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Can you poop on my knee please? Will you mustard mustard mustard oh mustard mustard?
The answer is yes
Casey Sammel
Has a great ass and Is in love with my bestfriend. :)
you're perfff.
No wayyy! Buttyhank you :))))))
How many bitches you have?
0 :(
who is your favorite senior girl?
Probably bailey Sandvall :)
You love me don't you ?;)  maribel chavez
I love you soooo much babe... What a silly question;)
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Ii feel like you hate me
I don't know who you are but since you got this link via Facebook and I haven't deleted you, I probably don't hate you
Biggest bitch you know?
That's a toughyyyyy.. She knows who she is. And I can't wait till she's gone next year
Why are we married if you don't talk to me?
Cause you hate me:(
Why's your friend sam cellino so sexyyy
Idk, cause she my bff?
i like big butts and i cannot lie...
I like you and I cannot lie
Top five prettiest girls at dunedin?
Katelyn Trepainer, brooke Khandjian, Carolyn metzner, gabby dubay and the new girl
Why aren't you allowed to date?
Cause I'm albanian and they're crazy. And so are my parents..
Why do you have such a big butt?
I eat my life away on the reg
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