Josh Roder
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People you know that smell good (3 people or more)

Um , idk but,alot of white and Mexican girls smell amazing (:

top 3 best butts (opposite gender)

Um , Morgan , Tyesha , ??

What type of people are you afraid of?

Crazy people

What is in your fridge?

Food & Drinks lol .

Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?

I guess ..

Where do you feel most safe?

My house

Have you had a first love, if so, who?


I've been thinking about ya! You know, know, know. Do you think about me still? Haha do you know who this is?

Lol Nahh!

How come you don't really mess with ahkeem brother anthony

Wym? I do but we don't really chill outside of school

How does one turn down? When they have the opportunity to turn up?

Um , That's a great,question

Have you been to any cool concerts lately?


lol it's anonymous for a reason cutie (:

Lol ok

Come to the mall w/ me Ahkeem mike d jovani

I'm not

If a DOT try to give me the P what should I do?

Do that mf !

Really? you're too cute not to talk to someone

Lol thanks (: . Who are you?

Who you talk to?

No one .

What invention has had the greatest impact on society?

The light bulb

top cutest in all your classes

Lol idk ..

Freshman MVP: Offensive MVP: Defensive MVP: Special Teams MVP: Best Team Spirit:


The two people that aren't dating but should.

Mario & theresa

how are u josh ??


Freshman with cutest smile (At least 3 people)

Hannah , Talandra , ... Can't think lol

Cutest Person in your classes 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: 6th: 7th:

I'm not doing this right now

Best 3 friends of the opposite sex?

Marlonda , dukes , and Oyanna

What 5 people make you laugh the most?

Marquis abone Mike d Mario Tyrell