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Ah thank you seen the first two, first ones twisted makes me wanna see the anime XP thanks for putting up with me and answering my questions !  Albert Gavino
No problem :)
Let's see, can you recommend a video you've made about love to make it simple no need for slow or fast pace! preferably slow though I love slow love songs XP But if not just any one of your favorite edits will do. Gracias
I've made so many videos. Here are, I guess, what I consider within the Romance genre, from what I've created.
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Would you follow the white rabbit?
Sure, I love animals.
What's the most important lesson you've learned in life?
Don't worry too much about what other people think. It's the only way to be truely comfortable with yourself.
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Who do you think is going to win japan expo this year beside you and AmvLuna ?
Haha I cannot make that prediction. I haven't seen any of the video submissions. There is still much time before the contest.
I saw you were collabing with AmvLuna for Japan Expo can we expect another big crossover from you guys?
How perverted are you?
Very c:
Hello Jazzslasvideos it is a me i want a question porfavor Would you like to cook me some stuff ? Like a cake or something i like cakes but i dont mind if you cook meat aswell plz answer gracias  Dn@
Hello Jazzslasvideos it is a me i want a question porfavor 
Would you like to cook me some stuff ? Like a cake or something i like cakes but i dont mind if you cook meat aswell plz answer gracias
jazzy I love you
bonjour ça va ?  Fadoo-sama
pas mal ^^
Oh, and no I do not speak French :D
Souls Team is international now.
How could you leave a group of friends for another group? Just because has more fame? Do you even speak french?
In Aeon, I didn't have many close friends there, so I didn't feel like I was leaving much behind. I rarely form close relationships with people online. I'm part of this community only to enjoy my hobby making AMVs and to improve my skills as an editor (not to make friends). ST gave me the opportunity to grow as an editor with them, so I said yes. Also my closest friend from Aeon joined ST with me, so I had nothing holding me back from joining.
How do you feel to have join such a strong amv group as Soul's Team and how is life with them aren't they too serious ?
It's actually a lot if fun! I'm really enjoying being part of their group. They've been very welcoming to me. They are actually not so serious at all hahaha. Just goofy guys who really have a passion for editing, improving, and exceeding expectations. I'm very happy to be part of ST.
I am waiting for you last summer - Event Horizon
Favorite amv you ever made?
Mmm I can't really pick a favorite. Two videos that I most enjoyed editing and like rewatching still are Last First and Blacklight.
Which movie do you think is overrated?
What song is The Road Together~? ^__^
Bassnectar - You & Me (feat. W. Darling)
What's your favorite dessert?
Giant skillet chocolate chip cookie
What anime is road together
Sakura Trick
do u have an Mp3 of punk goes pop megamix 3?
No, but I can try to upload one later. I'll post it in the description of the MEP.
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Can you tell me the reason why you left Aeon, plz (⇀‸↼‶)
Soul's Team asked me to join them. I was interested in working with a different group of people.
hi, i just wanted to say i really love your videos, even if i dont edit amvs that much anymore and do more with mmv's you still never fail to inspire me, plz keep doing what u do! ;A: <3
Thank you very much :)
What the anime love me harder
you've joined Soul's Team??? You left Aeon, didn't you ?
Yes, and yes
how did your videos became famous?  Dipse
They got popular by continuing to edit several videos and sharing them on YT. Share it with friends, and they'll share it with their friends. It helps to participate in MEPs and contests to help get your name out there. Make connections and chat with other editors. It took years before my videos attracted a consistent following.
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