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Amv tutorial plssss u r the best!
ahhh i don't really know how to make tutorials or what to make a tutorial of
Jas can i have you skype ?, (R.L.D)
no, I don't share it with people i don't know
In your video "Digital Hell" your masking is probably the cleanest i've ever seen and I was wondering how? I'm not asking how to mask since the answer will probably be zoom in and connect the dots (Which I suck at) But in the video your masks have this black border that does it, but what is that?
Mmmm I think I know what you are talking about, but I didn't do anything specific to get that effect. I think that happened when I added the Smart Blur effect to it in AE. It's weird, but it was not intentional.
There other ways to apply a border to your masks though. Like you can duplicate the layer in AE (put the duplicate under the original) and then expand the mask so that it's just slightly larger than the one below it.
Or you can add a stroke to the mask. There are several ways to go about it.
Thank You
what is the programme you used to crossover the characters in your video ''Hooked''?
Sony Vegas Pro 12
how i can join in the Æon Studios? sorry for my english bro :c
We are not looking for new members.
Thank you. *^* At first that seem very complicated, i was thinking you use a plugin or something else. It's just glowing Q_Q Do you think we can do this in sv? I'm not good with Ae. :(
Yup it's all possible to achieve in SV. I made most of these effects in SV (AE can just be a little less time consuming though). All you need are solid shapes. Putting them on the Add layer and applying blurs creates the glow.
If you look at the credits of this AMV I did that entirely in SV. So yeah, it's all possible to do in Sony Vegas.
The first one with the glowing building is just a masked pink solid (shaped of the building) on an Add layer over the original clip layer. Then on a second Add layer take the same solid and apply blur to it to give a glowing appearance.
The grid effect is just creating a colored grid in AE and applying Glow to it. And then Light Sweep effect used to make it shine across the grid. And the bulge in the grid I think I used Pinch/Punch effect from SV.
Hello. It's alice from twitter. I wanted to ask you who do you do you're effect like neon on objects? Like on "She's gone". I hope this question is not indiscreet because i think you learned this from you're last lvl up. And sorry english is not my native langage.
It's simply just applying glow effects.
Idk maybe you need to be more specific on which effect you are referring to exactly.
What’s the best thing to do after a long and hard day?
eat and play video games
yo jazzy, i rly love ur work <3 and i want to let you know that a guy called lodolis (D4RK) is spreading your real life pic on internet
Well the internet is a public place :D can't do anything about it.
Gamer, games? That wud b a no? Computer/ps3 etc
I play games on my PS3, yes
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U game?
game what?
How much do u not like naruto
I actually really liked Naruto when I was younger.
anal or oral
. . . uhhh seriously? :'D
what do you study?
I'm a Film major and a Computer Science minor.
Who do you trust most in your life?
my mom
Hi, From which Anime is the blond girl? ^-^ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJiUbhqJBro :3
boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai
What's the name of the song and the artist name which you used in Candy Boy?
Florence And The Machine - Only If For A Night
Hi, Jazzy-san ^-^ What anime is this?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q06vqeP3qsI&feature=em-uploademail It looks really good... ^-^
Candy Boy
They are Avisnyth filters that may be applied during the encoding process of your amv. You can read more about it here:
How do you use the AVS filtering? Would like to get my quality up a tiny bit. :3
hope there will be an Aeon mep soon!
Yes, we recently started working on one.
jazzy, how can i win ur skype ;'(??
You can't, sorry.
Have you ever raged at someone online, or gotten mad?
I wouldn't say I've ever "raged" per say, but I have gotten mad at people online and left maybe not so nice comments. I don't flame people though. That's inappropriate cyber etiquette hahaha.
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