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What schoool are you going to?
I'm at school now babe
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Thoughts on Jenna lennop
bae (;
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Thoughts on me!?  Danielle flouro
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you are cute as fuck (:
Thanks babe
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I messaged you;)
No you didn't
I could just message you;)
Do it ;)
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How about you just message me;)
I will what's you're name ? (;
I remember when you talked to me before you dated Brittany lol
Tell me who this is; )
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What's your number il text you
Text/snapchat me and other girls to figure it out;)
Idk who this is
yess who is this
Yeah for you;)
Lol ;)
What will we do if we meet up;)
You'll smd
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Hmmmm;) johnnyyyy
Fr though!;)
Can't say;) it's a surprise for you;)
loll (;
Let's meet somewhere;)
ight who's this and we can (;
North side;)
Damn to far ;)
Meet me half way;)
Okay where are youu;)
Fr though.;)
You come over ;)
Hottest girls with a nice ass;)
Lol you baby(;
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Who do u like?;)
Lol when you need someone and no ones there for you lol ok.
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What do you dress like?
a g
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When you get up in the morning how do you dress?
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Text me bruh  TrÀvŌnIcà LèÊ✅
ight g
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