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Jay, haven't spoke to you in ages, you're so funny and the bus really isn't the same, you're a good looking lad and I hope sixth form is going well for you:)  Bec Gouldstone
Thanks Becky x
things you look for in a girl
Personality, banter and good looking
How will you celebrate your next birthday?
Go brum with the squaddd
Do you follow back on insta?
Most recent concert you have been to and one you want to go to?
Kid ink
Age? N area?
17, wolves
People you wish you were closer too/ knew better?
A few I guess
You're a sound lad, had some real good memories at Oldbury with you mate, gonna miss you!  Joe Matthews
Aw sound bro hope everything is going okay for you man x
You still class yourself as someone who goes to Oldbury wells?
Do I fuck
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Sound lad, sick at footy, hopefully will go far, get on well and hope your doing cool man x
Sound geez and you x
You are perfect thoo in my opinion:) x
You really are thoo, and anytime boo:) x
Your perfect babe:-)
Aw I'm really not but thank you x
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u got kik
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your cute
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People from Oldbury you miss?
Bruce Amy Ellie loads tbf
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Things you look for in a girl
Nice eyes, big bum, personality, banter and a nice smile
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You've got sick style you got Instagram?
Safee and yeah ‎@jay_melhado5
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Whats your favorite sportswear brand?
Adidas atm
Best looking girls at prom?
Fuck was ages ago hmmm I'd have to go with Liv Martin, Amy Wheatly, Tori and Mathilde
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Go on then
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follow back , and spam for spam ?  sma.✊
Naaaaaaa no fufuu ish
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Who will be the next person you will kiss?
Sarah ashworth.
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If I can be arsed?
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