Jeff Veillette @Jeffler
Jeff Veillette @Jeffler
Toronto, Ontario
Bad skater, egomaniac, sarcastic jerk, music snob, former fat guy, road hockey hero, self-photographer, jersey nerd, follower wholesaler, hockey blogger
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My computer is laggy and I'm sleepy and I've still got 110 to go
I'm probably going to just do the rest tomorrow, I'm sorry
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What's your favorite jersey in sports right now?
The New Jersey Devils alternate that they wear during St. Patricks Day, with the Green. It's gorgeous.
What are you thoughts on the Winnipeg Jets? (How Chevy is doing as a GM/what would it take for him to get fired? Evander Kane situation - trade him? Should they trade to boost their team in general? Areas of improvements? Where do you think they'll finish this season?) SHUT UP JEFFLER!
Whenever that team makes a move and it isn't "get a goalie better than Pavelec", they're failing. I'm also kinda skeptical at how much blame Kane and Byfuglien get from parts of the media and populace for reasons that are probably a bit not-legitimate.
But seriously, they need a goalie.
They have internet on phones now, how do you know that I'm not?
give me some inspirational weight loss quoted plz
Everybody says that I suck and can't keep my mouth shut enough. I still managed to lose a bunch of weight. If I can, you can too.
You should have spent more time in the most beautiful city on your tour, Victoria. I don't know why, but I but I find your tweets intriguing. Even though I read them, and say "There's something I don't like about that guy". Keep up the good work.
I wanted to! I can honestly say that I wish I got to spend more time in every single city that I went to on this trip. Every single one of them was cool in its own way, and outside of Vancouver, I didn't really get time to soak them in.
Thanks for the compliment, by the way. I'm a pretty unlikable person, so I don't fault you for feeling that way from time to time.
Can I father your children? Asking for a friend
That would be an unorthodox conception
Shut up jeffler
ok, i'll answer more stuff some other time
I asked some questions before that u didnt answer. Why? they werent offensive or anything
There's like a hundred of them in my ask box and I've been terribly busy. I'll get to them eventually, I just wanted specific ones for tonight!
if you don't make money with tln, how are you making money to live?
Who says I don't make money from my writing?
How many guys have you blown so far on your road trip?
Seventeen and a half
So how does this Five hole for food work? Is it basically a bunch of random people attending with a can of food and just playing hockey the whole day? I'm guessing most people don't know each other.
Yep! Bring any food or monetary donation and just drop into the game.
Is FHFF stopping by Mimico?
Hahaha that would be amazing but no
Havin a good time seeing all of Canada?
It's been a blast so far! Amazing experience.
Who's your favorite NHL14 Youtuber?
I don't watch anybody's videos and everyones cool on Twitter so I'm going to say my cousin, SnipeShowHD. I could be bribed with pucks though
Did u have any Mary Brown's in Newfoundland
Nah. I wanted to, but ultimately it's a chain and I have one near my house in Toronto so I'm not losing sleep overit
is five hole for food going to toronto twice or just once?
Just once! July 10th.
I'm a 20 year old guy madly in love with my GF but Im getting pressure to have sex with her what should I do?
Whatever you and your girlfriend seem to agree more on as the best option? I'm like the worst guy on this planet to ask about this.
When you go out and play ball hockey by yourself, what do you do? Do you have certain drills you set up?
I just throw some music on and shoot around to be honest. Try out new moves and play keepaway with my dog occasionally
why are you often asked to shut up
‎@babymurlocs on twitter started making these image macros that said "shut up jeffler" in fancy font over pretty backgrounds just for a laugh and they spread, which turned into the phrase going internet mainstream
luvudangler gives me an erection bigger than your phone
That's nice, but does it give you one bigger than the Galaxy Mega? Because that would be impressive, and by that I mean slightly above average
does steve have a five dollar foot shlong?
Nah his is on the premium list
If you had to give someone a quick rundown of what you did to lose weight, what would you say?
I ate fewer calories than I burned off.
Seriously, that's what it boiled down to. Both times (350 to 190 and 200 to 175). It's just math.
Beyond that, I like having meat and veggies and water. It's filling and it packs less of a calorie punch than say, grabbing pasta and a pop. I also play sports and that helps. But yeah; just watch the calorie number.
If you were, somehow offered a job to work a not the best paying job with an NHL team(Florida? Carolina?) or stay with the Marlies with a chance of SOMEHOW landing a job with the Leafs, what would you take?
I only have media credentials for the Marlies; I don't actually work for them. Even if I did, my interest is to write about hockey, and if its a higher level, even better. For this reason, I'd totally take the NHL opportunity. It's an easier path to success, and it gets me into the role I'm chasing.
It's the sport I love. My preference towards the Leafs is wanting my city to succeed. I don't think me working for them will make them better, so I don't have an ambition to work for the team specifically, if that makes any sense.
Favourite place you have travelled to?
I'll let you know my answer to that in about three weeks, once this trip is done. Right now it's Montreal, but that's not saying a ton (I didn't do much there, it's just that I have little experience elsewhere).