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thoughts on smoking

I find it sexy when guys smoke once & a while but all the time is a turn off

like ur name ;)


you're perfect omg

Thank you so much !!

hey sexy how are u today gorgeous <3

Good hbu

post a sexy pic of yo self cutie

Aha noooo

U hav the nicest ass

Aha thanks

I think ur the hottest girl our age in the world

No that's a lie but thanks so much baby

ur hott ;$ :*


Aw thank you!

Mssg me sometime?


You can text me 4167082714

Omg ur eyes:$


Aha thank you !!

Cordiano told me you sucked him and Ryan off at the same time is it true? dun lie

Get a life lawl

Ur boyfriend prob fucks the shit out of you and you Injoy every min of it


post a pic of u n domi

Post a pap of ur beautiful body


Take a pap of u

iPhone or Android?


im so happy ur finally ungrounded it made me sad to see u so sad

Aw thanks

Do u hate ryan


What is your biggest Insecurity ?

I have to many to name :)

how aggressive does a guy have to be to get u?


What was your average on your report card?

75 % suck on my big fat

U have huge tits

Oh I didn't know

Where do you work?

No where

Did Ryan leave you



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