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Hey, I was wondering if you knew what overlay was used here? till 8 seconds https://youtu.be/nRQCXNj680U?t=6s Also how they did this https://youtu.be/nRQCXNj680U?t=26s And how they transitioned these two scenes, where the bottom half was still black https://youtu.be/nRQCXNj680U?t=3m59s Thanks alot

It looks like they used some Light Leaks stock footage. You can find those anywhere to download. Just google.

Which anime did you use in "Daydreamer"? Sorry the many questions, but I would like to start to watch new anime maybe about deep love and some drama <333

Kimi no Iru Machi

Which anime did u use in "Pretty Lies"? *O*

Letizia Carli


Hi I really loved the Animes Got Talent AMV you and your friends did & was wondering if I could use the video for a convention exclusive AMV Hell. Im not publicly uploading it but we can send a private link when its done if you like

Daniel Nye

Seems fine to me, but you should ask Luna first.

What happened to Aeon Studios? Did they disband?

Konaha ANBU


Hey, love you work :D Do you think you'll be making another tutorial anytime soon?

I'm not sure. It depends if I find time to.
Did you have something in mind?

At what zoom level do you usually mask, detailed and slow or rather fast with corrections afterwards?

Detailed and slow

Can you tell us what effect did you use to fill the eye black? It's between 1:52-1:53 https://youtu.be/ZqSi-9XLzgE?t=1m52s

I used Sony Vegas gradient wipe effect/transition.

What is the song you used in anime got talent

Here Comes the Hotstepper by Baby & Me

Hey! You may not answer this question but I wanted to ask anyway. Can you tell us your story about how you joined Soul's Team? How was your experience? ^^ Since I am learning how to edit AMVs, I would like to know how you achieved it.

There isn't really a story. The studio I was previously in was not as active, and when ST decided to go international, their leader asked me to join and I said yes. I wanted to be in a more active studio at that time. XD

can u share me your comp settings and render settings, i tried many times but it still looks really bad when upload to youtube :'(

I render as an AVI format using the lagarith lossless codec, then I encode to an MP4 format with AMVSimple, which you can download here: http://amvnews.ru/?go=Page&id=35&lang=en

yo can u tell me how did u make this page animation http://prntscr.com/busjde

I made that in After Effects using the Page Turn effect.

Stupid question but I wanted to ask anyway :/ Most of the time I can't find songs to do an AMV with, is there any tip you can give me? Thanks ^^

By watching other AMVs or music videos on YT, you may run into a song that inspires you to edit.

Response me sincerely , are you Gorz gf ? :/


Any guide for color correction of dark night scenes. I have played with curves but its not effective. Increasing contrast results in bad pixels. Tried flares but still no luck

Konaha ANBU

I use curves to brighten dark scenes. If that doesn't work, then it probably just isn't a good scene to use. You can't brighten what isn't there.

How much time do your AMVs usually take to edit?

It depends on the project. Some projects I can finish in a few days, others can take several moths.

From Where Your Part in AGT Starts and Ends ?!

0:34-1:01, 1:29-1:56, and 2:24-End

Can I have the anime list from the Anime Got's Talent video?? Ty very much 😂


I have always wondered... How on earth did you do the pink glowing effect in the She's Gone AMV for the Level Up Contest in 2012? I have tried and tried to duplicate it but no luck.. what is it called?


You have to put a masked out solid color on an Add layer over the object you want to light up. It's really easy. I'll try to include it in one of my future tutorials.

why you dont render the video with lossles lagarith codec in your masking tutorial ?

Teamfours Anna

Because I'm exporting the mask on an alpha channel to import into After Effects. Lagarith lossless does not allow you to render with an alpha channel.
I use lagarith lossless for the final render of my amv.

That is honestly amazing...maybe one day I could become a professional chef and edit videos haha

Follow what you love. I don't think I'd be happy doing anything else.

Hi jazz, what's is your real job? Does it involve editing videos?

Yes, I'm recently a professional video editor. I graduated from uni last year where I was studying Film/Video.

Just visited your channel.Your works are amazing.I don't know about SVP much.Which one is better SVP or Premiere?Plus how do you keep yourself motivated?i'm usually losing interest after 1 min/or if the song gets too boring/sad these days.Thanks a lot in advance


I like both Sony Vegas and Premiere. For AMVs, I prefer using Sony Vegas, cause it's like a one-stop-shop. I can do masking and simple effects in the program. I don't have to work in two different programs if I don't want to. Also I find it easier to sync to music in SV.
But for professional projects, like for my job, I prefer using Premiere and After Effects together. Premiere is for really basic editing. You cannot mask there.

What always sounds like a good idea but never actually is?


what is the name of this overlay http://prntscr.com/be28wv

It's black ink drops stock footage.


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