Jeneba Tarmoh
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Ever notice that running makes you poop? Always wondered about that

Lol no not at all.

What are some great workouts for Track?

There are quite a few it all depends on what your trying to accomplish

Whom have you hugged today?

@BershawnJackson the homie, we had a fun discussion at breakfast

Why are you so obsessed with me?????

Lol really?!? Me?!? Noo never hahah

Howdy can I still take you out to eat? Since I'm up in age now lol remember me? Hahahahah

Haha, I dnt remember at all! Lol when did I say that?

You have been my idol since high school track. Although I wouldn't see you until CCS, I always looked forward to watching you run even if I was in the lane next to you. I ran with you formar teammate in college and LOVED seeing you in London (on tv of course). Keep it up. Representing for theBayArea

Thanks so much that means a lot!

What was your day like today?

Not bad, very chilled....,

Are you scared of the dark?

Sometimes, that's why I sleep with the tv on nickelodeon or Cartoon Network lol

What advice/workout tips would you give to 200m/100m sprinters until Track Season rolls around again.....

Stay healthy and rest is just as important as training!

You have been a big insperation to me throughout my track career. Being a mount pleasent cardinal and being in your footsteps has been the greates joy ever. Thank you so much for giving us all something to look forward to. And even the shoes you gave us, everything helps us to follow in the dream.

Thanks, I try my best to do what I wish others did for me.

How many calories do u eat daily??

Idk, I know it's a lot though

So u not fond of Salone guys? There goes my hopes and crushed right now...mak ah go cry ma corner

Hahaha maybe one day but not now.

Hi Jeneba! lol

Matthew Brown

Hey what's up?

The guy ur gonna Skype has a bunch of RT's so far

What do you love most about running?

I love the feeling of accomplishment!

You only date salone guys? lol

Lol my boyfriend is Jamaica. I'm not to fond of salone guys though.

How bout that Mt. Pleasant Pride???

I love MP!!! Lol

Thank you for being an inspiration to your old alumni Mt pleasant we are very proud of you and excited to see what's next ,thank you for your big heart and what you give back .

Thanks you so much

Who will be on the relays with u today??

It was Me Barbara Pierre Alex Anderson and Auriell Scott

How many hours a day is dedicated to track workouts, weight lifting, massage therapy, and etc

4-5 hrs.

Are u single

I'm in a relationship

Which track workout do you dislike the most?

Lol anything with a 600. That's when I get sooo sad

Im your cousin lol

Yay cool!!!

What events will you be particate in at worlds 2013?

The 200m dash

Do u have kik

Nope idk what that is