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Jessie Springett @JessieSpringett
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Tbh you're hilarious. I enjoy having classes with you :O  WalterMurray
Which class? :O
I'm definitely playing man  Kieran Greening
Word, sounds like it'll be fun
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Are you gonna play outdoor soccer this year? It was fun playing with you  Kieran Greening
Yeah I think so, you should come play
Favorite year of highschool?
Grade 9 forsure!!
Are you stuntin like your daddy?
Str8 stuntin
Are you stuntin like your daddy?
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Do you sell ku$?
So much ku$
Whose your daddy?
Steve springett
Would you bang Alex Parsley?
Only if I get Gucci $wag 4 lyfe
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Niggy niggy niggy niggy niggy niggy niggy niggy niggy niggy.
Whattup niggy?
Yo mommas titties when they come swing back around
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Would you bin Alex Parsley?
As in putting a bin on her head? Why would I ever want to do that?
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Thanks, It's nice to hear from someone that isn't my mom
That's what I call your dads
#teamlightskin am I right?
100% brotha ✊
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What's the last thing you bought?
My 12 minute girlfriend
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Tbh you being on the team this year was killer and your chill!  Frazer
Yeah man, next year is gonna be sick
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Did you fuck her for crack?
Heroin actually
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Devyn Peters and you aren't wheeling?
Lol no I don't talk to devyn
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Tbh you are such a great guy! You're hilarious! You're personality can brighten up most people's day and that was just slightly weird to say but oh well! I wish we talked more! We used to talk quite a bit!  WalterMurray
Talk to me more! Or IBM! That be pretty cool :)
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Rate 9.5/10!!  WalterMurray
Now I can say I'm pretty :)
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Thoughts on girls that cut?
Well I'm not going to judge them or anything but I don't suggest it and I suggest stopping or just not doing it
it's James...
Sounds like a difficult task
will you teach me how to drive manual
Depends who this is
Thoughts on girls that have tattoos or piercings?
I don't mind them but I don't like septum piercings.
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Would you rather be able to fly? Or be invisible but you could choose when you want to be invisible?
Fly. Invisibility is way to over rated