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ju ammaturo @JuliaAmmaturo
ju ammaturo @JuliaAmmaturo
Im obsessed with ‎@britneyspears and married to ‎@AustinMahone ♥ ‎@mayajardon is my bfcot forever :*
go ahead
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thoughts on smoking
I find it sexy when guys smoke once & a while but all the time is a turn off
like ur name ;)
you're perfect omg
Thank you so much !!
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hey sexy how are u today gorgeous <3
Good hbu
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post a sexy pic of yo self cutie
Aha noooo
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U hav the nicest ass
Aha thanks
I think ur the hottest girl our age in the world
No that's a lie but thanks so much baby
ur hott ;$ :*  Dylan
Aw thank you!
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Mssg me sometime?  Paul
You can text me 4167082714
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Omg ur eyes:$  Paul
Aha thank you !!
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Cordiano told me you sucked him and Ryan off at the same time is it true? dun lie
Get a life lawl
Ur boyfriend prob fucks the shit out of you and you Injoy every min of it
post a pic of u n domi
post a pic of u n domi
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Post a pap of ur beautiful body
Take a pap of u
Take a pap of u
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iPhone or Android?
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im so happy ur finally ungrounded it made me sad to see u so sad
Aw thanks
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Do u hate ryan
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What is your biggest Insecurity ?
I have to many to name :)
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how aggressive does a guy have to be to get u?
What was your average on your report card?
75 % suck on my big fat
U have huge tits
Oh I didn't know
Where do you work?
No where
Did Ryan leave you