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Could you by any chance do beta-tests? :P
If you wanna post a link to your video here, I wouldn't mind giving some feedback.
Can you help me get better at editing? :D
What would you like help with? You can ask me any questions here.
Eden of the East
link to the music used in your latest vid?
Adele - Hello (Paul Damixie remix)
Could you tell me please the name of the remix of the song you used in this edit /watch?v=37c2I4TyYfk ?
Adele - Hello (Paul Damixie remix)
Which Disney character would you like to be for a day?
Princess Jasmine 😜
Who are the editors you could work with?
Not sure I understand the question, but I prefer to work with people who I can trust and are committed to actually finishing a project with me.
I tend to work really well with AmvLuna since we've known each other for a long time and understand each other's workflow.
Is there a documentary or book that really changed the way you thought about something?
The film documentary "Vegucated" made me rethink the types of food I consume, and led to my decision to stop eating animal products.
Hello ^^! i start using AE for 4 weeks ago maybe, can u advice me with a channel tht gives some advnced tutorials please. thanks!
The YT channel AMVlogs has some great AE and AMV related tutorials.
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You are amazing. I don't really need to ask you anything.Just wanted you to know you're really good at editing and the fact that you respond at so many people is awesome.Ima lil Amv editor and i know, the more subs you have,the more asshole you are.I hope I won't lose this merit like you didnt.
Well thank you.
I think as a person's popularity grows, they just become more easily irritated by getting asked a lot of the same questions over and over, not because they are "ass holes" .... >_<
Hi! Sorry for bothering you with more questions but could you tell me in which format do you import you files into Sony Vegas? Avi, MP4? Do you convert your footage to a specific format using a program? I've heard about what format factory so I was wondering what do you usually do. Thanks in advance
I convert my files into AVI format using the software Aiseesoft HD Video Converter.
Flashback Friday! PAP from the summer?
Flashback Friday! PAP from the summer?
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Teaches me please !! I like your "Digital Hell" and I want to reach that level, it's my goal !
I don't really "teach" >.<
I can answer specific questions though.
What qualities do you value the most in your friends?
What is the song that u used to create the AMV called
Hey miss , um , i'm a beginner AMV editor & i was pretty interested in your works ( specially "Slave" , "Digital Hell" & "Anime's got talent" ) , i hope that you don't mind to teach me few stuffs about how to be a talented with AMV editing , i'll appreciate your answer no matter what was it ^^
Sorry for the late reply.
I'm glad you like my work! x)
I don't really have time to "teach" things, but a great resource for new AMV editors is the YT channel AMVlogs. They have a lot of AMV specific tutorials.
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How did you have the idea of doing Anime's Got Talent? it's just amazing!
It was all Luna's idea.
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What makes you nervous?
New places and new people.
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What is your skype? pls >.<
My skype is private, but I'll do my best to answer any questions here on Askfm.
discovered your AMV " Anime's Got Talent" i'm in love :D will you be able to make other one like this ? That montage was amazing really
It would be boring to make another one :P
What's the name of...wait, I have a different one ;D How much time did the masking for Anime's Got Talent took you and Luna to do + was it hard to choose exactly which funny skills of anime characters to use? Cuz there are plenty of idiotic scenes, as we know xD - Bo / MadhatterBreak  Bo-chan
The masking was pretty tedious and took several months. It wasn't too hard to pick scenes/talents since, as you said, there were plenty of idiotic stuff to choose from.
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Hey how did you edit just the edit the anime characters out? Like you have them doing the same actions but different backrounds ...how? P.S. im talking about the anime got talent video. ..it was amazing
It's called "masking." Most editing softwares have a "pen tool" allowing you to cut and image out of their background. It's a very tedious process.
Hello Jazzy! I have a question since you're a editor for so long. I often see amvs with the title MAD what does exactly MAD means? Thank u :)
Honestly, I don't know.
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I saw you did Hooked and Anime's Got Talent with AmvLuna, i'm a fan of you collabs guys! Do you think you will work again with her in the future?
It's possible :)
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If your footage is 24p(standard anime) and you work in 60p, will this affect the quality of the final product?
I have no idea. I never edit in 60fps.