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follow back , and spam for spam ?  q shmurda ❤
Naaaaaaa no fufuu ish
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Who will be the next person you will kiss?
Sarah ashworth.
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If I can be arsed?
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Opinion on lyd meg anisha situation?
Don't know get on with all of them staying out of it not my argument to get involved with, hope it gets sorted out
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I dont really speak to you but you're funny and seem lovely, our dads seem to get along though;) x  Lauren Taylor
Thanks mate x
What is your relationship status?
Single and ready to make clits tingle
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Jay, never spoke that much but when we did you were really nice:) you're good looking too and amazing at football! Good luck at Thomas Telford x  Grace Smith
Thanks grace x
Which country will win the FIFA World Cup in Brazil?
Argentina or Germany
Jay I don't speak to which is a shame, but personally I think you're a lovely lad and you're also good looking :') and you're amazing at football or sports in general :) pop up sometime? I wish you the best of luck for the future and well done for getting in TT :) x  Simran ツ
Thanks an you x
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Hardly speak anymore which is a shame but we were quite close at one point and have had some good times together ;) but you're so lovely and a good looking lad and will hopefully have a lil catch up at teri's or something. Good luck in the future x stay thick x  Lydia Jones
Safe thick chick pop up sometime? X
Jay, your such a talented lad I've never know such a talented football and who is an all round top sports performer, your a good mate and had a such a privilege playing in the school team with you and good luck at Thomas Telford next year you deserve it  The small one
Cheers mate that really means a lot all the best to you as well pal keep the footy up you can do well for yourself bro x
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Don't speak to you much which has been a shame but when I have you've been easy to get on with and a laugh. You're also good looking. Wish you the best of luck for the future :) X  Meg Robbins
Thanks meg and same for you x
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Jay, I remember you in year 6 in the city team with your dad shouting at me from the sideline, always been a great footballer and always will, I'm glad to have had the pleasure working with you at old wulfs, you have an amazing work rate and you get lost in the game which is really great to see.  Dan Fadian
Ah cheers mate means a lot glad to have played with you and looking forward to next season with you bro x
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I like how truthful you are need more people like you in my life
Safe anom geez
Do you regret what happened with tors?
chloe butler or Chloe Eyke?
Even though I'm closer to butler I wouldn't choose between them
Amy or Jemma? Tori or ellie? Dan or Kyle? Bruce or cal a? Harry or cal s?
Wouldn't choose between any of them because I'm close with all of them
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Jess or Grace?
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Opinion on Kyra Griffiths?
She was a bit of a character wasn't she
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Which is the most stylish celebrity?
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used to be really close, funny guy, best of luck in the future at TT xx  livia
Thanks and you x
gotten a lot closer this year through like parties, lessons, football. You're proper sound and just wish you were staying on at oldbury next year! You're absolutely hilarious! I respect you and I'm gonna miss you loads mate, wish you all the best for the future! :) x  [•Kenneth•]
Thanks mate gonna miss you too,stay in contact mate x
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Who is the boss in your house?
What you doin this summer?!?
Going wireless festival with dad, might be going v fest with dan,gotta job, going Barcelona with mum, camping with the lads and hopefully loads if the other stuff with my mates like the beach trip me ell Ames and dan did love to do that again tbf
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What about jess?
I'm with jess next year