Is Anime's Got Talent season 2 nearly released??

??? I'm not sure if Luna has plans for a sequel, but I will never ever everrrr participate in that much masking again. 8D

what's the name of the anime in your Red Sun video :00 it looks so good!!!!!


If you run away from your problems, does it count as exercise?

No, because running away from problems means going to sleep.

Hey man, huh I have some problems with the flow, you know like the video doesn't look like smooth according to the audio, like we can see in many fcking good amv/mep. So I wondered if you got some tips or things to manage in order to improve the flow ? (btw you're an amazing editor, keep going) ty Valouu

Flow is tricky, because it varies depending on the editor. For me, I rather focus on the timing of my scenes so that they're up long enough for the viewer to register what's happening (rather than trying to time it with every beat). My advice is not to over-sync. Find a natural rhythm, but don't be afraid to break it from time to time. I personally also like to sync to lyrics, rather than the beats. But yeah, it depends on your personal preference.

hello jazz, will you tell me what you think of my amv when I am done with it? - n

If you wanna post a YT link to it here, I'll look at it.

you should consider making short edits on vine! it's less time consuming and i'd love to see your stuff on there

I'm not really interested in making short few second edits. WHAT'S THE NAME?! :o It's amazing q.q *-*

The song name?
It's called Real Life by The Weeknd.

Could you leave some tips on how to become a good editor? Or basically where to start. I'm quite used to different programs, but I'd like to become really good. Like you, I think you're really good, so it would've been nice if you would help me out. If you may give me some tips or leave som links.<3 Caoun

My #1 tip is to just have fun with your editing and edit for yourself. Make friends online who are also interested in editing AMVs. Audition for random MEPs on YT (that's how I started out). Join a studio. Don't worry so much about trying to impress or please others. You get better by experimenting and editing things you enjoy. For technical AMV knowledge, I like the tutorials on this channel:
Hope that helps! Feel free to ask me questions here.

how many times did you visit France ?


it's the opposite for me , i find the source but not the song hhhh

hahahaha x)

Is there a song you always wanted to edit you never did?

Yes. So many haha. Usually I just can't find a source to fit them, so it goes unedited.

what's the flow , and thank you ^^

Are you asking me what it means to have "flow" in an AMV? I think flow can always be interpreted differently depending on the editor. To me, flow is about the atmosphere created when the song and the video just mesh well together. It's the mood and the pacing of the clips with the music.

Is there a trick to quickly adjust a detailed mask if the change is big between frames?

Sorry, there is no quick trick that I know of (I wish hahaha) but the best thing to do is to reset the mask for next frame and start again. It's quicker than adjusting the previous mask for the new frame.

Hi! May I have a link for the song in Sakura Trick amv "The road together"/

Why wasn´t Nisekoi, Tamako Market or K-On! not in the video, who are very famous, in the Video "Anime Got Talent" ?

Tamako Market is in there.
And I don't know, we just didn't choose to use K-On or Nisekoi.

give me an advice for a beginner editor ^_^

Edit for yourself, and don't worry about the approval of other people. Editing is fun when you're creating something that YOU like.
I've learned that the hard way. Now that I've been editing for a long time, I've started caring too much about what other people will think of my work, and it has made editing stressful for me at times. It's not as fun anymore.

Hey Jazzy love your works and can't keep count on how many times i've watched some of them. The question i have is, what is the most important part of editing to you? the feelings behind it or the reactions from the people after having completed something? or maybe something entirely different ^^ Von Hammer

That's a difficult question haha 😅
It depends on what I'm editing. When I'm editing something dramatic, the emotions and feelings are important to me. I want to create something that causes a physical and emotional reaction from the viewer. Somethimg that will also move myself when I rewatch it.
When I'm editing something fun, I'm more concerned about the viewer's feedback I'll receive from it. I'm purposely trying to create something that'll entertain others. So then my focus is on making something interesting, funny, or relatable.

jazzy how did u let the shadow get showing only above the guy

I made two duplicate layers of the guy. I masked the top layer of the guy out, and inverted the mask, so that you see the duplicate underneath.
Then I took my masked shadow of the bunny and placed it between the duplicate layers. That way it only look like the shadow is on his body. (hope I explained this well)

love in the air hhh


what do you think about him ?

He's awesome

gorz for you ?


Hi:) can u tell me when is khalid's birthday?

July 23 0:17 main character's childhood, 0:34 violin performance, 1:10 transition indicating character died, 1:33 character "comes back to life" this was built around those scenes especially the ones they could incorporate masking in, do you have scenes in mind before you start?

I usually first have an idea for a theme, and then I look for scenes that will help me create that idea.
Soooo for me, ideas first, then scene selection.

What is the song and the edit of the amv song soul for sale?

Music: Simon Curtis - Soul 4 Sale
Anime: Ai no Kusabi (2012)

Ur a genius editor!^^ good luck in editing, and btw will u participate in this JE?:)

I don't think I'll participate in JE this year.


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