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You're really cute:)
Thanks (;
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Wow all druggies you must be popular
They aren't druggies
Hmu bitchhhh tray and I were with andrew, dylan, dallas, cole, and kenton last nighttt lol
You cute:)
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So Jensen huh?
If you had to get one thing tattooed on your forehead, what would it be?
a penis
Who did you all have sex with and who all gave you a blow?
Thoughts on Hannah(:  Hannah Barbiere
She loves meee (;
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Thoughts on  Avery Hurkman
YoU friends with brittnay?
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If something bad happened to you right now who would you call?
Ghost busters
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Wait Claire Laufer?
I was joking (;
You friends with Hannah?
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She's mean to me lol jkkk
well she is ugly
clair gve you a blow job??
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I know(:  Johannah Pauline Mathwig
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Lmfao. I'm not in love with you.  Johannah Pauline Mathwig
It was a joke chill you're roll it's all gucci.
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Now do it for real.  Johannah Pauline Mathwig
Well you're actually quite attractive I know you're in love with me, you don't have to hide it.
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I'm sorry! :/ text me tomorrow! I promise I'll reply haha.  Johannah Pauline Mathwig
Yeah yeah
Thoughts on(:  Johannah Pauline Mathwig
No she never messages me back anymore :(
she ugly
I'll kill you
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is rheannonhot
At what age you kissed for the first time?
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Do my thoughts on  ClaireLaufer(;
tbh i love youu you've always been there for me and that's all I ask, I'm on the phone with you right now so yeah, anyways you're absolutely gorgeous(; and I'm coming over Saturday.
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