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You still class yourself as someone who goes to Oldbury wells?
Do I fuck
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Sound lad, sick at footy, hopefully will go far, get on well and hope your doing cool man x  Matttt
Sound geez and you x
You are perfect thoo in my opinion:) x
You really are thoo, and anytime boo:) x
Your perfect babe:-)
Aw I'm really not but thank you x
u got kik
your cute
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People from Oldbury you miss?
Bruce Amy Ellie loads tbf
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Things you look for in a girl
Nice eyes, big bum, personality, banter and a nice smile
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You've got sick style you got Instagram?
Safee and yeah ‎@jay_melhado5
Whats your favorite sportswear brand?
Adidas atm
Best looking girls at prom?
Fuck was ages ago hmmm I'd have to go with Liv Martin, Amy Wheatly, Tori and Mathilde
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Go on then
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follow back , and spam for spam ?  queeee
Naaaaaaa no fufuu ish
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Who will be the next person you will kiss?
Sarah ashworth.
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If I can be arsed?
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Opinion on lyd meg anisha situation?
Don't know get on with all of them staying out of it not my argument to get involved with, hope it gets sorted out
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I dont really speak to you but you're funny and seem lovely, our dads seem to get along though;) x  lauren
Thanks mate x
What is your relationship status?
Single and ready to make clits tingle
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Jay, never spoke that much but when we did you were really nice:) you're good looking too and amazing at football! Good luck at Thomas Telford x  Grace Smith
Thanks grace x
Which country will win the FIFA World Cup in Brazil?
Argentina or Germany
Jay I don't speak to which is a shame, but personally I think you're a lovely lad and you're also good looking :') and you're amazing at football or sports in general :) pop up sometime? I wish you the best of luck for the future and well done for getting in TT :) x  Simran ツ
Thanks an you x
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Hardly speak anymore which is a shame but we were quite close at one point and have had some good times together ;) but you're so lovely and a good looking lad and will hopefully have a lil catch up at teri's or something. Good luck in the future x stay thick x  Lydia Jones
Safe thick chick pop up sometime? X
Jay, your such a talented lad I've never know such a talented football and who is an all round top sports performer, your a good mate and had a such a privilege playing in the school team with you and good luck at Thomas Telford next year you deserve it  Sage
Cheers mate that really means a lot all the best to you as well pal keep the footy up you can do well for yourself bro x
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Don't speak to you much which has been a shame but when I have you've been easy to get on with and a laugh. You're also good looking. Wish you the best of luck for the future :) X  Meg Robbins
Thanks meg and same for you x
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