Hi beautiful

I wanna know who dis is

General year

Text me:)


What are you studying

I don't go to mpsh anymore

You go to mun?

Thts great


I miss seeing you around at school 😪

If I knew who you were I could probs see you lmao

You and Emily still close

Yes of course


Who dis

She gets what about you? I'm confused

She understand me 😂

Hi gorgeous


What's your favourite thing about your best friend

She gets me

Hey gorgeous


Your dp oh fuck me

Thank you💜

Ss texts

No by

Someone who just gave you a compliment ;)

Haha thank you:)

Like god damn ❤️😍

Awe thank you, who's this?

That is great


It's creepy...

True true

Why is this anon up your asshole you don't have to put up with that its kinda harassment

Idk I just wanna know who It Is😂😩

Can I ask you a question


Are you happy rn

Yes bc tonight was fun😂

Then why can't you say baby

It was from em😂 not a big deal lmao

From who

Doesn't matter

Last text received


I want to I really would like to date you out on a take

I can't agree to go out with you if I don't know who you are😂


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