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Johnny Holewinski✔️ @JohnnyHolewinski
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Text me sometime hoe ✌️  Alexandra Voulgaris
You love me more doe  Alexandra Voulgaris
Thoughts on?  Alexandra Voulgaris
You love me
R u single
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That's not a thought (;  Kiara Kallas
Thought on me?(:  Kiara Kallas
Text me (:
thoughts onn (:  Mady Hurst ☻
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Thoughts on Travon?  Travon-_-
My nigga
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Rude.(;  Kaeli ★ ☆
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Thoughts on me(;  Kaeli ★ ☆
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#?  Becca✨
Lmao thanks;)  Becca✨
Text or snap me(;
Thoughts on  Becca✨
You're cool;)
So do you and Lindsey have a thing or?
Idk haha
What's up with u and Lindsey
You go to west or north?
Neither hah
Thoughts on (:  Helfers
You're chill as hell hmu to hang soon!
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Thoughts on  ClaireLaufer(;
Whoops have to change it otherwise you'll cut my dick off, anyways you're chill as hell Ily haha you're always there for me like rn(; and you've always been there for me no matter how big of a dick I was to you you're absolutely gorgeous to:)
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whats ur username
I like someone
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I heard lindsay sucked ur dik
Haha you heard wrong, who's this ?
who do u think is the hottest junior from west?
You stole jak from lindsay props bro
hm (;
What's so good about lindsey. Explain.
What isn't, explain.
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Brittany is beautiful tho
You have you're opinion lol
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