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Ty @JudeKay
Nothing, just get me questions.
Umm, Ask? ↓
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Happy birthdaaaay 7bbt ;*
Hahaah, thankk youu x
يومك المفضل .. ؟  mohammed
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shklk falla :) !!!  MF♔
Uha kay, why anon? :-)
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Jude, I couldn't find the kardashians , can u teach me how to open it or how to find it PLZ!!
Google>>keeping up with the kardashisns>putlocker/sockshare
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Yo jude I had a fun time last night :p, guess who!!
Ammiii <3
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when the last time u took a shower =)))))) ?  عمر
Tawni 5rjt..
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meen t7ibbeeen
Al jini
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wsh tbi tsaween fe 7yatik ?
Madri ;p
Im 14, esh edarini
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انتي الي ف الصوره !!!
Eeehh! Ti9adig? :O
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how u spent ur Vacation ;) ?  عمر
School isn't over yet,
Ask that again on the 20th of June. =]
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ferr cool ferr naice, good thing u follow me, good good my frnd.
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What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?
That random questions are the dumbest shit ever.
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كم عمرك ؟
Check my profile. Smarticle.
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Eywa, a7b elhwa
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enty s3odyah?
Yeah, obviously.
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follow me back :D
I am dumb dumb :P
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كيف شكلك ؟
3yoon, fm, 5shm. Wallah kef tbeni ashra7?
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Wsh tf3li b7yatik ?
Zay ay bent, wsh tebeni af3l?
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What is one thing you have tried to change, but couldn't?
My height -___-
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What toothpaste do you use?
...Crest, cinammon rush
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r u tht weirdo thats been sending me these weird questions ???
Yeah, sure am! :D
Wow, an anon!
Ofc it was mee
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Who do u love
I'm inlove with brownies and tomatoes..
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What's a subject you wish you knew more about?
Dafuq is this question...
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What quality do you value most in your friends?
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If you were given a time machine to travel backwards in time, what are the three mistakes that you would want to rectify?
Things i said to people, things i wore, n ways i acted.
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