What are you up to now darling?

Just home from a movie

That's good darling what did you do?

Spent the day going on adventures with em

How was your day?

Very fun:)

What are you at darling

Watching the fosters❤️

Doesn't matter

Yea it kinda does😬

You can even bring a friend

Who is this

Will u please we can meet up somewhere it will be quick I'm already hard

This is gross bye

I want u to give me one

Gotta go

You givn a hj before? If not, you wanna give one?

Um bye

How was your day darling?

It was great, rugby was fun

How are you?

Doing good by

How was your day my darling

Great this weekend was so so good too

How was you're day

It was pretty good, 2 more exams done so🎉

Who do you tell everything to?

Em and Liam, why?

Are you avalible

*Available😬 but yesss

How was your day darling?

It was good!

Were you just in revolutions parking lot

Yea haha

MEEEEE🐶 Makaela Kielly


Who would you want to own a dog with?



What's your number, I'll text you, I won't answer the question

I'm too afraid to text you but I want to

By idk what you're afraid of but just drop me a text if yah wants😼

Just alright :(

Well like I had to study a lot so like🙄

💚 have fun at your party

Thank you, 'twas a time



Cool!! I'm just chillin around my house



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