Jennifer @Jenniferumana_
Jennifer @Jenniferumana_
North bergen
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Thank you
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it's your birthday today??
Lmfao yess
Do you like dogs?
Yes ❤
Do you like dogs?
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Youre so beautiful❤️.
All you:* and thank you love❤❤
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Tbh- your good at drawing
Tbh- your so sweet and you always buy me food
Christian M
Tbh- you're so quiet
Tbh- we bearly talk
Tbh- you're the sweetest kid I know
Tbh- I love your smile
Those names I sent you are for tbh and rate btw :)
I'm just doing a to be honest.
Just gonna name 8-1
Your so pretty omg:-[❤️  Melissa
That's all you and thank you beautiful❤
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What drink do you prefer when you’re thirsty?
Mind doing a rate and confession?:)
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Ball is life tho lmaoo
You right
What is in your fridge?
Food ❤
Tbh~your pretty♡  Adam ✔ツ
Thank you❤
tbh~ you're really pretty. I love your hair <3.<3
Thank you gorgous❤❤
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Do you like black niggas ??
It depends
Do you spend too much time on smart phone playing ‘stupid games’?
Tbh- your perfect!☺️  Jasmiri flores
Thank you baby❤❤
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selfie plz?
Here you go anon
selfie plz?
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Do you like being alone?
Sometimes it depends.
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Sorry for being annoying