Josh Kinkade
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did you touch anyone at deisel?

yes my gf

were you with the spliffs at diesal


hows u and the gf getting on

very good thanks

whos the gf ?

Paige cartwhright

Fittest 2nd&3rd Years? ;)

2nd:aoife glynn, cealsai, ciara dent, aisling mccabe, emma bias..........
3rd:caitlyn dawson, shanes women shauna stafford, elisha callaghan,

I wnt u to fuck me

hahaha right ::L

you are in bits holy shit

see the funny thing is i have a hack that shows me who typed this so ur fuck hu ever it was

The thing is, im in complete love with you. And i could never take this off anonymous incase you didnt love me back. I've felt like this for ages, and i guess this is the only way you could know :( <3

hu is this

shes a dog :L :L

say it to my face and u will know what u will get

did you score yesterday


you going diesal


are u going out with paige cartwright???

yeah whats ur problim

Why you so gay?

nice ciara

Which is the best age to marry?


If you could buy any car right now, what would you buy?