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yea im good thanx wat bout u?
Give me time! X  Sir Jake Alston
lol ok x
Aw, yes you may, but tomorrow as I am going out soon x  Sir Jake Alston
ok thanks :-) dont forget lol
Ask me questions and follow me on twitter? The link's in my bio :)  Beth Roweth
um nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beg  Connor Moses
you're PERFECT.  fuck off.
thanks lol bit random x
you're perff.  fuck off.
say that again in english please lol?
Hello Mr. Sexy. Would you like to.join me in a nice comfy bed? The only rule is no clothes..  Chelsy Dannan Chanee Fuller
I'm gonna pass cause you look about 14, plus I love cock to much sorry.
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Opinion on me?:)x  Another Queer.
ummmmm........ sexy as hell!!!!
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aww :( you look younger aha x  Emy⭐️
thanks x
15, how old are you?x  Emy⭐️
23 :-( x
yeah :') I haven't ever met anyone off here that lives round here x  Emy⭐️
neither have i how old are you? x
I'm from herne bay!  Emy⭐️
thats so cool :-) x
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wheere in kent are you from?  Emy⭐️
canterbury whs that sweetness?
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How bigs ur dick?:s x  Another Queer.
9 inches wana see?
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Opinion on ‎@JamesLukeGoldie?  Another Queer.
very cute and sexy x
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So we could talk better ;)  .
wat else u got msn?
Do you have kik?  .
no why?
You are so hot. :3  .
thanks lol not 2 bad yourself
OMG your picture turns me on  .
really i bet this is a wind up
you don't look bisexual
ok what does bi sexual look like then lol?
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lol, how old are youu? x  Shelby Murray
23 u? x