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JhayDah Baker @JhayDahBee
JhayDah Baker @JhayDahBee
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You getting money?
hell yeah
why cant i have a hot neighbor who falls inlove with me
fuck me like a lesbian
i wish that i could be like the cool kids
its ok
10 year olds are in relationships and then theres me being scared to make a fuckING ORDER AT MCDONALDS
oh mhmm
He might beat me till I vomit blood n pass out, but at least I got a man! Unlike you!
lnfaoo its crazy ion want nobody like that
Have you ever dreamt about things to 'do' to somebody?
have you ?
yeah ?
my boyfriend just told me we cant fuck tnyt coz his wife got in a car crash smfh what about my fucking needs !!
lmfaoo it seem like you mad
Decide to teach my niece how to suck dick fa a real nigga and we outta damn bananas smh finna use a carrot!
oh !
Weave laid, nails did, face beat, abortion done, eyebrows on fleek... IM BACK BITCHES!
lmfaooo oh yeah !
Did you come from a generation where your relationship could possibly be ruined by your snapchat best friend(s) because same :/
youre not making any sense
I want to be a slut for Halloween.., so can you give me some tips?
lmfaoo i mean do you !
Can you post a pic of your pussy?
stfu ✋✋✋
Call one of your friends 'puta' it means beautiful in Spanish<3
stop lying bih beautiful in spanish is hermosa
You gotta bæ?
Wen u gana recugnise a TRU niga and drop dem patnies ho
when your dumbass learn how to spell
Has anyone ever played your clit?
has anyone ever played with your clit ?
Are you sexual or asexual?
Why are there so many naked pictures of you on the internet?
what naked pictures
bomb babe :) xxx ‎@adelelilyxx
thank you
Rate: 10 xx
thank you
what ?
its crazy
Do you have ebola?
yeah & im coming after yoo ass