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Ow defensive dnt write stuff then delete it if u dnt mean it. Lot of ppl av already seen it. He's a dinlow anywaiis u can do much beta.

I didn't want to get judged. And ah it's hard but I'll get through it</3

Clearly he didn't stand by u other wise u wudnt be alone now hahahahaha

Just leave me alone

Opinions on chris Trafford

known him my whole life basically, havent seen him in years though! lovely and hot

Who do you talk to on the phone most often?


have u been licked out?

Bit personal

Love doesn't mean u look like silly.. Love - respect, trust, honest, faithful.


Prettiest girl at varndean?

There are loads

So y wud u wanna look silly


So much can happen in what 8 months.. U just look silly

I know

Nothing last forever. Love is so close to hate. It's all about the habit.


Looool, y wud u wanna be wiv a boy that mugged u off? You're crazy.

Can't say. But we've been through a lot.

How can u be inlove with sumone yet sleep wiv other boys dnt make sense


fittest boy in varndean?

Can't say;)

i'd love to fuck you

Come here then

are u a virgin?


If you had one wish what would it be?

For me and Ethan to get back together and last forever.

Far, far away in the distance is happiness. Just keep livin ur life how u want.. Ull get there quicker

I'll try</3

You getting on Harry vience?

Vince* And no.

Shame he dnt luv u stop going on now u cnt change it

Awh shame, I love him. Fuck yourself mate

You have some mouth on you don't ya.

Course I fucking do, you think I'll sit back and let you give me hate? Ahaha

Have you done anything with a boy


Hey if you want could you check out my youtube covers ? :)

Nick Wonderchuka

Yeah sure x

1 person you trust wit ur life

Got broken ha.

Top 5 girls

Mary<3!, Shannon, Kylie, Danielle, I don't know who else ha

Love is a strong wrd Probz a habit nd attention harsh wat you done typical bitch

I know it's a strong word. What the fuck did I do? I didn't do ANYTHING. Fucking loppy cunt.


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