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Please can you tell me more about AMVsimple what is doing and how it works ? I heard about it so many times but i don't know how it really works
The best thing about AMVSimple is it's really simple! :D
You simply render your amv in an AVI lossless format. Once the rendering is complete, open AMVSimple and import your AVI file into the software. Encode using the deluxe option. The output will be your amv in a compressed MP4 format.
What the software does basically is compresses your file while trying to maintain the best possible quality. I'm no pro on this software, so I don't know many details beyond that. More information and the download for the software can be found here: http://amvnews.ru/index.php?go=Page&id=35&lang=en
I hope that helps. :)
What color settings do u use in sony ? I mean, it looks so bright and clearly
Color Curves are a huuuuge help in balancing out the colors and brightness of your clips. That's the effect I use most of the time in SV for my color/brightness correction.
Favourite Anime?
Blood+, Death Note, Code Geass, and Full Metal Panic
Who is your favourite editor (apart from yourself, you're already the best)?
I'm pretty impressed with everything gorz makes, so I guess he's my favorite editor right now. XD
Michiko to Hatchin
I'm wondering which torrent you used for you're Tonari-kun and Say I love you episodes in you're "Bad Behavoir" and 'Love Checklist" AMV, the quality is amazing, If you remember?
I get all my animes from either bakabt or nyaa torrents.
What anime did you use for your Soul for Sale AMV?
Ai no Kusabi (2012)
How do you do your camera movements in Vacant Heart ?
I either manually shake/pan the camera with keyframes, or I use movment effect plugins such as Twitch or After Shake.
not a question but just want to tell you that YOU ARE AMAAAAAAAAAZIIIIIIIINGGGG!!!!
Thanks :)
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where is ur funny amv with kore wa zombie desu ka?
jazzy-senpai where are you from?
buuuuu scared?
what is the song name in your AMV: Dangerous Love. i know the anime is vampire knight, but what is the song title and artist please
Jeffree Star - Get Away With Murder (Orchestral Cover) by The Difference 
pizza or pizza ?  Clément
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what is the message that you are sending out by releasing a video like that?
What video?
What's the best dating advice you have?
Don't :'D
v.v Would you mind to tell me where you download Vampire Knight in this great Quality? Your AMVS are so great qwq
What do you think of Umika's editing?
She's very talented and good at what she does.
are you going to call me after this dinner?
Depends on how good dinner is :'D
Titus Jones - A circus of heartbreakin' divas
Hey random question/kinda but do you happen to know how to encode videos from 8bit to 10bit (not the opposite :D) and I would like to know what is this remix called ;o lol is perfect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKpYnazHvxI ! ;D have a nice day
No I don't, sorry >_<
there's something about you which I like, but I don't know what it is yet.
Thanks, I guess XDD lol
Where do you get your anime clips from?
mostly either nyaa torrents or bakabt torrents
Jeffree Star - Get Away With Murder (Orchestral Cover) by The Difference 
haii, I love watching you're videos and I'm wondering in your "Love Checklist" video, where you got the overlay, like the glitch/old film one, I really like it, if that's ok
If I remember correctly, I think I got that overlay from a clip in Highschool of the Dead episode 1.