Joel Kanitz @Joelkanitz
Joel Kanitz @Joelkanitz
YO I'm Joel I play in this band called this century. I like cats
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Do u like bring me the horizon?
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Oliver told me 2 annoy u!!! XD
Haha how nice of him
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i am a boy magnet
hummm whats your age
Just answered that
how old are you?
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hey where r u from :)
Arizona (:
You're girlfriends ugly mate
She's not my girlfriend 'mate'
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Is your band called this century i like cats or this century? :P
Lol just this century
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what can u see from ur bedroom window (show a pic pls)
I'm not actually in my bedroom so can't really
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Ever had a gay moment?
Um no...?
countries you would like to visit?
I'd like to see more of Europe
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damn boy you fine
Thank you (:
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you must be a girl magnet
I'm not
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if you have a six or 4 pack you will always be HOT trust me i know
Oh well that's good then
i think your hot from the pic
Thanks (:
thnx y do u think that your not hot
Because I'm not really
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Um no?
Rate - 8 :)  Fezan Hussain
Thanks (:
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its my birthday today
Happy birthday
do u think ur hot
Um not really
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If you have a baby boy or a girl ? What would you name it
I'm not sure maybe Helen for a girl or Chantelle
You look lyk a nice person !
Thanks (:
who are you ?? <3
Um I'm Joel
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how old are you