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Saqsuni u hossukom liberi ax qedin fuq ask
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What day would you love to live again?
On My grading
What makes a person “good”?
That acts naturally and simple
When you imagine yourself as really, really relaxed and happy, what are you doing?
Image training
kemm ghandek zmien ?
What did you dream about last night?
What did you dream about last night?
What's your favourite chocolate bar?
What's your favourite chocolate bar?
Hemm xi hadd li jogbok bhalissa?
Mhm il gi
What are some of the first things you do in the morning?
Breakfast , eating and than pushups for warming up ;)
Post a pic of your favorite shoes?
The best forever
Post a pic of your favorite shoes?
hemm xi hadd li vera jogbok ?
ija , u dan ix xi hadt mux mid dehera biss jogobni ;)
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weekend plans ? x
booq adni ma nafx mate , maybe ada paceville :/
ghal fejn ilum ?
ghad dar ta ;)
ghal fejn ilum ?
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What drink do you prefer when you’re thirsty?
weekend plans ?
MM not surely planed but alot of hustle
Aw Curmii ;p emm Ryan andek jaqaw ? : )
le ta
What sport do you do?
great question , with great answer . Karate
heluw lovee :)xxx
ha nkun naqa sly ' naf :p xx
5 prettiest girls with A ?
Alessia x5
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Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?
Mhux xorta nies
u min hi dinn li tahseb fuqa alessia jew ohra?
Ma min qijad married facebook
What’s the one most important thing to get done today?
That in every breath i take i was and i am missing that special girl
Alessia russo li togbok ?
Mhm you got your answer
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What are your favorite junk foods?
Burgers or chips ;)
Are you an art lover?