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Dizzy's or Nachos?

Man a throwback ha Dizz

Knicks or Nets?


how is it for you at umass is there people when they see you ask you for pictures

It's great I love my time spent here, & sometimes!

Do you think you will have the first Mullins Center sellout in a LOOOONNGGGG time this year?

Yeah, hope so.

I watched you play at UMass your sophomore year and I believed in you ever since. Good luck this season and I hope you make the tournament. Keep up the good work!

Thanks man I appreciate the support and loyalty

You da fuckin man! We Be Playin Chazketball

Lol thanks man love the fans here as well man

Hope to see see you in the tournament this year! And do you play Marquette this year?

Thank you, that's our goal and plan. No, we don't .

Just want to let you know that CBS ranked BC's pointguard higher than you on this list.. I WANT YOU to SHOW THEM HOW WRONG THEY ARE! http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/eye-on-college-basketball/24088271/cbssportscoms-top-100-players-in-college-hoops-for-201314

I Love It :)

Great seeing a young athlete doing what he can for his family.. Too many athletes take their talents so lightly. What keeps you so humble?

Just keeping God first in my life and always rely on him no matter the situation. Thank you also, I appreciate that .

Will we be seeing a lot of 3 guard looks with you, DG, and trey out on the floor together?

Yes you might, but it's up to coach .

Do you expect to play as many minutes as last year? Or is Trey more equipped to take over some of those minutes?

That will be up to coach

Do you think Jabari will be able to step in nicely for you?

Yeah Jabarie is pretty good and of course he's tough, ha he's from Ny .

who you got colts or broncos?


Who do you room with on the road?

Marley Aka Maxie

You excited for Trinidad James to come to the zoo?

Yeah it's cool to have another main stream artist up here.

which freshman gonna make the biggest impact this year?

You will have to wait & see :)

Excited for the open looks you will get with DG driving and dishing

Yes if only people understood how good he is !

Are you excited to play your first game at the Boston Garden?

Yes because it's my first last college game and I like the celtics somewhat haha

how do you feel that about people saying that you will go as one of the umass greats of all time

It's truly a blessing and a honor to be even thought of amongst the greats that came from here. We can never forget the Dr. But I Thank God for all the high praise I receive

Can Berger ball?

Yes he can! that kid good

which point guard in your schedule are you looking most forward toward playing


If you could pick one NBA team to play for right now, what would it be?

Miami Heat or Lakers

Why were you up so early this morning tweeting? Haha

Had to get ready for a diabetes walk.

Are you a Michigan st basketball fan?

No, I'm a Umass Fan !

favorite NFL team?

New York Giants