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haii, I love watching you're videos and I'm wondering in your "Love Checklist" video, where you got the overlay, like the glitch/old film one, I really like it, if that's ok
If I remember correctly, I think I got that overlay from a clip in Highschool of the Dead episode 1.
Is it okay to ask your render settings in vegas? c:
I render in AVI format. Look in your Render window for ---> Video for Windows (*.avi)
And then my customized settings are what you see in the screen shot. You are going to have download the lagarith lossless codec. http://lags.leetcode.net/codec.html
Then I use AMVSimple to encode my AVI file into MP4 using the deluxe option. amvnews.ru/Video/Soft/AMVSimple_4.0.zip
Is it okay to ask your render settings in vegas? c:
Are you ready for the rape ? what a next hype  Clément
Hahaha XD what?
Wow that was a fast answer, Thanks :)
I have askfm on my cellphone. I'll always make quick responses here :)
You're welcome.
From which Anime is the character from your YouTube banner?
Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
Where did you get such high quality Blood+ clips?
These are the files I downloaded, but I used avs filters to enhance the quality.
do you use magic bullet looks ?
Yes, sometimes. When I'm too lazy to do my own color correction, or if I just want to spice up a stupid quick edit, I'll use MBL.
I'm so glad you edit with Blood+, it's an amazing anime and not many people have heard of it and to see you edit to it is a pleasure to watch!
are you working on any video?
Nope, not right now
What editing software did you use, and if so, did you buy it? I really want to make videos as good as yours!
I mostly use Sony Vegas Pro 12 and I use Adobe After FX for more complicated effects. I got all my programs through torrents.
how you make your videos to look so clearly? i mean hd.. :-?
I always render in 720p AVI lossless, and then I encode to MP4 using AMVSimple.
what effects you usually use ?
That's a very vague question. The effects I use depend on the video.
Dear, congratz for japan expo :'D  Jean
Thank you :)
Hi! Just got the anime, but it's a "10 bit" version and Vegas crash when i open it... Did u have the same problem?
Yes, you are going to have to convert the file to AVI. I use Aiseesoft HD Video Converter to convert my 10bit MKV files to AVI.
how come it doesn't take ages to mask?
It does take ages
How do you make yours amvs? U cut the scenes on Vegas render and apply the effects on Ae?
I actually do a lot of my fx in Vegas, but for the more complicated ones, I use AE
Are you planning on making an upbeat/candy video any time soon? Like "Loaded" or "Delinquent".
I currently do not have any plans to at the moment.
Best romance anime for a dude who isn't used to romance animes? :)
Mmm I'm not sure. I don't watch many animes, I just edit with them.
What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?
does it take ages to mask?
Do you find yourself thinking more about your past, present or future?
The future. It's scary to think about.
what website do you use to watch animes?
I don't really watch anime online.
Do you have a teddy? How do you call it?
No, I do not have a teddy hahaha
Heya Jazzy, are you currently working on a new amv? :3 Just asking hehe- you're awesome! I love your Vids!
I do have a new amv I'm trying to complete. I'm not super excited about it though.
Where did you get the remix for the Circus video?
It's not a remix. I just pitched the song to sound deeper.