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Who is your favorite sports icon (past or present)?

LeBron James

I'm your #1 Fan in Egypt, guess who I am! :P

My man Mo'men I appreciate your support.

Are you currently in a relationship?

Who is this?

I really miss you

Who are you?

Hey pj

Who is this?

What do you think is the new online trend right now?

D*** riding

Are you a city or a nature person?

A little of both.

Who is your number one artist of all time?


Do you use FL or an MPC?


When did you start rapping and when did you start producing?

Rapping 1997. Producing 2012.

Which track did you have the most fun making?

Honestly all of them. I learned more about myself and what the listeners want to hear with each track.

Do you listen to any female rappers right now?

Yep Chelsea Reject and a young lady from the DMV name Akoko.

Can you please tell me what you sampled to make Quest?

Nope that's a secret.

Who is Hector?

My Hispanic imaginary friend.

Who is your favorite Producer and who inspires you?

My favorite is DJ Premiere but I'm inspired by Rick Rubin and @ElbeeThrieBeats from Phny Ppl.

Can I get a beat?

Sure send me an email

You should produce more.

I have been told that before. Thank you for listening.

Who produced Joystick?

My homie Terrence from high school.

Who was your #WCW

Michelle Obama

Can you do a song with Joey Bada$$?

Tell him that you would like for that to happen.

I like your album I actually paid for it bro......

Thank you. DM me your address I'll send you some autographed stuff.

when is your next show going to be?

Where do you live? ill do a show there

What was the last 'nice' thing you did for yourself?

Gave somebody a few dollars to get home.

What books do you plan to read?

The Constitution

If you could invent a holiday what would it be?

How does this benefit anyone


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