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Can I ask what the end song is in your More Than Enough Remastered AMV?
Crywolf & Ianborg - Oceans
It's a great song :)
Where did you find the track for you "Wish you would" video? I really like it and I can't seem to find that version of it ^ ^ Many thanks ~
It's just the original version from Talor Swift's album 1989. I cut it short for the video.
i was wondering what version of the my enemy version by hans zimmer cause i keep finding long versions or stupid techoish versions
I cut the song myself for the AMV. There is no remix/edit version.
How you are tagging your videos?
anime music video amv jazzsvids aeon studios
Can I ask for the list of animes you used on your video titled "Blacklisted IC collab w/Luna and Darthice"?
They are listed in the description of the video on YT.
Animes in your [Æon] Paranoia video?
It's in the credits at the end of the video.
Do you have a video "Absolutely Terrible" - is 0:31 seconds. I do as I can not find the song very much, all searched , tell the name of the song please?
Ken Ashcorp - Absolute Territory is the song.
What anime was in ur recent video o-o
Toaru Majutsu no Index II
what is the song of IC with Gorz :)
Ken Ashcorp - Absolute Territory
don't worry dear and thank you so much for the reply :) and happy holidays ^^
You too! (^_^)
Hey Jazzy can i ask to you a little screen about your rendering settings in vegas? you export in mp4 right? i have tried to export in past in mp4 but the scenes are so... jerky (?) ><
Sorry for answering this question late. I actually render my video from SV in AVI lossless format. Then I encode the AVI file to MP4 using AMVSimple.
Thank you, did you also use Soup of Justice on the part where it said "normal, crazy and cuckoo"?
Ahh that I cannot remember. That track is already very old.
I'm wondering what font you used in you're cuckoo meppart?
Soup of Justice
about "[Æon] Bad Moon - Gang Wars IC ". Give me full anime name , pls D:
I used Dance in the Vampire Bund, Nekomonogatari, and Le Portrait de Petit Cossette.
What editing programs do you use? Do you have a particular favourite? Or one that is easier to edit with? :)
I primarily use Sony Vegas, but I also you After FX for more complicated effects that I can't achieve in SV.
you went to study abroad at South Korea for uni, right? What did you study? c:
I'm studying Film here in the US, but while I was in Korea I didn't really take any serious classes. I was only there for the Spring semester. I took like Korean history classes haha. Easy stuff.
could u tell me how u did this nice film burn effect in your vacant heart amv? http://puu.sh/cUKuS/6df2e0cd37.jpg
It's After Effects' CC Burn effect
Do you know this scene from which episode ? ._.' http://static1.mcanime.net/kronos/images/fansubs/3554/11954/ep_466455_3.png
Sorry, I have not seen this anime.
In your role model amv what music and anime did u use??
It's in the credits at the end of the video.
what is your favorites editor/studio? xD  Leo Cero
My favorite AMV editor is goRz. I don't have a favorite AMV studio.
what are AVS filters?
You can read more about AVS filters here:
do you use any effects on your video to improve the quality?
Yes, I improve the quality using AVS filters
Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?
What is the name of the song on your "Drops" video?
Event Horizon by I'm waiting for you last summer
CC in Drops (cont.)
Oh yeah, and the first 2 sec I used Magic Bullets Looks for the CC, again just playing around with the curves and midtones. Here I used more green and blue colors. Also I added a vignette around the edges. (It's been awhile since I made this, so I don't remember the exact details) hope this helps >_<