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What anime did you use for hopes embrace?
ef: Tale of Melodies
can you guys give me the specific tutorial about masking anime characters to a video? greatly appreciated!
This channel has a couple of tutorials about masking for AMVs
how do you guys put those anime characters with those background @@?!?! i really want to know how!
ReplayStudios created the backgrounds in Cinema4D. Me and Luna masked out the characters and placed them into the scene.
how much money did 4th place get
Japan Expo doesn't give cash prizes. And only places 1st, 2nd, and 3rd receive a reward of an anime figurine.
Would you date me?
can i post Anime's Got Talent - Japan Expo 2015 video in my facebook page i will post this link in the post https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcQ2vv6BRMI  Mohanad Reda
Sure, you don't need my permission. It's the Internet. I can't really stop you XDDD
Pretty Lies song?
I Prevail - Blank Space (Taylor Swift cover)
Anime's Got Talent - Japan Expo 2015 Anime from 0:32 please !!!  MoJo
I think it's Tenjou Tenge.
Do you used Motion Tracking in Ae to isolate the character from the original background?
No. I use the Pen Tool in Sony Vegas and mask the character out frame by frame.
Hi youve been an inspiration to a video editor i loved your japan expo vid and would love some editing tips
The best tip I can give, is edit for yourself and edit things you enjoy. If you are editing to impress other people or editing something you don't like, it'll poorly affect the quality of your work.
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whats the "anime's got talent" ending song? thanks
Virtual Riot - Idols (EDM Mashup)
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What's the song of "anime's got talent"? thanks
Here Comes the Hotstepper
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so which song in this video I'm big fan of VK? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bqt6As2_uQ
Jeffrey Star - Get Away With Murder
I really like your video . Please create a video to see how you create your video :D
I don't make tutorials, sorry.
What is the name of the first song used in the video anime's got talent?
Here Comes the Hotstepper
just seen anime's got talent and i'm stunned. Do you guys use editing program after effects only? How long does it take for you to be this good? I only use vegas and i have a long way to go :/ Also, how many months did it take you guys to make anime's got talent? :)  empty classroom
With this AMV, me and Luna used Sony Vegas Pro for the editing, After Effects for the visual effects, and ReplayStudios used Cinema 4D to create the backgrounds. The video took us maybe about 3 months to make.
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who is the woman? video: Anime's Got Talent - Japan Expo 2015 minute: 0:33
Sorry, I'm not actually sure XD
That's part of Luna's track.
the outro song on the Anime's got talent? pls? :3
Virtual Riot - Idols (EDM Mashup)
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how to ask you to beta test me xd ?
If you post a link to your video on my askfm, I may have the time to leave some critiques for it. ^^
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Hey, I just saw your video "Anime's Got Talent" Awesome vid!! what's the outtro song you used at the end? =P
Virtual Riot - Idols (EDM Mashup)
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where you get the results from japan expo 2015
They should be posted on the AMV France website soon.
Hey, on your 'Go Hard' video what anime was it you used at 0:53 and 1:04?
The entire video I used the anime Bunny&Tiger
is nice, I thought of using it with song dark intensity that you suggested  berlitzxxx
Awesome! :D do it!!
never seen punchline?  berlitzxxx
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I am waiting for you last summer - Event Horizon