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It's national friendship day! Who are your best friends?


Is there drama at Lourdes

Yeah dumbass dudes lol

How about you not go on ask and start acting like a fuckboi?

Okay hoe

Ask still hasn't changed still a bunch of pussy anons

Johnny Holewinski✔️


Whats it called?

I don't want you t I have the same jacket ???

What brand is your blue snowboard jacket?

Who is this???;)

hey fuckboy😏


what the fuck who sends this shit hahaha

Hannah lol

Haha okay just makin sure(:

Hannah Barbiere


That is not me Hannah. Just letting you know

Hannah Barbiere

Lol omg I know don't worry !!!:)

I want u to want me because I have liked u forever

Sorry Hannah

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Just do it already

do you still like lindsey


Maybe if we water your dick, it will grow;)


Lindsey's ugly asf

Clearly you're vision is impaired doucheeee she's perfect.

Lindsay like jack

Lol no she doesn't fuckboyyyy

Do u like Lindsey


Bro Lindsey flirts with me all the time

Ok screenshot messages and text em to me 920-410-9343

What happens when a cop stops you while youre going to get pussy?

I honestly think they are, she would do something like this and make it seem like it isn't her

And she always spells my name fukin JON

dumbass anon wtf

I hate ask lol pretty sure these are all Hannah

Is Hannah pretty

Ummmm ?

Lindsay likes Avery jon

* Lindsey *john & ok


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