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Dude that Tyranny song is motherfuckin awesome!

Thats one of our favorites too! haha glad you like it. we got plenty more on the way!

indestructible is the shit mang. that voice i can listen to all day.

We appreciate it! More to come soon!

Makeup Sex is sexy af! Dianne Franc's voice is so fuckin sexy!

thanks! We are currently hard at work on more music from Dianne Franc!

Would love to work with diane franc but she hasnt replied to any of my emails. I thought of reaching you instead. Shes very talented I will love to work with her.

Kindly send a demo and your info to and we'll give you a listen!

Complexion lead me to indestructible. Melts me like fux. I imagine diane franc singing it to me. Great production and talent dude.

Many thanks. We have a whole bunch of new ones in the oven right now that we hope you dig on when they are ready. cheers!

What is it like working with dianne franc?

It's a pleasure working with her. Every artist - particularly the really talented ones - has quirks and unique aspects of their process to learn to work with... But Dianne is probably one of the easier artists to work with from my experiences.

Do you find a girlfriend now mr. joe? or you are not single? or have a girlfriend? ^_^

You could say that I have a special someone...

Are you currently in love?

Yes. The cool thing about love is that the more you give the more you have.



What do you think about marriage?

love requires no vows

Indestructible. Listening to this over and over and over again.

Nice. thank you!

Hello Joe Fabio! I love your music and dianne franc and brenan. I love the song Indestructible today! Makeup Sex too! Dianne is hot and her voice is like angel you know.

Thank you kindly for listening to our work! We plan many releases in the near future.

I am listening to Indestructible repeating it again and again because Dianne Francs voice is so beautiful. She sound like she will cry on the song. I can feel it. I love this song. More power Mr Joe Fabio!

Shannon Guitierez

Dianne always writes from the heart... that is why she is one of my favorite artists to work with. Thanks for checking us out!

I fuckin love DIANNE FRANCK!

We love you too!!

I can feel the song indestructible with dianne franc's breath of awesome vocals. fucking smooth!

Thank you! We plan on keeping em coming!

Your cool :)

Jan Eric Boncato∞

haha thank you! I am glad that you think so.


Haha You know it!!

Finally new songs! I love all of them!

WORD! Still more on the way!

Where can I buy the Dianne Franc album?The latest tracks are gorgeous.

the full EP is available at Cheers!

loving everything to the song indestructible. Its a good one it makes me in love.

We are glad you like it! there is more on the way

I will always be Dianne's biggest fan here in France. Where can I download? There is no link :-(

Thank you for that! The song can be found at

Africa loves you joe fabio and dianne franc. New songs are great!

AWESOME!! Hopefully we can make our way out there at some point!

Girls n boys is my favorite and virtual love affair. I love brenan and dianne franc. I am from davao city and when will you going to visit us here?

Hey, thank you! I am currently in Manila until monday the 27th, but unfortunately, I am leaving back to Los Angeles CA on the 27th of this month. I plan to come back to the Philippines in June, and we will hopefully be able to travel around to different cities and play some shows when I come back for that trip.

I love you Fabio <3

I love you too, mystery person!!

Who wrote the words to Makeup Sex? Fuckin hot!

those lyrics were all Dianne. I just did the track and engineering on that one


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