Jeff Veillette @Jeffler
Jeff Veillette @Jeffler
Toronto, Ontario
Bad skater, egomaniac, sarcastic jerk, music snob, former fat guy, road hockey hero, self-photographer, jersey nerd, follower wholesaler, hockey blogger
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#ForzaNapoliSempre #JuveMerda
#ForzaNapoliSempre #JuveMerda
Why you Tell us to post and then not answer ANYTHING? C'mon answer some shit. Ur my hero and my only reason for getting up in the morning.
Thanks, though you should probably pick a better hero. I'm a horribly lame person and there are better role models out there. Often I'll drop the link in, hoping to get to it when I get home, then end up getting home later than expected. Today, I was on schedule, so some stuff was answered. Thanks for reading!
its cool that ur earning money for doing what u love (writing hockey) but dont u think a more efficient way to fund ur "wacky ideas" would be to get some sort of part time job? im sure theres lots in the toronto area, especially with a bunch of students about to quit and go back to school for sept.
I'm actually looking at part-time stuff, directly to fund my ambitions and projects. Here's the thing: that's hard to get in Toronto. Even basic retail jobs. I've probably applied for 40-50 (plus writing and social stuff) since I got back from my trip and I've gotten two callbacks.
One of those callbacks was was a pyramid scheme. They used a fake listing to get my email. A listing to be a cashier at a grocery store. It's a brutal job market.
Hence wanting to use my own strengths and freelance. Seriously, if anybody needs the odd article or two in exchange for some currency, hit me up.
When will we get the jeffler podcast?bet it be better than steves
Nobody wants to do a podcast with me! I've been wanting to do one for years. Like, I tried to convince Steve to do one way before his was a thing. Maybe one day. His is really good though; Adam, Chris, and Steve make a great team. I'm just a shy guy who likes rattling off some thoughts sometimes, I'd need a good host to carry the show if a Jeffler podcast had any chance at success, let alone being at the level of some of the great hockey podcasts out there.
What's your greatest achievement so far?
I mean, I'm still alive, aren't I? The fact I've gone 22 years without doing anything catastrophically stupid is pretty great.
Why is it that Leaf fans have to find something to bitch about?
Have you seen the team that they follow? They don't have to find anything. It's all right there for them.
What was your favorite goal that you scored when you were on Five Hole For Food?
The first time I went in net on the tour was in Charlottetown. I hated it and wanted out. Eventually I saw an opportunity and ran out to centre in full gear and fired a wrist shot. Went off Vic's pad and in. That was awesome.
Also up there, scoring a goal in the "really good" rink in Montreal, and scoring on the HMCS Preserver flight deck (It's hard to stickhandle and that's my game).
I think you're awesome. Your recent experience with FHFF and your weight loss.. you're living proof that you can go after and achieve your goals. Thanks for inspiring. Keep being awesome! :)
Thank you! I still have a ways to go with my ambitions but I really appreciate that.
You were talking about your Dad and his illness. How did he find out about it? I just had something cancerous removed from my lip and have to go back to make sure they got it all, I am kind of worried. SO I am just wondering if you have any info on how he found out, if it's not too much.
We had a feeling he was sick, but we found out for sure the day he stopped breathing because the tumour blocked it. Thankfully he managed to call himself an ambulance. I'm sure the doctors will take good care of you and the results will be negative. Best of luck!
whats a jeffler?
He's some jerk
(I stole the name from The Dougler from Undergrads, if that's what you're asking)
How was OVO fest? Did you consider going to Veld instead?
Really good. They needed two openers on the first night, though; gap between YG and OutKast was so boring. Veld doesn't really interest me; I like EDM but not to the point where I want to be in that type of crowd.
How did you lose your breast fat?
Haven't really. Still have moobs. And a "gut". It's all loose skin. I probably won't lose it without plastic surgery, which costs ~$10,000. Can't get it covered by OHIP. Is what it is.
why do you answer so much hate messages? just ignore them
I only answer the ones that I have fun answering with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. I get way more hate mail than this. It's about the responses just as much as it is the questions and people seem to like the responses.
cam charron is hot amirite or amirite
Alleged no longer personal trainer Cam Charron is a noted girlfriend haver
Going to 2015 world juniors?
Really hope so. Might have something cool lined up for that, but I'm working on it.
Do you ever hang out with twitter followers if they wanna meet up and chill?
If I'm free, I'm always down for meeting new people. The issue is that I've been busy all summer. Which is a shame.
What's your favorite non-hockey, non-mainstream sport? (So like anything that's in the Olympics but you can't make millions of dollars playing)
I really enjoy playing Badminton. I haven't played much in the past few years, though, so I kinda suck now. I was at my peak in Grade 8.
Who wears the pants in the relationship between you and Dangle?
Who has time for pants in a world of non-stop gay sex?
What TV show would you bring back and why?
King of the Hill. Loved that show so much and I can't believe they got rid of it to make room for the Cleveland Show. Is that even still around?
Who is this Oakley guy and what did he do to you? I often see people mentioning him after you tweet something.
He's a dude who says things and thinks that I buy Twitter followers and that I hate women and a bunch of other things. It's all internet drama. I know what I did and didn't do, he's entitled to his own thoughts, and it's been several years now. I won't worry about it and neither should you.
Are you french
I have a French surname but I consider myself Italian. My entire mom's side is Italian, while my dad's side is a mix of French, Belgian, English, Welsh, and a few other things.
What do u think of tfc? It seems u kno quite a bit about serie a, la squadra nazionale italiana, mls and just soccer in general. Plz do more of it.
I really don't know all that much. I'm a casual fan who watches occasional games, plays semi-often and doesn't like it when hockey fans mock a sport. I know way less about these leagues than I do about hockey.
Who do you think the first Canadian team to win a cup will be? Approximate year?
The Leafs, this year.
I mean, Leiweke promised a parade, right?
Not really a question, but you're a greater sports writer. Only a matter of time until you're hired by some "big corporation." I think you'd be a great TV personality...future TSN hockey analyst? YES PLEASE!
I really appreciate that! I hope you're right, though at this point I'd take being hired in exchange for personality. Let's not get carried away with the TV bit though, haha. I'm pretty shy and have a lot of work to do before I get to that point.
thats a lame copout regarding your dad and bro. you brought it upon yourself by being so open about your own life. your OBLIGATED at this point to be open about whatever we ask you. now, elaborate
Just a word of advice; the next time you're about to say something to somebody, run it through your head and ask yourself "how would I react if somebody said this to me?"
Or "is there even a shred of sensible logic in this thought?"
Or about a thousand other questions.