How was your day my darling

Great, how was yours?!

Yes you did I saw you in the cafeteria at lunch with emily you looked hot


Do you have any piercings? What ones do you want

Yea I have my ears pierced and my seconds done and I have my cartilage and tragus done and I want my snug rook and nose!


What are yah at?

It was alright

Just alright?

I'm glad it was good though :)

Thanks how was yours

Busy day

Yes by

What did you do

Well school and than I had a driving lesson and than dads b day supper and hung out with em

How was you're day

It was really good thanks for asking


I wanna know who this is please😭

You looked so hot today

Lmao no

Better now that I'm talking to you




Any tips on what to do when you feel like giving up on life :(

I'd be really happy if you'd text me! But you just gotta believe that life will get better ame surround yourself with people that you love, stay positive!



tbh julia you're overall so frickin talented and beautiful and kind and hilarious and just generally a great person. ilysm❤️ ashley petten


:) how are you


What's wrong

Nothing lmao

That's hot


When I'm ready

I'm v impatient

Not yet


I don't want you to know


Idk by 😂

I'm trying to figure out who you are, blonde hair?!


Do I know any of your friends?

:( I can't I need to make sure I'm ready I have to do it on my own time please respect that



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