Jeff Veillette @Jeffler
Jeff Veillette @Jeffler
Toronto, Ontario
Bad skater, egomaniac, sarcastic jerk, music snob, former fat guy, road hockey hero, self-photographer, jersey nerd, follower wholesaler, hockey blogger
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thats a lame copout regarding your dad and bro. you brought it upon yourself by being so open about your own life. your OBLIGATED at this point to be open about whatever we ask you. now, elaborate
Just a word of advice; the next time you're about to say something to somebody, run it through your head and ask yourself "how would I react if somebody said this to me?"
Or "is there even a shred of sensible logic in this thought?"
Or about a thousand other questions.
Which Pokémon would you want playing for the Leafs?
I'd go with Jynx.
First off, you have to pick an original 150, seeing as the Leafs are an original six team.
Secondly, considering the sport, you'd probably want an Ice type. There's a few water/ice type 150's, but Jynx and Articuno are the only primary ice types in the group.
Lastly, Jynx fits in more with the team's current style. Psychic abilities could be used to get into the heads of their opponents. It's SpAtt and SpDef ratings are right, making Jynx a great PP/PK option. Jynx is the fastest ice-type Pokemon. As well, it's normal defence stats are awful, making Jynx the perfect Leaf.
You are the stupidest writer on twitter. I've met you in person and you seem nothing like the keyboard warrior you are on twitter. Stop being a jerk and the jokes you make on twitter...most of them aren't funny. Do you think you're gonna go far in journalism?
Being the stupidest writer on Twitter is a serious accomplishment. So many people are part of the community, some of them actively trying to enrage people, and yet I still out-stupid the competition. I'm pretty proud of that.
It's pretty lame that I'm different in person than on Twitter. I mean, I don't say things in 140 character increments. What kind of bullshit is that? This one time someone told me to embed a picture in my response and I couldn't do it. I had to counter their argument and didn't even use a hashtag. I'm just a terrible person.
I'm sorry that you find me a jerk and unfunny on Twitter. It's a real shame that Twitter forces you to read my thoughts and isn't an opt-in service that lets you pick and choose what content you consume.
I don't know if I'm going to go far. I guess I'm going to find out.
If u cant speak italian, dont hold an italian citizenship and never been to italy, u shouldnt root for them in the world cup
I agree. It's just like all the people who can't speak Torontoese, don't have a contract, and haven't been to the Air Canada Centre. They shouldn't be able to cheer for the Maple Leafs.
Canada would be my preferred choice for the World Cup, but they never qualify. My strongest association to a country through family lineage is Italy. My favourite soccer team makes up a significant chunk of the Azzuri roster, and that's been the case for years. More importantly, I'm a fan and can realistically root for whoever I want for any reason.
Stop being so self involved, you fuck!
Typically, people are supposed to be interested in their own lives. They only control one body while alive, after all.
i see that your shitty leafsnatoin mike isn't in the media scrums anymore.. did they finally get sick of your act and kick out out of the press box? i hope so, you do more harm than good for the marlies with your lame excuse for "coverage"
The season ended. For my microphone to be in media scrums, there would need to be media scrums to take part in. I'm pretty sure the arena staff would not be amused if I was using the press box during the off season. I agree that the awful things I do, such as "talk about the team and it's players" are damaging to the reputation of this hockey club. I should be stopped immediately. I'm a terrible person.
The only reason you have followers is because you're like a car accident. We all think you're a moron and nobody respects you but we like to laugh at your failure. Only difference is that cars in accidents get dented, but if you keep being a douche someones fist will meet your face soon enough
If I'm like a car accident, can I at least be like one of those smashed up Ferrari Enzos? Those are awesome. It at least would mean I was super cool before I wrecked myself.
There are several topics on this earth that I have little to no intelligence in. I'm sorry that you are looking for me to know about those ones, and that I can't deliver on your hopes for me. I'm happy that you get enjoyment out of my lack of ability, however, because it means I'm doing something to make your day better.
I look forward to this upcoming punch to the face. As we know, the best way to respond to somebody who you disagree with who isn't speaking to you directly is aggravated assault.
Do you have streamers on the handlebars of your shitty pink E-Bike?
They're in the mail, with my hello kitty sticker and "hot stuff" plate.
