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You stole jak from lindsay props bro
hm (;
What's so good about lindsey. Explain.
What isn't, explain.
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Brittany is beautiful tho
You have you're opinion lol
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Brittany is so much better than Lindsey
Lol @ you but the difference between lindsey and brittany, is lindsey has a heart.
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She showed me! She really wanted that hat!
haha who's this
So I saw what you got Lindsey for her birthday
haha how
Do you miss Brittany
dude trust me she likes you
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Likers get tbh?
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Lindsey doesn't like you
I know
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If you could live with one person forever who who it be and why?
my doctor
Claire sucked ur dick
What who told ya that?
Thoughts on  Lindsey
Well first off I give her mad probs for staying as strong as she does through all the shit she's been through, she's gorgeous I mean I don't really even know what to say I can't really put in words what she means to me.
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Why do you want to be in Lindsey's life? What do you plan to do with her
What do you mean I wanna be in her life because she's already been through hell and back I wanna make her happy she deserves it.
Wait a bit to ask her out
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R u gonna ask her out
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Thts so cute! Have u ever liked anyone like u like her
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Whts so different about Lindsey than other girls
Idk I just get this feeling when I'm around her and I can't really describe it ya know?
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Bruh dnt hurt Lindsey she's been hurt to many times
I wouldn't hurt her if my life depended on it
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that's horrible to say that about her anon, he can like who he wants, fuck off loll  Avery Hurkman
Pap of Lindsey
Look on Instagram
Y her
She's perfect.
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She cuts herself. Who wants to date a freak like her
Come offf anon pussy bitch
Thoughts on  Avery Hurkman
My nigga
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Are you going to lourdes?