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waaaaaaa handsome .

★ вяɛи∂α


Berapa ramai ex awak? *Hoho takada soalan^^


Hmm.. biarlah rahsia :p

Jazzz. Its been 1month you x on your ask fm. Hmmm busy kot.. :( hahaha rinduu lahhh!! :(

I know right. yeap. busy :p

orang kata zaman skarang ni bdak pompuan agi nakal dari bdak laki ...... BETUL KE BOHONG

i`m zul


1.04 ni anniversary 2nd years syaf and..ehem ehem :b .. ermm , any suggestion nak suprisekan DIA ? p/s:jumpa --> awal-ii da cancle *jauh* ._____. help me ? ._____.


surprise call? video call? etc.

tambi or fuck? which one much better?

Nur Farhanim

dua2 hahaha

anda mempunyai berapa handphone ? anda beli sendiri dengan wang simpanan ataupun orang belikan ?Ask Ika back??

♚♔ Afiqa Armani (✔) ♚♔

ip. sendiri.

Can you follow me back on twitter if you dont mind :)


you are?

Love is like a wind.. we can't see it but we can feel it... are u agree with this statement??

Siti Nuraihana Awang Rajip

Yeap. So much.

Hi! Assalamualaikum, awak tinggi dari mak awak tak? xD


Hi. Ws. Haha dah semestinya....

Bila awak sendirian dirumah, apa awak akan buat?☺


Buat bodoh... haha chill ah. Life is awesome with friends, etc!

I'm 18 y/o and my height is 145cm. Everybody I hang out with is taller than me! Hmm I wanna grow taller T.T

You should be thankful that you were born physically perfect, think who those that has not having those chances. So appreciate what you have, be positive, and thanking Him for everything.

I'm in love with 2 guys at thé same time. Sorg tu my ex for 4years ago but now came back bt tknk coup cause dont want to break again. Sorg lagi just my crush but I guess dia dh tahu and he's giving me a good respond. My ex tu dia stay jauh from me. My crush pula sama skolah. So what should I do? T_T


Its up to you to decide. But don't you think you need a break from all? Since you know, you've been through alot, why don't you give yourself a space. Just saying.

In other ways, my suggestion, whoever you think he's there for you, always support you, accept you for who you are, thats just it. Semua tu terletak pada tangan awak. Its your own happiness. But think wisely before you make or choose any one of them. Good luck!

Jaz today is my birthday Feb 14, so i really wanna have a birthday wish from you hahaha maybe i sound like gediknyaaa lah kann hahahha but i dont caree !! Hehhehe sorry sbb randomm gilaa :p

syafiqah izzati ♥

Happy belated birthday awak, may you have a great day and long live with your beloved family and friends. Take care. Sorry late.

jazzzzzzzzzzzzz kenapa tak tukar pic macam twitcon? haha comel what.


hahaha perli nampak :p

pitbull pown ade buat lgu tu ke ? wakakakak tak tau plak


ada la.. haha

i love ur body . let's ah ah . wakakaka *sakat menyakat*


Pitbull en? hahah

comel ♥ apekah rahsienye :3

Rahsianya ada pada kedua orang tua jaz, maybe ada ramuan istimewa kot ;pp

babe ~ I worry about you .. :(

mariel .

I'm okay, so no worries, just that i'm too busy for all of this social network, reality life really screw me up lately, so yeah.

Hi Jazrein :)


you available or not available :)

sham shahrul

Unknown status

hi handsome.. nice body ya.....

sham shahrul

Hey.. Okay. Thanks


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