What do you think about more than anything else?
What's gonna happen in the future for me
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You're a sound lad and even though we hardly talk I know you'll always be there. Also extremely good looking x
Thanks x
Jayyy, your a good laugh and I'd like to think we get on quite well :) good luck at Thomas Telford next yearrr x  Sophie Chaudron
Safe soph x
Nicest people you talk to??
Sound year 10s
Brownie, Tyler and Lloydy
Jay man, you're were like the first person, I met who didn't go to my primary, we have had hilarious memories specially in french, and the banter we have is class tbh, it's gonna be a shame when w leave cause we probably won't hear from each other man :/  Joe Matthews
Sound joe gonna miss you too man x
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Jay, we haven't got on in the past due to stupid reasons but we're cool now and you're a good lad and I hope to see you out soon  Billy
Sound mate x
He's sound and proper funny
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Jevans lad! He's proper sound, the banter has been class in maths lately, and lately we've come closer lately he's a good lad and good at footy
Used to be best mates in year 7 and that, such a sound lad the amount of memories and laughs I've had with that kid over the years is priceless gonna miss him loads when we leave :/
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You really easy to get along with and such a nice person, your laugh just cracks me up haha and your good looking  Nicola Wheatley
Haha safe nik x
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I think you and Chlo butler should get with each other
Aw haha
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phoebe shuff?
Don't really know her but she seems really nice and extremely hot!
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lauren warrilow?
I'm really close with her, always talking on the bus, she's such a nice girl, have conversations about everything, always making each other laugh, lives down the road from me and she's hot