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LOOL yeah mesh 3aref Leh though, it's so useless

Mazen Ibrahim

Sa7, miss when everyone used to go on here it was like twitter

Wowow malek ya benty? 😂

Mazen Ibrahim

Youre still alive on here??

Which 2 guys are like brothers to u?

I consider no guy as a 'brother' because they're not and whoever says a guy is 'like a brother to them' is a straight up liar k

describe ur love life

non existent :)))

Aww i am obliged... What were you doing


Ahaha nothing of your concern

You look so gorgeous... Can we be friends?😍😍


Aw thanks so sweet ahaha!

Share something you're grateful for today.

Family friends food god frozen yoghurt the usual

Hey, how are you doing?

Never been better! You?

wow that reply was only 5 months late

I like to play hard to get


Stuffed crust on pizzas <3

how tall are you in centimetres?

154 :))))

have you heard of the app chatous?

Nop what is it?

What do you want your realistic job to be?

Maybe a psychologist

Staying for y12 and 13?

Y12 yesss but Im not sure about y13 I might do

What makes a person rich?

Get a reality tv show bc hollywood

which is the hardest muscle group to exercise?

Your brain muscles

Which are your favorite works of art?

The kfc logo

Do you have any addictions?

Junk food

What is your biggest dream in life?

To become successful at doing what I love to dooo

What does true friendship mean to you?

Ugly snapchats for 10 seconds

when do you get back to kuwait?

I didnt leave kuwait yet

Who are you?

Esteban julio ricardo montoya de la rosa ramirez



are u done travelling or nah

Nah I'm going to lebanon next week LOOOOOOL

where do you want to go for university?

I have no plans but I wanna study somewhere that would have a lot of parks with lakes and greenery near the university I'd go to


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Nearest kitchen prolly