You're pretty obsessed with my electric bike. I get questions about it on here all the time and you tweet me to chirp it constantly. It's a slightly dorky looking means of transportation that I use when a regular bicycle won't cut it, usually when I'm heading downtown. It's much cheaper than a car and by the time you hit St. Clair, is probably easier to maneuver. I my up front cost was low and my post-purchase cost is non-existent. Sorry I don't have the same needs as you. Piss.
do you stick your fingers down your throat to throw up or do you just blow a bunch of guys and hope they bust your gag reflex? only explanation for losing weight like you do
Those would be some well endowed males, wouldn't they? Thanks for the comment.
Not a question, just want to say how impressed I am with you, Jeff. You have a wonderful attitude and will continue to find success. Keep it up.
Thank you! I hope you're right.
Hey! I actually don't hate you! I actually think you're a brilliant guy and I love your Marlies coverage. :)
Brilliant is probably giving me too much credit, but thank you! I'm glad that you like my work.
You wanna be a hockey writer (career-wise)? Sorry, Im a bit confused because you do a lot of blogging (is that your job?) Do you wanna write for a specific org and do you feel like youre headed down the right path or do you need a journalism degree to be taken seriously? sorry im really curious! thx
Being able to sustain a living by writing about hockey is the goal, yes. Right now, I'm getting towards that goal, but still have room for improvement. There's no specific organization or outlet that I aspire to be a part of; I'm open to wherever the road takes me. A journalism degree is probably useful for the first foot in the door, but at this point, I think my most sensible bet is to push through as I have already.
"my dad is sick, my brother has moments where he still needs be watched over" Can you elaborate? I'm sorry.
Give them an inch, and they'll ask for a mile.
For those who haven't been following me for a long time, my dad was diagnosed with Oral Cancer about two years ago. He's done cocktail treatments but still isn't recovering all that fast for a long list of reasons. It's really complicated.
My brother has his own issues, but he's starting to get through them and I don't want to throw him under the bus as a result. I don't think its fair to discuss the intricacies of the former outside of my family, and I'd like to respect the latter's privacy.
(insert angry letter)
like this if u cry everytiem
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Hello to you too
You played ball hockey outside my work in Waterloo and I didnt find out until I had already left. I would of liked to have told you to shutup in person but also talk Leafs! Love your stuff
You must be committed AND have a long shift! I was there for like 13 hours and tweeting about it. Maybe we'll cross paths eventually.
Are you really as big of a jerk as you come off as or is it just an internet persona?
I don't know. Some people despise me on the internet but like me in person. Some people hate me on both. Some like me on the internet but think I'm lame in person. Some like me on both.
My social tendencies aren't the same in person, but I don't know if you'd find that better or worse.
what sports do u play?
I play a lot of ball hockey. I'm trying to get myself into ice hockey, but my skating is still really bad. I play soccer when I can - I used to be a goalie, but want to start running around more so I'm trying to develop some foot skill. I want to get back into baseball, and I'm starting to learn a bit about basketball. I used to be good at badminton as well but haven't played in a long time.
You have monstrous calves.
I do! Cam was insistent on measuring them while I was in Vancouver and they came out to 17.5"
What exactly is extra skin? Is it like you were so big then when you lost your weight the skin had no where to go? I'm a little confused. Good job on losing the weight !!!
Basically, yes. I don't think anybody wants to see my stomach, but when I take off my shirt, I still have skin where my gut used to be. It's actually really bad looking and the major reason that you won't see shirtless Jeffler any time soon. But it's better than being 300++, so I'll take it.
Favourite AM album?
I'm very mood-dependent on them, and they all occasionally take that title for me. Probably "Whatever People Say I Am..." most often, though.
Will you play hockey for cat food?
I mean, if there was a way to help pets as well..
Would you date you?
Probably not. I'm basically the worst person to ever worst.
Please hug all of these twitter people for me when you make it to edmonton, ‎@wanyeGretz ‎@JenScrivens ‎@Avry ‎@Jsbmbaggedmilk
Hugged Jen and Avry, had noodles with BaggedMilk. Wanye, I presume, was off trying to take over the world as usual.
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You need to shave yo head and rock the Michael Jordan look
I'm not a tall, athletically built, black male, so there's only a 99% chance that we'd look like twins afterwards