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What's the perfect place for a first date?
My pants
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why did andrew have a black eye?
Who knows
Tbh and Rate for likers pleasee?:)
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date Sidney
(; hahaha
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Did you ever have sex? Honestly
Nah I don't know how
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any good seniors?
Just say them
Nah they know who they are
Which ones?
Lol must you know
Are there any hot girls at Lourdes?
A select few
Since when are you into Claire?
You're perfect and I follow you   - Suspended At 98k -
Do you prefer to ski or snowboard?
Snowboard tf
give you girls names and you rate there ass?
When was your first kiss?
Ahh Idk
I heard you get flame wax hook me up
What's wax?
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get with Olivia bro;))
Still Lindsey?
Lol no
Are you interested in anyone atm?
What makes you cry?
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how's Lindsey
Lead me on
Thoughts on
How would you treat your girlfriend?
Fuck Her right
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Text me sometime hoe ✌️  Alexandra Voulgaris
You love me more doe  Alexandra Voulgaris
Thoughts on?  Alexandra Voulgaris
You love me