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He's sound and proper funny
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Jevans lad! He's proper sound, the banter has been class in maths lately, and lately we've come closer lately he's a good lad and good at footy
Used to be best mates in year 7 and that, such a sound lad the amount of memories and laughs I've had with that kid over the years is priceless gonna miss him loads when we leave :/
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You really easy to get along with and such a nice person, your laugh just cracks me up haha and your good looking  Nicola Wheatley
Haha safe nik x
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I think you and Chlo butler should get with each other
Aw haha
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phoebe shuff?
Don't really know her but she seems really nice and extremely hot!
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lauren warrilow?
I'm really close with her, always talking on the bus, she's such a nice girl, have conversations about everything, always making each other laugh, lives down the road from me and she's hot
Love you loadssss xxxxx  chlo
Love you too!x
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Cal A
Sound as fuck cal is, have such a laugh with him gonna miss him loads next year but he ain't comfortable with his sexuality
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used to be so so close at the start of school, you knew so much about me and tbh I would still trust you now because I know I could before! sound lad, good personality, good looking, hilarious x  livia
Thanks liv x
Chloe butler?
My beautiful prom date! Love her to pieces man, talk to her about everything, best looking girl in my year, absolutely stunning, will always be there for her as she has been there for me!
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Hottest OWS girl in year 11 and 12?
Year 11: Chlo Butler
Year 12: Phoebe Shuff or Lauren Warrilow
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You've made my night! Right back at ya jay. Love ya xxx  ell
Love you ell x
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jem walker
Me and Jem have always been close through lower school and that but last year shit happened but we're all good again now and that's the main thing, we have our banter in business which is decent crack aha :') again I've gotta lot respect for because she's been in a relationship for a long time with like and I rate them both for that x
tori bailey
Easy to get a long with, can have a laugh with, got closer this year
ellie day
Ell is one of my best gals, she's one of the strongest people I've met and I'll always have a lot of time for and will always have her back, she's got good style, she makes me laugh and she's just an all round beautiful person x
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Jay, you're a nice lad, really funny. You and dan are so funny when you're together and you always seem to be laughing! All the ladies seem to love you;)! You're so good at football and I'm happy for you that you got into Thomas Telford! X  Izzie Simpson
Aw aha thanks iz x
Go for it blud
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Who knows the most about you?
hottest girls year 11 oldbury
Ell Day, Jess D, Liv M, Chlo B and Abby P
Sound lad, a quality footballer but don't properly know him tbh  George Sargant
Sound sarg lad!x
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pretty girls in ur business?
Lyd, Abby, Jem, Meg
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What is your favorite thing in your room?
Crep collection
do you prefer nuns or monks on a cold Sunday morning?
Nuns man!
hottest year 11 girls endowed?
Answered this loads but Hannah, Maisie and Alice
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