Jessica Scott @JessScott1234
Jessica Scott @JessScott1234
Jessica Scott. 16yrs. Perth. Western Australia
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ayyye J.Scotttyy ball photos are lookin gewd
Thank you xx
advice for girls going though a hard break up
Honestly deleted his number
Every photo of you guys everything that reminds you of him.
If he brought you something put it away just erase him out of your life. Of he try's to talk to you to be mates unfriend him until your completely over him. Go out with your mates and make sure you can talk about things with your mum I did and she helped me through so much and my whole family supported me. But the main thing is have the friends there 24/7 to get your mind of him. I was in the worst situation cause I wanted my ex back but he got with and 18 year old I let all my anger out by doing things that I wouldn't have done while in a relationship. I went out to party's went and got with boys and after a whole with all the support and outings you have you eventually fined your happiness again. Cause if you were once happy before he came into your life you can be happy again you just have to carry on and not think about it... Talk to other boys flirt have fun. Single is what you need to be after a relationship zz
you said friday was one of your weekend highlights, what happened on Friday?
Can't really remember it ahah
Your bum has my approval.  Callum Gaunt
would you hook loui hw
Would you
what happened on Friday?
What ya mean
that ass! woohoo
Shh haha
you are so hootttt o::
Thank you
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are you serious? it's so fucking good i can tell u now even old men will be wanking over it!!! so hot post more?
Nah ahaha was a once off
how Is that sad???
Haha idk cause it's not even that good
is it weirdo owing boys are wanking over that ass?
Nope haha kinda sad if they are tho
Any more pictures of that perfect ass?
Nah haha
you have a perfect bum woah
No way
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did you seriously just share your bum pic on Facebook....... very classy x
hahha I didn't mean to
Bum pic
Bum pic
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highlights from your weekend pretty :)
Definantly Friday and city with jack :p
How come babe, your face is your most beautiful feature. You have to show it off
No no no it's not z
Jess, babe, wat is this. Seriously half ur face. WAT IS WRONG WITH U WOMEN. Your only showing half of ur beauty. U do u the chance to try again if u r up for the challenge
ahhaah I hate showing my whole face ahha
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hottest Newman guy (besides zach schreier)
There's three others that are extremely attractive
In time, in time babe. But for now. How bout a pic of u now
Was from about a few hours ago
In time, in time babe. But for now. How bout a pic of u now
One, saw u at school. And two, WTF is wrong with this person who says ur not hot. They are smoking some serious shit to think that. You are the most beautiful chick I've ever seen
You go to my school? Ooo tell me who you are please you beautiful person I love you
You're not that hot ok
I know im not
i saw u this morning and you were the hottest, most beautiful looking chick ther
Where did you see MeV
according to cody galvin rossy has a hell smooth tongue, thoughts now you have experienced it first hand?
Your a sick bitch aye
apparently you got with ben ross
Fuckk offffff